Monday, December 22, 2008

AVN Awards

As per usual on a Monday afternoon, I'm presently sitting at my desk listening to the world's greatest podcast, Uhh Yeah Dude. This week, they got into the nomination list for this year's AVN (porno) Awards . . .it might be the funnies thing I've ever heard.

Read the list for yourself, and enjoy some of my personal favorites:
"Cu*** & Blunts"
"I Fucked You and Yo' Mama 3"
"White On Rice"
"Drowning In Bitch Juice"
"Evil Anal 5"
"Up Your Ass 28"
"Weapons of Ass Destruction"
"Night of the Giving Head"
"Blow-Me Sandwich 12"
"Gang Bang My Face"
"Face Invaders 3"
"Leave It In Her Beaver"
"Dad, Please Stop Fucking My Friends"

And the greatest title of anything ever . . . "Oh No! There's a Negro In My Mom!"
Sometimes life just hands you a bowl of diamonds.

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