Monday, May 17, 2010


Seems like it's all a done deal, eh?

If I can deal with A-Rod on the Yankees ans Vince Carter as a Net (and the potential of that cornball from Cleveland showing up here), I can do this, right?
I mean...Henry isn't that hate-worthy...right?

So what if he's stupifyingly French.
So what if he is the walking symbol for the only European club I care about enough to despise.
He's gonna be great, right?

Dear [insert holy figure], PLEASE don't let this jackass be a bust.  My heart wouldn't be able to take it.  I'm serious.  Having Thierry Henry join my team, and then do nothing would literally kill me.  Dead.  Simultaneous heart-a-stroke in 101, with an ESC flag in one hand, and an $8 PBR in the other.  Ugh.

I'm not ready for this.

My best attempt at rational fandom:  let's say "On-Ree" signs officially and probably makes his debut on July 10 @ RBA vs. DC United.  Yup.  Either the greatest or worst omen in MLS history.  That gives him 16 regular season games.  I'll say he scores 12, assists on 7, we make the playoffs.
But what about the reasons he's really coming?  Will current non-fans suddenly care about RBNY?  Do they even know who Henry is?  I mean...he's NOT David Beckham.  No one is.  Sadly, this is the most fickle market on the planet, and I really don't think the Henry signing is the ticket to assuming sell-outs for the rest of the year.  I think NY will sell out (25K) for Jul-Aug...slide down to 20K in Sept, and level off at 18K by season's end (assuming Random Brazilian/Italian Midfielder X doesn't also show up).

Does the above equal "money well spent"?  Hell if I know.
I just know I want to win something.  If it means signing a deal with the Frenchist Devil and singing about "Titi" for totally different reasons after a game than I usually do...then so be it.  Let's roll.


the hairdryer treatment said...

fucking cheater.

i hope hundreds of angry irishmen mock him everywhere he goes in this fair city.

Brian said...

LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls 2010 MLS Cup Final. Mark it.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

I'll take that Final in a heartbeat. I'm still bitter about losing to LA in the first game in '96. Efph 'em.

Brian said...

If Donovan is still here and Buddle is still scoring, I say LA takes it. LA's got a better defense and a better keeper.