Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Philadelphia Union Gets New Shirt Sponsor

 [The recently fired] Endres with the assist

New rivaly inside jokes, FTMFW!!!
See you ladies on the 24th...
Try the bus, though.  Its a short trip.

Joe Budden - Un-Thinkable

Jersey Joe on the A. Keys instrumental.
Have some.

Red Cafe ft. The LOX - I'm Ill (Remix)

Yeah, that works.  Have some.
I could never really mess with the original, but throw L.O.X. on it, and we're good.

FF&SS Investment Corner: Stock Advice for the Soccer Fan

Economic times are tough in 2010.  It's time to start planning for your future.
We (me) here at FF&SS Financial think we have a perfect opportunity:

With the announcement that the 2010 MLS Cup Final will be held in Toronto, a few prime investment opportunities have sprung up.  Namely...pepper spray, rubber bullets and kevlar.  Given the general filth of the local population, it's safe to assume that the Toronto PD will have their hands full that weekend.  Add the increased frustration the locals will have, given that they are hosting a championship event while they're insufferable failure of a club sits at the bottom of the table, and tensions in The 'Ronto will be high.

There is, however, a tempting investment to avoid:  military supply companies.  It may seem tempting, considering that guaranteed riots that will occur, but's well-documented that Canada has no army.  All that remains is their air force, and Jacques, the flying squirrel with a slingshot, is booked to appear at the opening of a Tim Horton's in that's out.

Follow these steps and you can cash in on the utter mayhem and destruction caused by the scum of resident Toronto FC fans.  Happy investing!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MLS Week 2 Predictions (Thursday Games)

You didn't believe in my powers last week, did you?
Now look at you.  $600 in the hole to a dude from Bayonne nammed Bobby the Chin.


Let's move on to Week 2.  I'll save weekend games for another day, but allow me to stun you once again with my incredible prognostication skills skillz for the two Thursday night games:

Houston 1-2 Real Salt LakeBa-da-ding-ding-ding-ding-WHOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHH.  I hate you, Beckerman.  Ras Kyle will be beaten senseless by a furious Jamaican immediately after kickoff.  I will then recline my seat...sip my tea...and chuckle.

LA Galaxy 3-1  Chivas USA:  I have contacted the Chivas front office, and I can confirm that if the Goats lose this game, the Galaxy will tear up their lease and force the team to merge with DC to form the new St. Louis Utd.

Quadron - Average Fruit

I can't tell you how happy I am that I came across this.

One of the prize gems of my music collection is the Danish "soul" album, Living With Owusu & Hannibal.  The music was like nothing I've ever heard before, and haven't since.  Actually, the way I got into it was via a (very brief) MySpace convo with Phonte of Little Brother a few years ago when I asked him to recommend some jams.  It's without a doubt, one of the best things I own.

So...after waiting and waiting for all this time, nothing new from O&H had popped up.  But now, I have something.  Robin Hannibal, the production half of O&H has formed a new partnership with Danish songstress, Coco O, and they have released an album under the name Quadron.  I've heard 3 songs before and it seems to have alot of the same magic as the O&H "record" but with a slight 60's R&B twist.  Can't wait to sit and play it all the way through.

Guilty Simpson x Madlib - Calli Hills

 Looks like we got a madlib 2-for-1.  Complaints?
Didn't think so.
On this one, GS tells the story of meeting/working with Dilla for the first time.

Guilty Simpson x Madlib collabo album, OJ Simpson, is available now.

Strong Arm Steady x madlib ft. Phonte - Best of Times

I love this song.  It's flawless.
It's absolute, 100%, pure Hip-Hop perfection.
Songs like this just don't exist too much anymore.
If you don't have this album yet, you REALLY are letting yourself down.  GET IT!

Money Making Jam Boys (STS ft. Truck North, Black Thought & Dice Raw) - Ill Street Blues

Take notice to how much better Truck North is when Black Thought is hanging around.
He's at a completely different level than when he's alone.  Very interesting.
This appears on STS' new mixtape, Demand More 2.  Out tomorrow.
Have some.

Joell Ortiz - Project Boy

...and y'all still refuse to give Joell his props.
Keep sleepin'.

DJ Premier on them beats.

Wu-Massacre Drops Today...

Well...after months and months or rumors, leaks, snippets, previews, streams and delays, Wu-Massacre, the collab project of Meth, Ghost & Rae is finally in "stores" today.
Get up on it, or your friends will make fun of you.

Rhymefest - Familiar Face

I bet you $10 you can guess the sample before you listen to the song.
This is from 'Fest's upcoming Dangerous: 5-18 mixtape.
The proper album, El Che will finally see the light of day on 5/18.
Have some.

"Where's The Money, George?" by Mr. Oizo

WHERE'S THE MONEY GEORGE ? from oizo mr on Vimeo.

I'd love to explain this to you if I could...but I have no idea what this about.
The idea of Mr. Oizo and Pharell working together is fantastic, but Mr. Oizo said:

"this short film has NOTHING TO SELL, I just did it for NO REASON, with some very good friends. don't ask me why.."
"don't expect any music"
 So who knows?

Boys Noize - Gax

I find it best to just ignore the video...
the weirdness messes up the jam.

But where is this song from?
Is there an album or something I don't know about?

As if anyone is actually gonna answer me.

Gossip - Pop Goes The World

Say what you will about Beth Ditto, but this album jams.
Anyone keeping the glow of 2004-06 alive gets a big thumbs up from me.
Trust me, you haven't lived until you've been slightly past drunk on shitty canned beer and made a complete fool of yourself to some good electro-disco-rock.

Where's The Rapture when we need them?

Bloody Beetroots - Death Crew 77

After 2 listens, I still can't decide how much I actually like this song.
But I'm sure more than a few of you folks will, so there you go.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Thoughts #16: That Kooky Rockin' Bird

At the risk of sounding like an absolute mad man...
I am 100% convinced that somebody could sample Fred Flintstone (as Hi-Fye) singing "Listen to the Rocking Bird".  Completely sure of it.  I'd do it myself if I had any talent.

The Sandpit by Sam O'Hare

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

This "tilt-shift" stuff is amazing.
The Sandpit takes to sprawling giant that is NYC and makes it appear to be no bigger than a Micro Machines setup.

Joe Budden - Hello Expectations

Mood Muzik 4 coming this summer.
Have some.

Little Brother - Star

Seems like some unfortunate controversy has kicked up because of this song.  It was recorded in '05-'06, meaning it's a 9th Wonder beat.  LB was gonna throw it up as an iTunes bonus track for the upcoming Leftback, but 9th put a stop to it.  Yikes.

Freeway ft. Mario - Choosing Me

I'm a sucker for that sample.
Freeway on a romance jam sounds a bit awkward, but whatevs.
Works well enough.

It's The Real: Bey-Z F. Baby

Good to have these dudes back.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 1 Predictions!

 Hello, friends.  It's new blog feature time.
Week 1 of the MLS season is finally upon us.  And it is time to prove to you, the reader, that when it comes to Major League Soccer...I am all knowing.

I am Negrodamus.
Challenge me if you will, but rest assured that you will be crushed and left in a whimpering pile of internet shame once all of my scores are proven correct.

At this time, I suggest you contact your local bookie, and wager vast sums of money, doing exactly as I tell you.  Let's begin, shall we:

(Away v. Home)

Colorado 1-2 Chivas USA:  Connor Casey scores early to give the the Rapids the lead, but he will be arrested by federal authorities at half time and charged with domestic terrorism stemming from an incident in which he threatened to "cram" his John Deere riding mower inside his town's mayor, for not allowing him to build a combination outhouse/smokehouse in his back yard.  Playing with only 10 men, Colorado will easily surrender 2 second half goals.


Houston 2-0 Dallas:  As a side wager, I suggest gambling on the over/under of each 1 goal vs. each 1000 fans in attendance.  Go with the goals.

Toronto v. Columbus will be postponed when the gods of irony strike down on Toronto and a train full of toxic chemicals wrecks upon TFC's arrival in the city, and the game must be halted due to safety concerns

Chicago 0-3 New York:  Chicago's rookie keeper, Somethingorother Whatshisface, will literally piss himself when faced with making his first start in a sold-out Red Bull Arena.  He will slip in the puddle, resulting in a hip injury.  Left with no GK alternatives, Chicago is thrashed by the charging Bulls.

DC United vs Kansas City will also be stricken by the irony gods.  In this case, it is an actual dumpster fire in the stadium that keeps the game from being played.

Real Salt Lake 0-0 San Jose:  I will take a nap.

New England 1-3 Los Angeles:  New England will be forced to play with mostly reserve players after the majority of the starting line-up refuse to exit the team plane once they realize that they are, in fact, back in Los Angeles again.

Fashawn ft. Talib Kweli - Life's a Bitch

Fashawn has an Ode To Illmatic project coming.
If you're not familiar with the Nas & AZ original, here you go.

The LOX - Slow Down

I heard this on the radio with Kay Slay last night on my way back home from the bar after watching Philly Union get slapped around in Seattle*.

I don't do much "gangsta" music, but there's always room for The LOX.
...and that beat is a monster.  Have some.

*Go ahead...find someone else on the internet that can make the same claim. 
I'll wait . . .


 Dear soccer media,

Have we all forgotten that RSL finished 5th in the West last year with an 11-12-7 record?
The go on a hot run for the Cup and suddenly they're a top 3 team in the league?
What the hell changed to make them contenders?
As my Dad would say: "Geeeeeeeeeeeet the fuck outta here with that bullshit".



The Juan Maclean - Feels So Good

DFA Records is on fire this morning.
Check it out.

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

Please give me a moment to stop smiling about the next sentence I'm about to type:
New single from LCD Soundsystem!!!   YEAH!!!

I was very nervous about this, but dammit, this song feels right.  Sound of Silver was so incredible, I'm just glad that things don't seem to be straying too far away from that near perfection.  Oh joy of joys, LCD Soundsystem is back.  New album May 18. know I hate snippets, but for LCD, I make exceptions.
Get a taste of another winner, "Pow Pow" here.


WTF was that??
What did I watch last night?

That was honestly one of the more disgraceful performances by a professional team that I have seen in quite a while.  BUT...I will applaud the Union for doing a marvelous job of embodying the soul of their home town:  Talentless, violent, overly agressive, ugly...and winless.

Good lord, man.
That shit made me wanna delete all my .mp3s from The Roots.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey, Seattle . . .

Can y'all do me a favor?

I don't want Philly fans to celebrate a damn thing.  I want them cry on the shoulders of their chain-smoking, Cheeze Whiz eatin', snaggle-toothed girlfriends tonight.

Seattle . . .there is no fear in this dojo!

Do it for me.  Do it for America! 
Seriously who the hell actually wants Philly to be successful?
Efph that noise.

Do this for me, and I won't make fun of the fact that your crown noise is pumped in over speakers and none of you even knew soccer was played in America before 2008.
DAMMIT!  Sorry!  I can't help it.  The venom just slips sometimes.  My bad.

But for real . . .make it happen.
4-0 Seattle.  Put it WORK, son!
(and you still owe me for that home-opener ass beating you gave my boys last year)

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

The National are one of those bands that I almost felt obligated to like, but never really did.  Listening to their last album was like watching a movie after it got a bunch of Oscar buzz and inevitably being underwhelmed.  Ah well.  There aren't too many songs as straightforward as this any more, so I'm down with it.

Jamie Lidell - The Ring

This, I like.
Clearly, Mr. Lidell was a Stevie Wonder fan growing up.
Any Stevie fan is a friend of mine.

Zenvo ST1

Aimed directly at the Bugatti Veyron (a car I've never liked), the Danish hypercar Zenvo ST1 is a beautiful monster.  Armed with a 1100hp supercharged AND turbocharged V8, and weighing only 3,033lbs, the ST1 has a power-to-weight ratio 44% better than its pseudo-Italian rival.  0-60 takes just 3sec and top speed is limited to 233mph.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Live Album From Phoenix

 Here's what happened to you this morning:

You woke up.  Your girl/dude was snoring with such unpleasant gusto that you sat and re-evaluated the relationship for 5min.  You turned on the television and watched Yo Gabba Gabba, because no one was looking.  You then said to yourself:  I wish I had a free live album from Phoenix.

Now you have one.

Richy Pitch ft. M.anifest - Blackstar

Ghana fully and properly represented on this one.

Donwill: Don Cusak in High Fidelity

Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) has dropped his solo album.  It's impossible for it to be bad.
Go buy it.  Or the panda dies.

9thmatic (9th Wonder) & Khrysis - It's On

DJ Premier on them beats.
All these jams with 9th and Khrysis rhymin' is WAY better than its supposed to be, ain't it?
Have some.

RUMOR: RBNY to Drop New Remix

Word around Newark is that the next remix/remake of the East Coast smash, "Bimmer, Benz or Bentley" with be a track by RBNY's GM Eric Soler, Coach Hans Backe and new midfielder Joel Lindpere.  The track will supposedly be titled, "Norweigan, Swedish or Estonian"

At least 3 of you reading this took me seriously for a minimum of 5sec.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shawn Chrystopher: The Audition (Free EP)

As I've said before the ratio of Shawn Chrystopher interviews to new songs is something like 512:1, so it's good to actually get some music out of him for a change.  Have some.

Method Man x Ghostface x Raekwon - Our Dreams

The contrast between song and video is kinda funny for this one . . .but there's a visual theme for the album.  Wu Massacre out next Tuesday.

Carte Blanche - In The Mix

Carte Blanche = Ed Banger's DJ Mehdi + Riton(?)

Outasight - Catch Me If You Can (Video)

Catch Me If You Can

Outasight | MySpace Music Videos

I swear he dropped the trailer for this video 11 years ago.

Asher Roth ft. Talib Kweli & Blu - Sour Patch Kids (Remix)

Told ya.
And they did not disappoint.  This is my new jam.

UPDATE: Reflection Eternal ft. Bun B - Strangers

Got that embed code.

Blowing Your Mind In French!!

Maybe I'm mad late and this was common knowledge...
But I just learned something amazing.

Back in 1993, a slightly awful 3-piece French rock band named Darlin' released their first EP...
The band members: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (who now look like this) and Laurent Brancowitz (who is now playing guitar with this operation).

Yeah.  How's your skull?
Mine is on fire.

Foals - This Orient

I think I'm approaching a record for most post-worthy findings before 11AM.
I must be well rested or something.
Or completely negliagent of my real job.
Either way.

This is the first time I've mentioned Foals on this blog??

Arctic Monkeys - My Propeller

Hans Backe, holla at ya boy!

Devendra Banhart - Baby

Devendra Banhart ~ Baby from Ron Winter on Vimeo.

This song is so ridiculously simple...yet pleasant.

Baloji - Karibu Ya Bintou

BALOJI "KARIBU YA BINTOU" featuring Konono n°1 (full version) from CHRONYX TV on Vimeo.

I have NO idea what I was just watching or listening to...
but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I'd say I'd gladly jam this, but I don't know what's being said, and it could potentially lead to me being assaulted by Random Offended African Dude, and no one wants that.

Asher Roth x DJ Wreckineyez: Seared Foie Gras With Quince and Cranberry

Told you last week that it was coming.  It's here.
Have some.

The last track is a song that somehow involves Talib Kweli, Blu and Travis Barker . . .yes.  I'm sure it will be YouTubed by noon.  I shall share accordingly.

Random Thoughts #15: Anger MGMT

 [The following is a public service announcement brought to you by the good folks at FF&SS, Inc.]

For real...

Are we ready, now?

Are we all finally ready to sit down, take a deep breath and admit to ourselves that Oracular Spectacular only had 2.5 good songs on it?  It's OK!  The cool cops won't break in your house and arrest you if you say it.  It's just honest truth.  Be FREE!  Shed the weight of shame and guilt you've been carrying all these months for pretending that MGMT has a bunch of dope jams!  You, I and everyone else know they don't.  Just breathe...and let the stress go.

Now you won't feel so bad when you listen to the new album and think its crap*.
You're welcome.

*Because, really...WTF is this shit?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Reflection Eternal ft. Bun B - Strangers

We ALL need this album in our lives.  Can't wait.
And Bun B really is quite the versatile rapper.  Weed or politics with the same skill.
As goofy as this gotta go to Hot 97 TV to check the video out (for now).

I Think It's Pointless Prediction Time...

Hello...I'm a blogger.
I like to type things and have strangers read them.
I think it's an only-child syndrome situation, lol.

REGARDLESS . . .I'm still high om taurine, inhaled concrete dust falling from Sec. 102 (and entirely too much Cruzan Rum) at the Red Bull Arena opening, so I feel like making some predictions, as this combination of things has surely given me the ability to foresee the future.  Yes.

So let's have at it.
As I am no expert, and I refuse to be unbiased about anything, I'll keep it short and sweet, and only expound where I feel it necessary.

Eastern Conference:
1. Columbus Crew - MLS Cup winners are what the history books witll remember, but I'm one of those obnoxious pseudo-traditionalist jerks that says the Supporters' Shield is the true sign of quality in MLS.  Columbus took that thing last year, and nothing's changed to make me think otherwise for 2010

2.  Chicago Fire - No Blanco = good thing.  Efph that dude.  I will say though, I am afraid of Stern Collins John.

3.  New York Red Bulls - Preseason champs!!!  We kicked more tin can ass than anyone else in the league this off-season.  My therapist says to go the optimism route (AGAIN) for 2010.  The new faces, with the exception of Tchani, oddly enough, have been very impressive.  I have fully talked myself into a nice playoff run for this year.

4.  New England Revolution - Don't quote me on this, but I'm almost certain that in the initial league charter, it was written that New England will never finish lover than 4th in the Conference.  Rules are rules.  But my god, New England is the moist sandwich bread of American soccer.  I'm not even really sure what that means...but I'm trying to say I find them to be unpleasant, but not so horrible that they can ruin a meal.

5.  Kansas City Wizards - They have a strange good karma glow about them.

6.  Philadelphia Union - Meh.

7.  Toronto FC - Your team will be utter shit...wait, forgot who I was talking to..."shite".  But cheer up, you WILL lead the leage in fan arrests, and gallons of pepper spray used against.

8.  DC United - The homeless scum probably have the most talentless roster in the team's history.  Half their "supporters" have jumped ship and wear Philly shirts now.  It's a flaming coaster ride to hell in DC, and I will enjoy watching it.

[Western Conference after the jump]

The Real: Deconstructing Ke$ha

Deconstructing Ke$ha from jeff on Vimeo.

Can't possibly do an adequate job of expressing just how much I loathe that woman and her insuffereable song(s).  Wait...I think I just did.

The Black Rob line = Championship material.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tooooday is the I've ever known . . .

[DJ!  A little background music, if you please!]

I'm here, home in Jersey.
The sun is on full shine mode.  It's already 64 degrees, and going up to 72 (that's crazy for mid/late March)

Today, we, the proud men and women of the South Ward (you will be familiar with that name VERY soon) will open the most glorious building on this continent.
Today, the league and union announced that this monumentally important season of American soccer will proceed on schedule.

Today is fuckin' GREAT!

Today, me and my co-defendant girl will jump on the train to Newark.  We'll walk down Broad St. and meet the rest of our football family at El Pastor.  We'll drink, laugh, drink, sing and drink.  We'll walk back up Broad St. and converge with the rest of the RBNY supporter massive.  Together we will all take the 15min march over the Passaic River.  Together we will pour into our own special supporters' entrance.  Together we will share our first collective vision of our new home, Red Bull Arena, at full battle readiness. 

The last I saw the inside of the new house, she was still under construction last October.  I walked through that half-formed cathedral, and could barely keep my mind on the task of choosing my spot for a pair of season tickets (DEAD center of 101, of course).  Today will be like one of those cheesy 90's teen movies where the "ugly" girl who was really kinda cute anyway, finally takes off the glasses, lets her hair down, puts on some make up and a tight dress...suddenly she's the prom queen.  That's my team.

The dusty, concrete slab I stood in in October was almost a sensory overload. 
I can't begin to imagine what a completed Arena, with 25,000 people and a FULL South Ward is going to be like.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Malik-16 & Brandon Carter - Subway, Bus or Walking

Yup...of 4,080* remakes of this same shit, this is my new favorite.
...and I had written a ridiculously long rant about how Joell Ortiz got no spins on Hot 97 until he did a version of this song about selling crack**...BUT, I remembered that Hip-Hop is buried next to Hoffa and no one gives a fuck anymore, so I deleted it.

* First to correctly identify the reason I used that number will win...something.
Yes!  I will literally mail you a bag of plain M&M's.  For real.  No peanut though.  This blog has no revenue streams.  Recession and whatnot.
** Yup, I'm so anti-Jim Jones that I didn't post a video from Joell Ortiz...the artist currently ranked #3 in all-time appearances on this blog.

Pac Div ft. The Cool Kids - Shut Up

The visuals for the inevitable collabo.

Bonobo - Eyesdown

I like this alot.
It sounds like the type of jam you'd hear in a night establishment that I'd prefer to be in, but can't seem to locate.  A place where there's no chance of hearing the Black Eyed Peas, or Gaga, or T-Pain, or Drake...or no fashionably drugged up kids in neon wayfarers or zebra print tights.  Just a chill spot.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moe Green - Non-Title Match

Ski Beatz ft. Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz & Mos Def - Prowler 2

Rhymes galore.
Take a second to read that lineup again...
Verses are crazy, but that dull beat keeps this short of the "future classic" potential this song had.
Still dope, though.  Have some.

Diggy - Flow Stoopid (Made U Look)

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

How am I late on this (only a few days, but still)?!
WTF just happened there?!
Oh.  Shit.

Yes...that's Diggy, Run's middle son, and he just put a Nas instrumental in a headlock and choked the shit out of it.  I don't know if he wrote it...and I don't care.  That was nasty.

It was clear on the show that Diggy was a cool little dude, but damn.
And how does older brother JoJo feel after this?  He's gotta put that mic down forever now, right?!

UPDATE:  I don't give a damn about 90% of rapper interviews, but I had to watch/share this.

Because the League DOES Have Other Teams . . .


It's not often that I give props to another team (because really, I have some level of dislike for all of you), but I have to applaud the Columbus Crew for coming out of their winter hibernation and nearly knocking off Toluca.  The Champions Leage just isn't in MLS' favor, but Columbus was more than impressive over those 2 legs.  I was gonna pick them to do quite well this year anyway (more on that later...assuming the season starts next week...yeah...), but to see the form they're already in is pretty frightening.

And in other events, DC and Toronto went at it last night in the Carolina Challenge Cup...
Unfortunately, the stadium didn't collapse with both teams inside it.
A real pre-season tragedy.

(Sorry, all the positive vibes were making me feel ill)

The Path to Red Bull Arena

(For the non-locals that don't get the double entendre, the PATH is the name of the train from either NYC or Newark that stops 3 blocks away from the Arena)

I swear I didn't cry after watching this.
WHO SAYS I DID?!  You wanna get cut?!

Saturday's game against Santos is a long time comin'*, and the postponed soft opener has made this week seem eternal.  But here we are, 2 days away from something alot of deserving fans have waited over a decade for:  Our own house.

The team has been a limp mule of a franchise (under any name).  The fanbase is 2 good sips of beer away from civil war.  Times are generally tough for all of us that care about this game, but on Saturday, all that shit is gone.  15 years of swamp stink will be washed off.  The reset button will be pressed. [Insert various "fresh start" cliches].  It's a new day.

* Yeah...I went Sam Cooke.  It's that important for us around here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Street Fighter IV for iPhone

Downloaded it last night.  I'll be unemployed by Friday.
This thing is magic.
I don't know who's running things at Capcom, but they deserve a standing ovation.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Empire State Building to Light Up In Honor of Red Bull Arena Opening

Not sure why this makes me so happy, but it does:
Empire State Building Lighting
The New York Red Bulls are proud to announce its partnership with the Empire State Building. This is a special opportunity for the New York Red Bulls and Red Bull Arena to partner with the world’s most famous office building and its world famous tower lights.The Empire State Building will be lit up in red and white to match the New York Red Bulls kits on March 20th, the Grand Opening of Red Bull Arena!
To which, I respond the only way I see fit.
No confirmation to the rumor that the building was named after the supporters' club.

Outasight ft. Asher Roth - Catch Me If You Can (Remix)

This was already the jam.  Not it's that much better.
You really do need to get up on this album, BTW.
Have some.

Gauntlet Hair?

I know nothing about this band.
I have no idea what's being said in their all.
But my ears approve.  Especially "I Was Thinking"
Check 'em out.

Ski Beatz ft. Mos Def & Whosane - Taxi

I haven't talked about this album too much because there's nothing I hate more than snippets, radio rips and release delays.  But now it appears that the ball is really rolling on this album, so let's go.  Have some.

Skyzoo ft. Carlitta Durand - Easy to Fly

9th Wonder on them beats.
(otherwise I think it's illegal to have Carlitta Durand on a track)

Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling

Might not wanna watch this at work either.
It's not inappropriate...really...
But it will lead to people asking you some really personal shit

I know.  I know.
You enjoyed that song and video alot more than you'd ever admit to in public.

This might be my new favorite video.
Not so much for the lunch porn, but because the dad might be the greatest and most unintentionally funny music video actor of this generation.  I want to see a special about him on Inside the Actors' Studio.  I want James Lipton to ask him about his methods and where he studied his craft.

Who is the genius that directed/wrote this masterpiece??
I want to send them $20 and a polaroid of me giving them the thumbs up in the mail.

Massive Attack ft. Damon Albarn - Saturday Come Slow (Video)

Part music video, part documentary on the literal power of sound.
Fascinating stuff when you have 8min to spare.
Unfortunately, I can't embed it, so you will have to travel here.

Sebastien Tellier - Look

sebastien tellier from totushi on Vimeo.

You're probably not supposed to watch this at work
Unless animated butts are a go in whatever weirdo place you work at.

Very creative video.
I think (hope, for your sake) all us men have met a woman we believed to have starlight and diamonds falling from her lady bits.

I haven't heard anything from Sebastien Tellier in quite a while.
Am I sleepin', or has he been absent?
(and I continue to ask non-rhetorical question I know no one will answer)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Theophilus London - Life Of A Lover

Aaaaand to continue the apparent theme of the evening, TL has a new mixtape some point...called I Want You.  Until then, have some.

Consequence: Movies On Demand

Speaking of new mixtapes, here's the new one from Consequence.
There's a whole gang of guest on this thing, so I'll just let you click this and see the tracklisting.

Downloadify it here.

Asher Roth - Hot Wangs

Finally...another mix tape from Asher Roth.

Considering that The Greenhouse Effect was infinitely better than Asleep In the Bread Aisle, I assume that Asher is gonna be one of those dudes whose best material is always on free mixtapes as opposed to the albums he intends to have people pay for.

SO, I'm pretty happy to see this new mixtape, Seared Foie Gras With Quince and Cranberry is set to drop on the 23rd.

Oh...just in case you aren't familiar with the source material.

Jai Paul - BTSTU

I have no idea what a Jai Paul is.
But I efphs with this here jam.

A quick trip to his MySpace (I know) page revealed some other pretty fresh stuff...and evidence that he's a Chelsea supporter, as I understand to be a common thing amongst people from The Londons.

The Lonely Island ft. Julian Casablancas - Boombox

The best part of this whole thing is the fact that it's really impossible to tell how serious Casablancas is about it all.  Does he know it's a comedy album?  Are his acting skills just top-notch and we don't know it?  As the poster boy for NYC in the last decade, is he just so amazingly capable of being ironic that his lines between comedy and seriousness were eventually sniffed off a urinal in Webster Hall and he can no longer tell the difference?


Down Goes Beckham...

This is what I wanted, right?  My arch-enemy, David Beckham, on the ground, in tears, knowing he has played in his last World Cup match.  Shouldn't I be flying a "Mission Accomplished" banner across the front of my house?

I can't stand the man.  I want him to fail at all times on the field.
But this ending just doesn't feel right.  It's hollow.
If you had told me of this possible scenario a week ago, my instant reaction would have been "GOOD!  Fuck 'em!".  But I honestly feel terrible for the guy.

I've learned that when I spend the energy needed to properly "hate" an opposing player, its, usually born out of either respect or fear of what he can do to damage my own team.  If Beckham was just some pretty boy scrub on LA's bench, my eyes wouldn't go red at the mention of his name.  For that reason, I'm in the very uncomfortable position of feeling sympathy for a man that I would genuinely love to punch if given the chance.

Yeah . . .don't get me wrong.  This isn't an about-face on how much I despise David Beckham.  It's the feeling that someone who is so worthy of my hatred, is also worthy of a better final scene.  I feel like Lex Luthor if he got a text and someone told him that Superman died from the flu.  I want him to fail miserably.  But not like this.  I wanted his constant disloyalty and disrespect to his American club to lead to that World Cup roster spot he was willing to piss on American fans for.  I wanted him to play the full 90 against the US in June.  I wanted to beat him.  I wanted the game-winning goal to be his fault.

But instead, what I got was the player I hated more than all others (no disrespect to The Frenchist) in tears, crumpled in a ball, knowing that the thing he wanted more than anything else was just taken from him in an instant.  As much as I'd like to...I can't bring myself to celebrate it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Donwill & Von Pea: The Sandwich Shop

2/3 of Tanya Morgan + The Roots = A mixtape better that 90% of the albums I'll end up "buying" in 2010.  Oh joy of joys!

Do you remember this?
Well Donwill & Von Pea have taken 9 of those instrumental track, done their spittin', and will be releasing it all right after Donwill's solo album drops on the 23.  That's magic.

Here's a sample:  "Cheesesteak"
Man, this is gonna be great...ridiculously great.
Are most of you folks (you reading this right now) from the West Coast?
Or are you East Coast people that do your interneting after work?
Or just freakish insomniacs that read inconsequential blogs at ludicrous hours of the night?

I ask because I seem to get a big jump in daily views long after I'm gone for the day.
I'd say about 60% of you appear after 6PM Eastern time.
Very interesting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corinne Bailey Rae - Closer (Live on The Letter Men)

::Afraid to say anything,
as it may result in me being cut in my sleep::

Gorillaz - Super Fast Jellyfish

I haven't listened to this album yet.
The 2 singles haven't motivated me, unfortunately.
I an The Nervous.


Are you watching Archer?
You better be.

Because if its cancelled for low ratings, and I find out that you weren't watching...
I'm coming to your house myself, and I'm gonna let out the funk.
You don't want that.
So watch Archer.

Pill - Hear Somebody Comin'

Pill is in that big box of new dudes that I just can't fully mess with, but I can take in small doses.
This isn't that "I might listen to this while I'm in the gym, but never in the car" sorta way.

The vidjo is part of NahRight's One Shot series.
::sniff sniff::
You smell that?

That's the intoxicatingly sexy aroma of ideas cookin'.
That the smell of roses.  Next Level roses.

Assuming these jerks don't spoil my whole friggin' year...I'm rampin' up the illegitimate MLS foolishness.
"Big tings a g'wan" next week, and I need YOU* to jump in and make it work.  Stay tuned...

* and your all-reading, all-linking, no commenting selves

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Scratch for iPhone

Are y'all already up on this?  Am I late?
This app alone has justified the stupid amount of money for an iPhone.  No joke.

It comes with a "record" that has a BUNCH of sounds and samples for you to mess with, 3 different beats to scratch over if you want, and the best part is that you can RECORD shit and scratch it.  For you hardcore realists out there, the turntable even has marks around it to help you stay on beat.

This is the greatest things since...nudity, I don't know.

Did I download it?  Damn right.
Did I spend my whole lunch break with it in the car?  Absolutely.
Did I play the music through my aux jack so I could jam properly on the stereo?  No comment.


Thee Tom Hardy - I'm Grinnin'

9th Wonder on them beats.
Have some.

The name thing . . .again . . .

Yes, I am Kev Brown, sole contributor and namesake of Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts . . .
NO, I am NOT this Kev Brown:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The MLS Fan Flow Chart

 (Click image for increased bigness)

This is one of the 11 greatest soccer-related internet images I have ever seen.
It appears to have been made by a dude (or lay-dee, I don't discriminate) named "cowtown".
Presumably, said creature is a Crew supporter*

* and therefore a racialist (sorry, I can't help but be horrible to opposing fans)

The xx - Islands (CHLLNGR Remix)

"Islands" really is the only jam I give any attention to from The xx, so I'm completely down with the rampant remixification* that it's been receiving.

* I just instructed Windows to add "remixification" to the spell-check dictionary.

Washed Out - Track 7

 That's right...back-to-back.  I see exactly what I did there.
This jam comes from some CD-R that gets passed around/purchased by folks who go see Washed Out live...which seems strange to me in and of itself.
What's the value in seeing him live?
This ain't exactly performance music.
I mean, if you offered me a ticket, I'd go...I'm just sayin'.
Have some anyway.

Toro y Moi - Talamak

I am chilled.  I feel wavvy.
Homie is mad late coming out with this video.
Or is his slowness a deliberate attempt to showcase his inner chill?

Statik Selektah - Never Gonna

Statik hasn't released any instrumental work before.
He did this yesterday, while on a plane between somewhere in Denmark . . .and Beirut (BEIRUT?!)

Royce Da 5'9" - Over

Nickel-Nine digs a giant hole, and stuffs Drake's lead single in it.
Have some.

Redman - Lookin' Fly

Reggie Noble over one of my favorite Michael Jackson jams?
Yes, please.  Have some.

Kid CuDi ft. MGMT & RATATAT - Pursuit of Happiness (Alternate Video)

This version is alot less NahRight, and alot more Pitchfork.
...and much better than then "Get it, dummies...just cuz I party, don't mean I'm happy" origi version.

And I still can't get my hands on an instrumental version of this friggin' album.

Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass

The song itself is lightly basted in whatever sauce...
but Rube Roldgerg*, FTW!

*and by proxy, Tom & Jerry

Monday, March 8, 2010

Washed Out - New Theory

Washed Out - "New Theory" from justin gaar on Vimeo.

Blogger-jacked from TOR.

How old is this?
::angry face::
The video, not the song.  How dare you question my internet cred.

Washed Out made a very triumphant return to my inner circle yesterday.  It was "warm" here in The Jerz (50 degrees) for the first time this year, and I was out in the park thawing out.  Finally got a chance to play Washed Out the way he was meant to be played:  In the sun.  Doing absolutely nothing.  Gotta tell felt . . .right. 

J*Davey - Get Together

Love me some J*Davey.

Word to the wise:  If you ever find yourself following a floating orb that leads you to an empty apartment that has J*Davey waiting in it...make sure everything is straight with your significant other, because somebody is gettin' nekkit.

Phoenix Is For The Children

This is victorious.
A gang of kids singin' Frenchist pop jams.
Can't beat it.

Does it make any sense, whatsoever?
Nope.  Not a bit.
Life is a...something...yeah.