Friday, July 31, 2009

Joell Ortiz - Food For Thought

I like when the video tells you all the details so I don't have to type that shit out my self.
I'm lazy.

Drake Explains "Best I Ever Had" Video

I've been trying to tell people for MONTHS that "Best I Ever Had" isn't a friggin' love song. Has no one actually listened to the lyrics, or did we all just decide to grab the chorus and run with it?

Fans all over the interwebs gave Drake a big "WTF" for his big titty extravaganza, bitching and whining that it didn't match the (wrongly perceived) theme of the song and didn't cater to his (largely) female fan base. I KNEW that clip was going to fly over everyone's head . . .because no one actually LISTENS to the music anymore. Read my initial reaction.

Anyway . . .Drake was up on and had this to say about it:
“If you listen to the song, I’m not saying the most graceful thing in the world. It’s not the most heartfelt song,” Drizzy continued. “I say some pretty wild things in regards to women in the actual song. When me and Kanye were in the studio working on a song for Big Sean, we were talking about it. We saw a comedic element to it. I felt that the climate in the world right now, everything in the world is so serious all the time, my life is serious, I just wanted to laugh, instead of taking myself too serious as the heartthrob and walking hand-in-hand into the movies and taking my shirt off. I felt it’s not that time for me yet. Or maybe never."

Yeah. So for everyone too thick to realize that there was absolutely nothing romantic about "Best I Ever Had", and singing that shit like it was a fuckin' Al Green record or something...congrats, you played yourself.

Miike Snow - Animal

I'm dumb. I saw stuff about this video popping up a few days ago, but I ignored it because I thought I had seen/posted it already. Seeing as I am now an old man, I was confusing this video for the "Burial" video that debuted a couple of weeks ago. Whoops.

On another note...this is an utterly fantastic song and all that...but how whack was the music this summer that "Animal" is far and away the most memorable thing I'll take away from this season. Kinda sad, ain't it. Here's looking at you, Autumn.

...and in about 2 months, I'll recover from SF dropping the bomb that the boys of Miike Snow actually wrote Britney's "Toxic". I had an aneurysm immediately after reading that.

Eminem - Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)

Added bonus to being out drinking too late on a hear this on the radio when it premieres. Have some.

Why do people fuck with Eminem at this point?
Has NO ONE learned?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Neon Indian 2for1 Special

File this under "Not For Everybody" or "Acquired Tastes"

"Terminally Chill"
(is it too late to legally change my name to Terminally Chill?!

"Deadbeat Summer"

UPDATE: This made me chuckle: Take a wiiiiiild guess which two cities Neon Indian claim to be from on their MySpace page . . .no rush, I'll give you a second. . . .


Why, it's Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX of course!
Good grief.

Lake - Madagascar

Yeah, finding a picture of these people has proven to be quite the pain in my ass, so let's skip that part.

Anyway, the song is mellow and summertime as all whatnots, and you will like it.
Head over to The Gum to check it.

Truck North - Jill Jawn

Very nice.
THIS is the kind of song I want to hear from Truck North.
Have some.

And are we to make assumptions about the backing band? Or at least the drummer? Hmmm.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sun Tattoo?

Just saw this pic over on the BBC Blog.
Might be the freshest shit I've seen all summer.

Ladies...get up on it!
(Yeah, you too)

I Still Hate You, David Beckham one-sided, comic book-like blood fued with Stupid Spice is WELL documented at this I'll save you all that (this time).

[Side note: Being in a Joker v. Batman hate fest when the other person involved is totally unaware is alot more gratifying than you might think. Sure, it probably implies that I'm alot more "off" than I care to admit, but I highly recommend you all get yourselves an arch-enemy...just don't ever tell that person. Good times!]

Patrick Hurby over at ESPN just posted a really good piece. I'm sure he thought it was funny, but he ends up being spot on: The only real way to salvage all this Beckham fuckery is for Golden Balls to flip and become a villain. Like a pro-wrestling, over the top, complete and deliberite asshole.

Hurby, you are a friggin' GENIUS! I hope someone in Fuck Face's camp reads this thing.

Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay

NYC, are you paying attention?
This is what you used to sound like.
We miss you.

Deep Rooted ft. Blu - From The Heart

I know I like to make fun of you folks whenever I get a chance.
I think you're all a little strange and a bit too homogeneous for my taste...

But SHIT, when y'all get a jam right out there, you get that shit RIGHT.
I know I've been saying it for years, but the the massive quality canyon that exists between West Coast commercial and "underground" shit is absolutely amazing to me. Snoop, Dre, Pac, The Game? Boooooooo. Give me this shit all day.

On another note, I have no idea how old this song is. The YouTube clip is 5mos. old, but the link to the song was just e-mailed to me yesterday (Audible Treats!) who knows (and who care..."new exclusives" are for suckers...just jam, people).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Floaters - Float On

(You damn right I just posted this.)

Leo...and my name is Faux.
I like a woman who enjoys a fine cognac and bootleg DVDs of Perfect Strangers.

Nid and Sancy - Kidzz

NID AND SANCY - KIDZZ (Original Dub) from sixthsensemanagement on Vimeo.

"Nid & Sancy"? Word? Really? That's what they went with, huh?
I warn you this song/video stinks of last year (or '07) and a heavy dose of trying WAY too hard to fit into (a now dead) lane. I don't really give a damn about the song one way or the other . . .but the friggin' visuals are . . .interesting.

Friendly Fires - Kiss Of Life

Finally, at 2:40PM I run into something worth sharing today.
This has high levels of jam in it though.

Monday, July 27, 2009

SPECIAL FLASHBACK: DJ Honda ft. Mos Def - Travellin' Man

A necessary post when these 2 work together again.
Once upon a time, this song was super special to me.

The Real: I Date You So Much Right Now

This is so wrong...but so right.
The Real offers Kelis a little help post-Nas.

The EXTREMELY selfish side of me hopes this all leads to Kelis getting on a plane to VA Beach and making the world right again. Yes we can!

Arctic Monkeys 2for1 Special

First up, the video for "Crying Lightning":

...and the new jam, "My Propeller":

I'm becoming a little less than excited for this next album.

JR & PH7 ft. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson - Top Rank

JR&PH7 "Top Rank" feat. Guilty Simpson and Black Milk from JR & PH7 on Vimeo.

Serious question: Is Detroit (not-so-) secretly the best city in (real) Hip-Hop?
I'll take it a step further...Has Detroit been the dopest Hip-Hop city in America since the late 90's, but no one chooses to acknowledge it?

DJ Honda ft. Mos Def - Magnetic Arts

From the upcoming hIV, coming Aug.5.

Yeah, son. Instant "That's My Jam" status!
Maybe I'm sleepin', but I haven't heard anything from DJ Honda in forever. If this does qualify as a comeback . . .well done.

Have some.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Termanology - Nobody's Smilin

Termanology - Nobody's Smilin' VIDEO produced and directed by Statik Selektah from Statik Selektah on Vimeo.

Statik Selektah on them beats.
You knew what the sample was gonna be as soon as you saw the title.

Word, LMFAO?!

Yes. Those friggin' cornballs have gone even further to cash in on their own cheesy shit.
On one hand, I respect "hustle" and capitalism, but on the other hand...FUUUUUUCK!

"I'm in New Bedford, trick!"
Good grief.

UPDATE: Jay-Z ft. Kanye West & Rihanna - Run This Town

Yeah...I'm still not so sure about this one. But hey, I didn't like "Brooklyn (Go Hard)" until about 5 listens either. I'll let it breathe over the weekend. Maybe I need car speakers to really feel it.

Have some.

UPDATE'S UPDATE: Hold on a second...if Jay's been working on this album for sooooo long like everyone claims, then why does his second "single" have a reference to a movie that came out 3 weeks ago?

Nino Bless ft. Skyzoo, Scram Jones, Rhymefest & Ras Kass - Boom Bap Shit

Madlib on them beats.
Have some.

(How did I not have a Madlib tag before now?!)

Big Sean - Getcha Some

Wooow, I forgot about this song, and its just now getting a video.
This is silly old. the beginning of the "streetwear" explosion old. was on Kanye's pre-Graduation "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" mixtape (Spring '07).

Wait a that I listen again, I think he switched up some of the lyrics to ditch "old" brands for new "cool" ones. THAT is funny.

It was kinda the jam though. I was mad fresh in '07, lol. You know how dudes get really old and keep talking about that one year when they were the shit, like "Booooy, you don't know! Back in '86, I had the powder blue Buick Park Ave and all the light-skinded bitches". I think either '06 or '07 is gonna be my year. I done fell off.

But back on topic...I'd also like to say that the dozens of videos that have been released in the last 2 years with this very similar video treatment have absolutely ruined the magic of Justice's "D.A.N.C.E.", which at one point was in my Top 10 favorite music videos of all time. Sad, really.

New Jay-Z . . .

"Run This Town" premiering on Hot 97 w/ Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg as I type this...
Kanye and Rihanna all up on it.

First impression: Ehh.
I'm sure someone is doing an audio rip right now, so I will share as soon as I can.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MJ x Skateboard P

What do you get when you smash 2 of my favorite cheeseball jams of all time?
Absolute dopetabulocity, that's what.

I'd like to give somebody credit for this jewel...but I have no idea who.

On the flip side, this just serves to remind me that until the end of my days, I will forever be angry that Mike turned down a big box of jams sent to him by The Neptunes . . .a box of jams that was later handed to Justin Timberlake and named Justified. Yeah...let that marinate for a minute. This...this...this...and this (personal favorite) were supposed to be Michael Jackson's. "Don't it make you wanna scream" (sorry, couldn't help it)?

Tracy Morgan on Letterman

Tracy Morgan is definitely the best talk show guest of the last decade, right? contest.

Random TM story:
I actually met him on a long ass line in front of Santos' Party House in the City (your life means nothing until you get there on a night when Q-Tip is spinnin'...TRUST ME). He rolled up mad regular. No entourage, no security and told the bouncers that he didn't want to do the VIP thing and waited in line like everyone else. Inside, he kept it to the dance floor and the regular bar with us normal folks. Very cool dude.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Substantial ft. Steph - My Favorite Things

I efphs with this.

Pilooski - Can't There Be Love

Speaking of Pilooski, a quick trip to his MySpace page revealed this little bit of absolute bonkularity. I swear, there's something in the water in France.

Jarvis Cocker - You're In My Eyes (Pilooski Remix)

Oh, that's that funk right there, boy.
While we're here...let's enjoy this tremendously goofy performance of the original version:, that's good stuff.

Washed Out

"Feel It All Around" over at The Gum.

This is efphin' FREEEESH!!
Who knew they jammed like this is South Carolina?!

Check out the rest of homeboy's equally fresh stuff on Da Space.

N.O.R.E. ft. Kid CuDi - Floating In Sky

Heh heh . . .look at N.O.R.E. tryin' to get his "internet rapper" on.
Beat? Nice. Concept? Nice. Lyrics? Hmmm.

I definitely applaud the attempt to "go left" though.
Have some.

U-N-I - Land of the Kings

Ahhh...nice to see U-N-I step away from the "Hey, check out the new shit I just bought at Karma loop" look. Well done, gentlemen.

This does look like they could be MGMT's long lost Black cousins though, don't it?

Dear Hip-Hop "Media" . . .

Bad enough that snippets for soon-to-be-released songs became the rage...
Then we started getting "trailers" for 3min music videos...
Now we're getting preview clips for INTERVIEWS?!

Are you f**king kidding me?
Cut this shit out.

Julian Plenti - Games For Days

Memory Refresher.
Ehhhhhh, I don't know.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amerie ft. Nas, Jadakiss, Rick Ross & Cain - Why R U (Remix)

Yes, dammit!
Hip-Hop heads are gonna get a cheesy ass smile on their face about 3 sec after they press play.
I'm gonna knock the hell out of this (I'll just mute "Rawse").
Have some.

...and since I like to be a full-service, educational blog, HERE is the source of the beat for you youngin's (or the uninitiated)

The Clash - Bankrobber

Because nothing too interesting is happening today.

The Roots - How I Got Over

The live debut on Fallon was crazy, now we have the studio version.
As usual, live Roots and studio Roots are two VERY different animals.

Have some.

Slaughterhouse - Cuckoo

OOOK...this will be the last Slaughterhouse "leak" I post before the album drops.
Random jams and mixtape on. I just don't wanna spoil the album.

My first thought when the beat started was "How the hell is anyone supposed to rhyme on THAT?"
Have some.

(Let's reunite Marshall and Mr. Palko and put 'em on the remix, eh?)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Cherchez La Femme

Because it's been stuck in my head since I heard someone jammin' it at a family reunion in Warinanco Park on Saturday.

James Brown, Michael Jackson & Prince in '83

::wide-eyed amazement::
In the words of Theo Huxtable, "I'm buggin'...I'm BUGGIN'"

I can't be the only person who's never seen this, right?!
At one of his shows back in '83, James Brown spots MJ in the crowd and calls him on stage. THEN, MJ tells him that Prince is also at the spot, and then HE gets called up! Dooooope!

Kid CuDi ft. Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say

Bet that's not the video you were expecting, huh?

After the interview he did with Angie last week, I'm thinking that CuDi might actually hates this song...and that makes me chuckle.

I don't know if Yeezy directed this one. Perhaps this is his artistic yin-yangery [(c) - FF&SS, Ent.] for that titty-floppin' fiasco that was the Drake video (which I still say is dope, if you stop thinking about it on the surface).

88 Keys ft. Shitake Monkey - The Friend Zone

88 Keys' fantastic, story-telling album, The Death of Adam hasn't received a tenth of the attention it deserves . . .not even from the so-called "hipsters".

Friday, July 17, 2009

PacDiv: Church League Champions

Dudes were extra slow getting this out, right?
Pacific Division have an amazing ability to be aggressivly West Coast, and yet not annoying as all hell. It's a tough trick to pull off, gotta give 'em some dap for that.

Anyhoozer (what?)...the new mixtape is finally here. Download it, iPod it, and act foolishly to it. It IS summer time, you know.

I Hate You, David Beckham.

Ol' Golden Balls made the mistake of choosing Jersey for his big return.
We gave that lying, money-grubbing fraud what he deserved.

Read the story at The Offside.

And in case you're new around here, or just don't understand the one-sided blood feud I have with this man, here's the post I had back in January after the whole AC Milan fiasco got rolling.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dylan Dilinjah - D.O.A.

Yes, it's THAT Dylan! HA!
I swear, I'm psychic y'all. I saw Public Emenies (the Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger) and said to myself in the theatre, "Self...I KNOW this is gonna bring my boy Dylan back from the abyss within the next 2 weeks"...and BLAMMO, here he is!

Granted, this is soaked in whack juice and baked at 730 degrees, but STILL...the world needs Dylan!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tyler Woods - Slow Jams/Relations

^^^See that right there?
That one of them jams where you get your #1 lady, sip summa dat fine "pee-no-gree-gio", pop a few of those discount Viags you bought (you know the ones, they're green with the W's on 'em) and groove on.

Cookin' Soul x Nah Right: 1:00AM and Rising

Memory lane.
OK . . .the full release (hahahaha) is ready for download.
Have some.

Jet Audio ft. The Kid Daytona - Lose Your Mind

I'm no the biggest Daytona fan out there. He's a little too "now" for me. So fresh that he's a little stale . . .if that makes any sense.
Anyway...I AM a big fan of Jet Audio's track work, and eagerly await the 7/21 release of Jet Audio's Stand Alone Complex.

Japandroids - Wet Hair

From the upcoming album, Post-Nothing (get it?) due out 8/4.
If you like this, or the rest of their stuff (and why wouldn't you), I suggest you hold on tightly to Japandroids, because there really isn't that much stuff like this to be found anymore (unless you're a complete dork with nothing better to do that scrounge the webs for this stuff all day...oh, wait).

Radiohead - Down Is The New Up


No, it isn't new (unless you haven't gotten your hands on In Rainbows: Disc 2 yet), but this is getting heavy burn in the land of Faux these days. I'm a firm believer that the #1 factor in appreciating any piece of music is timing. The right song has to hit you at the right moment for it to really latch on and sink in.

And to think, this is a BONUS track! What a ridiculously amazing album.

Oh, and since we're already here, check out Thom's "unplugged" version:

Down is the new Up from Felipe PĂ©rez on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Esau Mwamwaya ft. Theophilus London & Ezra Koeing - Warm Heart Of Africa (Remix)

Details. In case you don't remember.

This is exactly the kind of "weird" jam my girl makes fun of me for.
You should have seen her face when I played this. Yeesh.
I don't care!

Granted, its a bit of a stretch to call this a video, but whatever. This song needs more spotlight.
Download it, or my girlfriend one wants that.

Miike Snow - Burial

There's a pleasant serendipity to finding new music videos on soccer blogs.

By my usual standards of getting an album, taking 2-3 weeks before I ever listen to it, jammin' the efph out of it for a month and then getting bored, moving on and forgetting I have it . . .Miike Snow have gotten some pretty heavy mileage out of my car stereo this spring/summer.

I like this video. It's like some random Miike Snow apostle has returned home (to a place I will not difinitively call India, for fear of racialism charges) after some long voyage to harness the power of mid-tempo, indie jams. It's like the Arc of the Covenant, without the negative side effects.

Julian Casablancas Doin' The Solo Thang

No jams yet, but if ever there was an occurrence that would have "da innanet goin' nuts", it's The Strokes' ever incomprehensible lead singer dropping a solo LP. Release of Phrazes For The Young is set for some time in the fall.

This HAS to be better than Albert Hammond Jr.'s thing, right?! I saw homie live twice in "support" of Bloc Party and...who the hell was the other show...Incubus, yes. Both times, there was a mass rush to the back of the joint as people scrambled to get overpriced beer rather than be put to sleep by the misguided Stroke.

Believe it or not, this is apparently the first time I've referenced The Strokes on this (11 month old) blog. Time for an album, gentlemen!

Nametag ft. Skyzoo - Back On My Shit

Black Milk on them beats (and he killed it).
Looking like a pretty good week for Skyzoo.
Have some.

Basement Jaxx ft. Santigold - Saga

I know I like it on some level, just not sure how much.

Usher ft. Pharrell - Certified

HA! I love it when I just finish talking/complaining about something and then BAM, I get just what I was looking for.

For the last few months, I've been hearing/reading that Usher's upcoming album, Monster, is supposed to be, I won't say it.

Looks like he's done what we all needed SOMEONE to do: Dug up Chad Hugo, locked him and Pharrell in a studio and got the Neptunes to bring back some of that good jammage they had a few years ago. Good lookin' out, Mr. Raymond! The song ain't really sayin' much, but I don't care. It's just good to hear them old keys back in use again.

Get you some.

Twista ft. Kanye West - Alright

Well then...didn't see that coming.

Dear Twista,
Don't you ever...eva,eva,eva,eva,eva...record another song that wasn't produced specifically for you by Kanye West (maybe The Neptunes if you have a time machine and a key to the coffin that P keeps Chad in) ever again. I promise, you'll be doing all of us a great favor.

Thank you.

Have some.
I NEED that instrumental ASAP! Internets, get on your job!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jaydiohead: The Encore

You remember this, right?
Well, Max Tannone has just finished up 5 more Jay-Z x Radiohead mash-ups for you to impress that eclectic chick down the hall with.

Have some.

Exile & DJ Day Rehearse MJ Tribute

God bless the man who invented the MPC.

Mickey Factz - Here I Am

Mickey Factz might be the king of emcees trapped between 2 internet worlds.
He's too lyrical for Kid Cudi fans (yeah, I said it), but he's too willing to experiment for the ultra-purists. A shame, really. He's alot better that a dozen people getting much more attention.

Have some.

Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay

Yup. This works.
9th Wonder on them beats, album on 9/25.
Have some.

The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

Yeesh, the audio quality is gross.

I guess, this is where I'm supposed to make a PSA about how shooting your mother is quite rude...but really, who am I to judge your family life? We can't all be Huxtables.

Andre 3000 - Lookin' 4 Ya

It's a "snippet" and has DJ tags all up on it (2 concepts that make no sense at all), but for a new 3000 jam, I can make exceptions.

Already Bored With Drake? Perhaps.

You know...I had high hope for the Canadian.
So Far Gone was extra fresh . . .but that was 6+ months ago.

Everything I've heard from him since has been slightly whack, and that "Every Girl" shit is an absolute abomination, so I'm 75% of the way to totally writing Drake off. In the time since the mixtape, he's gone from being a little different, to just being a slightly better version of what's already out there. A bit disappointing.

So he's let go a few new jams this morning...I'm not diggin' 'em enough to bother posting it all, but I will gladly direct you to Nah Right, so you can get the links and check 'em for yourself.

Slaughterhouse - The One

Slaughterhouse get their "accessible" on with a gang of the wiminz.
::Sarcastically waiting for the remix w/ Asher Roth and 3OH!3::

Friday, July 10, 2009

Becket - Teaser

Let me get my Dahved Levy on for a minute...

An alert to any and all West Indians reading this: I know its Friday an'ting, but be careful before you press play on the video below. I know you don't recognize the name just yet, but once the tune start . . .there's NO WAY you sittin' still at your desk. I don't want to be responsible for gettin' fired for foolishness.

Whitewash (Trailer)

Trailer for an upcoming indie documentary about the history of Black surfers.
Get more info @

Stalley ft. Mickey Factz & Truck North - Worldwide

This hits pretty hard.
OKP thinks the beat is Madlib's . . .its so dope that it doesn't matter.
Have some.

Mick Boogie x Peter, Bjorn & John: Re-Living Thing

2dopeboyz with some great news to start the weekend.
Looks like Mick "I will remix your shit in a heartbeat" Boogie's next project will be his interpretation of PB&J's latest album, Living Thing. To get you ready for the Aug. 1 release, Mr. Boogie (heh) has let go the "Nothing To Worry About" remix with Wale, Young Chris and Rhymefest, and produced by the Kickdrums.

P.S. - Is it just me, or is Wale REALLY sensitive about how fans received the Lady GaGa joint? He seems to mention it constantly.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Mr. Beckham...

I'm cookin' up one HELL of a welcome home gift for you. Enjoy the flight over, jackass. It's lookin' a little cloudy. See ya Thursday night! Oooooooowwwwwwwww!!!

- Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts (Empire Supporters' Club member 104)

Krizz Kaliko - Misunderstood

This is a jam and a half, but WOW is he treading close to the Cee-Lo line.

KRS-One & Buckshot - Robot

Behold: The visuals.
For those who were either asleep, or have short memories, this song came out in don't start with the "D.O.A." nonsense.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MySpace Showcase: Eureka Brown

Mr. Brown (no, not THAT Mr. Brown) has a message for you:

Free jams! Get some.
The utter collapse of MySpace as a social network has given birth to the rise of "smaller", more creative, grassroots movements from some really talented and interesting artists.

Wait...wasn't that the point of MySpace in the first place?

Either way, add Eureka Brown to the list of folks to keep an ear on.

Random Inquiry...

If anyone knows of a jam that sampled the intro of this song, please hook a brotha up and hip me to it. Check the side bar for contact info.


Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning

Yes? Maybe?
Do I like this?
Give me 5 listens and a week.

Bloc Party - One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix)

I'm still not big on the original (like, AT ALL), but this right here ain't too shabby.
Have some.

The Dead Weather: Horehound

FACT: If you dig Rock and/or Roll, and don't like The Dead Weather's shit, then you take yourself and music entirely too seriously.

The album will be here on the 14th, but you can jam it on Facebook now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson - P.Y.T (Demo Version)

I'd never heard this before.
DJ Brainchild busted it out on the new episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio.

Long Ass Weekend Recap (pt.1)

Ok...back and finally awake again after a long ass weekend in the land of Tar Heels ans Wright Brothers. Let's see if I missed anything worthwhile.

Let's see...

Royce has an EP dropping later today. He let a jam with the rest of Slaughterhouse loose yesterday.

We got this Alchemist track with Travis and Wayne a few days ago, but it was an unfinished version that wasn't supposed to be out yet, so Alchemist has "freed the beast" and let loose with the full product (the 2nd Travis verse). I really hope this catches on. Kid is nice.

Joell Ortiz ft. The Kickdrums - How To Change

...and if you don't have The Kickdrums album yet, get on it.

Oh, this one is good. You remember Loon, right? Ever wonder what happened to him? Well here you go:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drake - Best I Ever Had

Directed by Kanye West.

I suggest you watch this video twice. You're gonna be a bit distracted the first time around. This thing has more irony, metaphors and symbolism than a 90's college rock video. Good shit!

However...if I hear this fuckin' song again, I might set the internet on fire.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alchemist ft. Travis McCoy & Lil Wayne - I Know Your Name

Man, Wayne really messes up what could have been an amazing song.
Damn shame. The beat is crazy and Travis can truly spit when he's not on that "Cookie Jar" bullshit.

More Bernie Allen, less Gym Class Heroes, please!!!

Have some.

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back

Damn, I've been clubbin' it kinda heave around here for the past 12hrs.
Ahhhhhhhhh well.

I don't know who's in charge of this Green Label Sound thing for Mountain Dew, but that sum'bitch has some serious taste. Got his ears all up in the skreets, yo.

DFA just busted out a video for this jam, but there's no effin' embed code. Gimmie a minute . . .

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Passion Pit Remix)

I feel like you should know these things.

Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. - Bang

I friggin' love Baltimore.
Your accents are ridiculous, and you're violent as shit...but damn, y'all can jam.

The Anakin to M.I.A.'s Obi Wan has finally released a video.

MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend - Heartbreaker

MSTRKRFT – Featuring John Legend from vincent haycock on Vimeo.

What are the odds of 2 John Legend posts in a row??

Consequence ft. Kanye West & John Legend - Whatever U Want

This sounds like 8:00 PM in July with a linen blazer and a caipirinha.
I dig it.