Friday, January 30, 2009

Animal Collective - My Girls

Animal Collective "My Girls" from Chad von Nau on Vimeo.

I could (and presumably will) stare at this for hours.
When it comes to colors and shapes in motion, I have the brain of a toddler.

And I'd like to welcome Merriweather Post Pavilion to my music purgatory, otherwise knows as "The Realm of Albums I've had For Several Weeks, But Never Seem To Find The Time To Jam".

F**K Off, David Beckham

American soccer fans are a sad bunch.
We're like the popular kid that moves to a new school and has his social status drop to the bottom of the totem pole. Prom King in another town. Here . . . swirlies. It's that condition, and David Beckham's full knowledge of it, that makes his desire to move full-time to AC Milan utterly contemptible.

Beckham came into LA on his white horse preaching his "I'm here to help raise the profile of the game in America" rhetoric, and we bought it. Because we were desperate. Because we NEEDED him. Because we knew the mistakes that were made in the Pele era, and Beckham was our second chance.

Remember the hype? Remember the arrival? Remember the debut? Remember the greatest game our league has ever produced?

What's happened since then? Nothing.
The man that promised to be the face of soccer in this country, the man who said he'd put the game on his back . . .hasn't done so much as a single in-depth, game-related interview with the American soccer press. He'll sit and talk to Billy Bush, but Ives can't get more than a few generic cliches. You want to find Beckham? Check Access Hollywood, not Fox Soccer Channel. He's more interested in failed reality shows than MLS Cups.

And that word "failed" is where it all went wrong. Turns out, that Beckhamania was only good for 15min, as far as the non-soccer public was concerned. No one cared what underwear he was modeling. No one cared if Posh was releasing a new single. Even in a country like ours, in a city like LA, where the general public doesn't need a particularly good reason to consider you a celebrity . . .Beckham couldn't crack into the A-List. The only people that still loved him were the ones that still wore his old Manchester United shirt. The ones who pay crazy cable bills and wake up at absurd hours to watch the game they love each weekend. The American soccer fans.

Apparently . . .we weren't good enough.

Neither was the $200M.
Neither were the kids he promised to build and operate an academy for.
Neither was the league that rested its hopes for the immediate future on his shoulders.

As American fans, we can't let this happen again. It's time to focus our adoring eyes on those who have come over to MLS and actually made an impact. Like Juan Pablo Angel. Like Guillermo Barros Schellotto. Even that diving troll Blanco and Scumbag #1 Emilio are more worthy of our respect and praise.

So to you, David Beckam . . .from the bottom of my heart, I say: Fuck off, you lying, thieving, scheming, conniving asshole. May the football gods repay you everything you deserve.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rhymefest - SuperSonic Chucky Cheese / Author Rant


Oh, man. I love it.
I haven't bothered to post about a single "battle" in the 6 months that I've been doing this blog, but this one just make me so . . .happy.

Download it, blast it, share it with friends!

Thank you, Rhymefest!
I KNEW there was something super-whack about Charles Hamilton and his attitude. I didn't understand the amazing buzz the kid had in such a short time. Yes, the kid is talented, but he's a friggin' deity on the internet. Apparently, the same nonsense CH pulled with Sirius Jones, he's pulled with Rhymefest (even on the same night).

Not only is he a sensitive little thing, but he's a FRAUD! He's not underground...he's backed by Interscope. He's not from Harlem...he's from Ohio. His image was label created.

Let me break this down:
Charles Hamilton is the NWA of this generation. Back in the 80's, Ruthless records created NWA's super-hard militant gangsta image becaue it went with the times, was cutting edge and its what fans were responding to at the time. Fast forward 20yrs and you get Charles Hamilton. Interscope's attempt to cash in on the modern "being a nerd is cool" sentiment of young consumers. They dress him in pink, tighten his jeans up, drape him in 80's/90's iconography, create a YouTube buzz . . .fantastic plan. And it WORKED. Except . . .the rapper they chose was annoying as fuck, and no matter how outstanding the marketing campaign, he just couldn't break through because of his personality.

You might be wondering why I bother ranting about Charles Hamilton, when there are greater evils in hip-hop like Clear Channel, Viacaom or Atlanta (joking...mostly) that deserve more venom than he does. The reason is simple. Fraudulent images in hip-hop drive me up a fucking wall. They're wholly unnecessary, and only serve to lie to the youngest of fans. Those who might not be "sophisticated" enough yet to know if what they're hearing (or "seeing" in 2009) is real. Hip-hop is supposed to be about emcees thelling their stories. Rhyming from their prospective. Don't regurgitate back to me what you think I want to hear. Make your own noise. Let the music speak for itself. Convince me that that I should not only give a damn what you have to say, but that I should willingly hand over my cash to do so.

Beyond that, I'm doubly upset because the "cool nerd" thing actually gave me a glimmer of hope for those younger than me. These kids didn't have the same hip-hop growing up that I did. I had the Native Tongues when I was younger. I vividly recall listening to Midnight Marauders when I was on punishment during Easter Break in 6th Grade. As I got older, I had Mos, Kweli and the rest of Rawkus Records. Today's kids? They were raised on 50 Cent and ATL dance music. All liquor, no food. The last year or so has seen an amazing boom of young artists with vocabularies, eclectic tastes, and a message. Call me naive if you like, but the thought of major labels taking something with so much potential and turning it into poison makes me . . .ill.

But why rant?
Who's listening?

The Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady

Get summa that good funk up in your nose!
IF I thought you could handle it, I'd tell you to skip to about 2:10 when that ultra-concentrated funk kicks in.

That's IF I thought you were ready.

I don't think you're ready.

Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil' Wayne - Renaissance Rap (Remix)

Have some.

The Blow - True Affection

That's some good stuff right there.
Check 'em out.

N.E.R.D. - Laser Gun Carrying

I am so ashamed of myself.
I have not heard this song before today.

Apparently, it's a bonus track on the UK release of Seeing Sounds.
Why it didn't make the album's final cut...who knows. It's better than a full third of what did make it.


Theophilus London

Get yourself very familiar with this Brooklynite . . .he's gonna be the next big thing in that ambiguous "urban alternative" segment that I love so much.

GREAT music. A blend of soulful R&B, down-tempo electronic and hip-hop. Fans of artists like Sa-Ra, J*Davey and Foreign Exchange (and Kanye's latest) will love Theophilus London.

And to make it better, he's just released a mixtape.
Do yourself a big favor and have some.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Of couse, every time I hear Bjork, I think of Esthero.
The voices have a very similar quality on some songs.

Don't know where Esthero is hiding herself these days, but her pink pirate self needs to come back.
Love me some Esthero.

Bjork - I Miss You (Remix)

No idea who did this.
No idea how old it is.

But I know dope when I hear it.

MySpace Showcase: Dead Leaf Echo


A very worthwhile request hit the ol' inbox today from "Brooklyn" band Dead Leaf Echo.

Describe them?
Kinda dreamy, with a definite hint if creepiness and despair thrown in. I like it. They make use of some melodies that I don't think anyone else would have decided to throw together.

Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse

A special dedication to...
1) The fact that I'm not dead at the moment (at least I don't think so)
2) Some...other...stuff. A fantastic, and very organic remedy suggestion from a VERY informed and intriguing source.

Asobi Seksu - Me & Mary

Asobi Seksu - Me & Mary from Aaron Stewart-Ahn on Vimeo.

Damn, I've missed ALOT in 2 days . . .

I dig Asobi Seksu (loosely translated to "casual sex" in English). I have no idea what any of their songs are about, all their music sounds like an audible hallucination, and they inspired my favorite descriptive sentece in the history of descriptive sentences:

"Asobi Seksu are a shoegazing bit of disco dream pop..."

This is the first single for their soon to be released 3rd album, Hush (Feb. 17)

Charles Hamilton v. Sirius Jones

Saw that headline and said "whoa".
I'm still not a Charles Hamilton fan, but the the kid is ballsy. But why turn a chilled out moment into a battle? It's obvious Sirius Jones wasn't there for that. Who battles over that beat?!

But that's the little thing that keeps me from liking a VERY talented new artist: He's WAAAAAAAY too sensitive. Hamilton managed to take 1 bar from Jones, and somehow talked himself into believing that it was disrespectful...turning what could have been a dope cipher into a out-of-the-blue battle.

Whatevs. I usually like my emcees with a chip on their shoulders, but this kid is downright middle school sometimes.

[Go ahead. Make me famous! I kid, I kid.]

Busta Rhymes ft. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss - Conglomerate

Not sure if this is bangin' in the rest of the country yet.
If not...enjoy.

Jay-Z - (When The) Money Goes

See what happens when you're gone (dying) for a day or two?!
Jay-Z drops some shit and you can't blog about it.

Now I'm all late and whatnot.
And of course, it was on Hot 97 like crazy yesterday, giving me a full-on blogger panic attack.

I'm gonna hold off opinion on this one for a minute, because I didn't like "We Go Hard" when it first came out either . . .so we'll see.

U-N-I & Mick Boogie: Before There Was Love

Good to know I'm not the only one who thought it was about time for them to put a full mixtape out.

Have some.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cool Kids - Pennies

If you're obsessed with the whoopin' of digital asses in NBA 2K9 like I am, then you know this jam already.

Terror Squad - Hidden Hand

"Time to educate da youff . . .cuz if we don't . . .who will?"

For real, B.

Technically this should be labeled as a Fat Joe song, but whatever. It's a crew track (one of the more underrated at that). Remember when Pun was still around, and TS was one good summer away from absolutely dominating New York hip-hop?

Damn shame. We never got the potential classics from the likes of Cuban Link, Armageddon and Prospect like we should have.

Royce Da 5'9", Phonte & Stat Quo - Homage to Premier

Have some.

Yeezy Being Yeezy

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

How can you not like this guy?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Juan Epstein

You like GOOD East Coast hip-hop?
You like funny shit?

Well I've got a few podcasts for you. Hot 97's Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg are collectively Juan Epstein (Get it? Juan Epstein was the half Puerto Rican / half Jewish dude from Welcome Back Kotter)

First up is the interview show.
Great shit. These 2 are crazy funny, and their level of 90's hip-hop nerdom is beyond belief.

Next is the mix show.
Rosenberg MIGHT be the only dude alive that has better taste than me.

If you don't have iTunes, go this way.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

MC Phoenix!!

Wait for it . . .

Wait for it . . .

"Who's that?", you ask?
Why, it Joaquin Phoenix, of course!

Good grief.
You know what's most bugged out about this? He's DEAD SERIOUS.
This isn't a joke. Homie wants to be an emcee for real, for real. From an interview with People:

"This is me saying this is who I am. This is my story . . .After all the years of reading scripts and reading lines, this is my chance to do something straight from the heart and put it out there," he said. And why hip-hop? "When I was young I liked punk rock music but then I discovered rap. I love the storytelling aspect of hip-hop."

Fast FWD to 3mos from now when I'm blogging about how dope his album is, LOL.

Ms. Martinez

'break or complete you' from ms.martinez on Vimeo.

Is is possible to be sexier than that?

I say no.
Be sure to check out her other videos, with sounds by Kings of Leon and Chester French.

[Also, I'd like to congratulate Ms. Martinez on inspiring a new blog label: "Wiminz".]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

yeah yeah yeahs - maps from DonavanJ. on Vimeo.

Because I REALLY miss Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Because Karen O. is made of sex.
Because the bridge made me go out and buy a guitar that I still can't play.

Slaughterhouse - Move On (Remix)

Because the original wasn't enough.
8min remix with the whole crew.

Have some.
And check the freestyle (Ortiz, Royce, and Budden) they did with Kay Slay an'nem.

Speaking of Hip-Hop Voltron, remember these?
Pt. 1

Lykke Li - Hustlin'

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'" from Drew Innis on Vimeo.

Yup . . .a Rick Ross cover.
Isn't it somethin' how shitty hip-hop sounds even worse when someone is singing it?

And why is it that non-hip-hop artists tend to "cover" the worst songs possible?
Is that deliberate?

You never see "Vampire Weekend covers Common", it's always something embarrassing. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fryars - Visitors

Visitors - frYars featuring Dave Gahan from fryars on Vimeo.

Yes, I know the 80's thing has worn thin.
I don't care. I love(d) that shit and will until I die.

This song/video is tremendously . . ."incredibad".

Obama x Hennessy

Well, all that good cheer can't last forever.
There it is, folks. The special Obama edition Hennessy.

I feel ill.

Since the text is really small, allow me to illuminate:

"In honor of the 44th President, Hennessy will make a donation to theThurgood Marshall College Fund for every limited edition bottle purchased. Each one is a unique and individually numbered piece of history."


Oh, but don't forget this quote from the press release:

“This collector-edition, individually numbered bottle will further
cement Hennessy’s roots in the urban community . . ."

Lawd, help us!
And before you ask...yes, this is 100% real.

Obamas x Beyonce - At Last

Top 20 moment in TV history?

R.I.P. G-Rock Radio

What the f*** happened?!
I turned on G-Rock this morning and got an ear full of Lady GaGa, and proceeded to vomit in my coffee. Apparently 106.3 is now Hit 106: "Jersey's Hit Music Connection"

Did we REALLY need another z100?!

Q-Tip - We Fight/We Love

I usually don't bother to post live performance vids, but this jam so efphin' smooth with a live band, that I couldn't resist. And the band goes into a "Heartbreak Hotel" (screw you, Elvis. Mike's is better) breakdown too? Shiiiiiiit.


The Daily Show

If you missed The Daily Show last night, you missed one of the funniest half hours of TV in a long while. Stewart was in rare form.


DMX ft. Sisqo - What You Want

Now . . .this was THEEEEE jam when it came out.
I remember rollin' with my boys in my mom's brown '83 Toronado (sadly, this was 1999/2000), and this album was on heavy rotation.

But in this not the most ig'nant, retarded shit you ever heard in your life??
Wow! This song has transcended to it's own level of terrible awesomeness. The whole thing is a freak show. DMX, Sisqo, the pseudo-Asian beat. One thing though: Hype "I Brought Thickness to Mass Media" Williams' choice in talent still holds up almost a decade later.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Red Cafe - So Easy (Remix)

I've been meaning to post this for two weeks.
Hate when I don't write these things down.

Anyway . . .the song is nothing spectacular in and of itself. It's the typical "Look at me!" rap. But I share this because for YEARS, I've been wanting someone to sample this Anita Baker track. It's one of the jams on my "If I Had Any Production Talent Whatsoever, I'd Immediately Sample This".

Nucci Rey-O - The Only Way

What up, Jersey?!
What up, Rahway?!
Down Brennan, WHAT UP?!

Welcome to my block . . .literally.

Old friends doing BIG THINGS:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joy Division Documentary

Pitchfork has the exclusive on director Grant Gee's documentary on Joy Division.
The film covers it all, going all the way back to the band's "origins" (as if superheroes) and examines their influence on, and the birth of the UK's post-punk scene.

Don't sleep on this though, I don't think it's going to be up for long. What you see above is Part 1. Stay tuned to the Pitchfork link for Part 2.

Oh . . .and while we're here . . .I can't resist.

Kid CuDi & Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie x Kid Cudi @ studio from Vernonmac on Vimeo.

Yeah, this one describes itself well enough.

Here's Yor Famous ESC!

It's time.

If you're a soccer fan in the NJ/NY area, it's time to do your honor-bound duty and support your local club. I know you love sitting and spending your Saturday and Sunday morning watching FSC, Setanta and Gol. I don't blame you. I do it too. But let me assure you, that none of that means a thing when compared to the pride and passion of of standing and singing for the team that represents the patch of soil you call home.

The best way to do so, is to stand shoulder-to-shoulded with America's most intense band of hardcore MLS fans, the Empire Supporters' Club.

The first wave of sign-ups will be on Staurday, the 24th at Nevada Smith's, where ESC will be gathering to cheer on the US National Team in their friendly against Sweden.

"I think everybody here can agree, that a party ain't great without the ESC"
- The Rapture

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cum On Feel The Noise

Because that was friggin' dope, that's why.

Oh . . .and because I was dying to know where this and (as a result) this came from.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Q-Tip ft. Amanda Diva - Manwoomanboogie

3 weeks later, I'm still coming to grips with the fact that Q-Tip might be a better live DJ than he is an emcee. That's too much Hip-Hop for one person. Spread the wealth, Q-Tip. Spread the wealth.

Nas - The World

Some Cognac & Blazer music from Mr. Jones.
Production by Mr. West.

Pretty simple, but laid back and smooth as all hell.
From the Nas / 31 Degreez mixtape, Eldorado Black Project.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 RedBull New York Shirts

Yup, I officially support the flyest team on this side of the globe.
"Them shits is dope!"

The Firemen - Smoke Wit Me

Anyone else remember this?
NO?! For real? It used to come on BET at like 3AM about 4-5 years ago.

It was dope to me, because 1) It never got regular air-play 2) The first dude's name is Abe Froman ("the Sausage King of Chicago") 3) The 2nd dude is Teck from Real World: Hawaii 4) The 3rd dude's verse is TOTALLY off topic, and 4) because it samples one of my favorite songs from the 80's.

The Gorillz Return

Guess they dropped the whole "no one knows who they really are" bit, huh?

Whatevs. I love me some Gorillaz, so I was damn excited to see this over at "the 'Gum". Damon Albarn, a.k.a. 2D, was the guest DJ on Zane Lowe's show on the BBC the other night, and brought some demo tracks from the Gorillaz upcoming project with him.

Diggin' it.

"Electric Shock"
Takes an hour to get rollin', but it's a'ight.

If this is just a semi-blank slate for something still to be completed, I can see it working.

P.S. Americans, do yourselves a favor and get familiar with the BBC. Music you haven't heard, TV you haven't seen, and something you CAN'T find in this country . . ."fair and balanced" news coverage (::holding back Gaza rant::).

The Whitest Boy Alive

Could have sworn I posted something about this a few days ago . . .whoops.
Anyway, TWBA are getting their 2nd album together, and have unleashed the first new song in a while, "Island". No YouTubery at the moment, but you can get it on MySpace.

Also, be sure to check out their 2006 album, Dreams ("Figures" is my jam).

Biggie Smalls - Party & Bullshit

Alright, here it is. Blogger self-defense!

I had to make this post, because I hear you all thinking to yourselves, "How was 'Party & Bullshit' not the first Biggie song he heard?! Yo, you whack, B!"

Let's remember a few things. "P&B" was recorded back in '93. Well over a year before Ready To Die, and even before he changed his name from Biggie Smalls to Notorious B.I.G.. Biggie was a NOBODY when this came out. Look at the (official) video for efph sake. Shit, this is even before the mixtape era really got moving. There was no buzz around Biggie until "Juicy" anywhere outside of Brooklyn. Universally, nobody was really rockin' "Party & Bullshit" until after BIG died.

That said, this is probably my 2nd favorite Biggie song (behind "Unbelievable" and maybe "The What") Don't try to front on me and tell me you had a tape with this on it back in '93!

Jay-Z - Pass The Roc

Someone somewhere has unearthed some pre-Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z tracks. Supposedly, more are to be released in the upcoming days. Including a few featuring Biggie.

Hmmm . . .
On the off chance this is true, I want to be the first to say this (and I will make/wear my own t-shirt that says "Ask me about my hip-hop journalism skills" if I'm right): My guess is that this song was intended for the NBA Jam Session compilation that came out in '94. That tape was the first time I remember hearing Notorious B.I.G. (on this song with Heavy D). It was released about 7 months before Ready To Die. Given the theme, style, and relative cleanliness of Jay-Z's song, I'll take a shot in the dark and guess that this is where it was supposed to end up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blink-182, Where Are You?!

I really miss Blink-182, dammit.

From the super stupid pre-Travis days (even if I do still secretly hate "Dammit"):

. . .to the semi-stupid days afterwards (even if I do secretly hate "All the Small Things"):

. . .to the transitional phase (even if I do secretly hate "First Date"):

. . .to the "last" (screw you, they're coming back!) sad-bastardy, but incredible album where Tom started buggin' out (even if I do LOVE "I Miss You", Boxcar Racer and We Don't Need to Whisper):

City of God's Son

Here's what we're looking at . . .
A 60min. "Hip-Hopera" (as it were) created by blending different vocals from Nas, Jay, Biggie, Rae and Ghost with scenes from various music videos and movies.

Impossible to not check it our, right? Right.
Do so HERE.

Mos Def - Quiet Dog

I'm a sucker for a good ol' fashioned drum n' clap.
The Ecstatic, Feb. 24.

Group Home

Get'cha muthaf***in' Hip-Hop weight up, son!!!

"Supa Star"

"Livin' Proof"

I swear, one day I'm gonna DJ a party and completely destroy the whole block.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Standing Next to Me

tlsp-st. next to me from quaqua on Vimeo.

SF over at TOR and I agree, this song does a great job of tricking you into thinking that music from the 60's was actually good.
I dig this (alot), but am I really ready to hear this sound (and see this look) all year long like some are predicting? I don't know.

Oh, and if you think homie with the tambourine looks familiar, you're not crazy.
Well . . .you might be . . .but not because of this.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The U

Allow me a little bit of self-therapy...
I just watched the friggin' Gators win the "national" "championship".

Miami Hurricanes in the Pro Bowl: 7
Andre Johnson (Houston Texans), Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts), Clinton Portis (Washington Redskins), Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens), Jon Beason (Carolina Panthers), Ed Reed (Baltimore Ravens) and Jeff Feagles (New York Giants).

Miami Hurricanes on All-Pro Team: 7
Portis, Johnson, Roscoe Parrish (Buffalo Bills), Lewis, Beason, Reed, and Feagles

And here's a great write-up from Scoop Jackson, where he ask if Ed Reed is the greatest safety of all time (yes)

I needed that.

Oh Snap! - Funk Dat '09

YES! This is great.

Pleeeeeeease tell me you all remember the original joint by Sagat.
Well, Oh Snap!, a.k.a. Mr. "I'm too fat to be a hipster" has updated it for the '09, and I'm feellin' the hell out of it. I need this to ring off in the clubs immediately.

Santos Party House, what up!

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

This works very well.
Very well, indeed.

Stay away from drugs, kids!
Unless it turns out that they're awesome.


Hypetrak is just full of good ideas, aren't they?

I have to admit, it might be physically impossible for me to dislike a band called Japandroids.
I'd like to make an attempt at describing them for you, but it's a little tough. The duo is sort of like some things you may have heard before . . .but not.

They sound like all the best parts of one of those unsigned bands (which they are) you hear live at a bar that has $4 Yuengling & Jager specials (an extreme compliment). It's raw, unpolished, jumbled, messy, screaming, throaty, dirty rock n' roll. Just the way I like it...heavy on the roll. And much like my favorite "band who I must see succeed befor I die", The Carps, Japandroids are a two-piece outfit who somehow manage to draw more sound out of themselves than should be humanly possible.

"They call it garage rock. They don't care what you call it, as long as it's not minimal. Japandroids are maximal - a two piece band trying to sound like a five piece band. Supporting Japandroids gets you into Heaven - no questions asked. KISS OFF."

C'mooooon, how do you not love that?!

You know what? They just inspired the flipside to my trademarked "Cognac & Blazer" music label. Behold: "Yueng & Jager" music!

Placebo - Pure Morning

When's the last time you heard this???

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell

I don't need a reason.
Dope is dope.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paul McCartney - 222

Who knew?!
Super Creep-O, Paul McCartney is responsible for a song that I like.
Oh, wonder of wonders!

Having Sir Paul on my iPod is akin to inviting Pee-Wee Herman to coach a Pop Warner football team, only to find out that he's a master of the Cover 2.

Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz - Piano Lessons

Produced by Black Milk.
Really curious to see what a whole Colin Munroe album will turn out to be.

If anything, the kid's got good taste.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Robot Chicken?


Holy shit, I just had a stroke.

Peter, Bjorn & John - Nothing To Worry About

Looks like PB&J's next album is gonna be alot different than Writer's Block.
I was a little nervous after "Lay It Down", but I definitely mess with this new one.

Odd fact, PB&J gave world premier duties for this song to none other than Mr. Kanye West, who debuted it on his blog this morning.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Missing The Proverbial Boat

Behold: The anti-fresh.

Yeah...this is a brand new video.
Watching it is like getting into a time machine, except that time machine has some critical design flaws and it can only go back as far as last summer.

It's somethin' how trends crash and die, ain't it?
C'mon kids! You gotta keep up with this stuff! Your internet buzz depends on it!

United State of Pop '08

You may have seen this already, but whatever. I will forever hold a grudge against 2008, and I'm determined to make it clear to the people of Earth that last year was the friggin' WORST.

Don't believe me . . .bust this DJ Earworm mash-up of the 25 biggest pop songs of the year. Holy hell, man. These songs are awful. And I'm a crusader for the virtues and cosmic necessity of pop music. It's hard to defend this batch, though.

2008, I hate you. I hope there's room service in hell.

Exile Flips Q-Tip

Exile Flips Q-Tip "Let's Ride" - Prod. by J Dilla from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

I will never get tired of shit like this.

Monday, January 5, 2009

DJ I-Dee - Swollen Dome

DJ I-Dee - Swollen Dome/1991 from DJ I-Dee on Vimeo.


DJ I-Dee (when did he add the 2nd "e"? Was that always there?) is back with more old school video game love from his album Solitude.

Infadels: We Are Not The DJs

You know the band Infadels, right? Sure you do. So you also know that they bounce around the globe DJing parties and whatnot on the side, right? Of course you do.

Well, the boys have decided to produce their own mix CD to satisfy the fans of that branch of their infidelity. Behold, We Are Not The DJs (get it? their first album was We Are Not The Infadels).


Uhh Yeah Dude: Parenting & Denny's

Said it before, I'll say it again: Seth Romatelli is my friggin' hero.

While we're here . . .

If you ain't up on that podcast, you ain't up on life.

Japanese Cartoon??

This is a little confusing.
One of 2 things is true, either the interwebs are truly confused about this one, or (more likely) Lupe Fiasco has the internet buzz game down to a science.

No one seems to know the whole story yet, but here's what's up so far:
There's a pretty fresh "new band" by the name of Japanese Cartoon that's been popping up in the last few days. Sort of a Blur vs. old Radiohead kind of thing.

The strange part is that the "lead singer" is clearly Lupe Fiasco with a bad English accent . . .but in this incarnation, he goes by the name of Percival Fats. Yeah. Wrap your head around that.

Of course, both Lupe and the band have denied that he is Percival Fats, but they do acknowledge that he is Japanese Cartoon's producer.

I absolutely love this kind of stuff. Mr., sir, are a genius!


YES! It's exactly what you think it is.
DJ (or collective, I'm not sure) Minty Fresh Beats has created a mash-up along the lines of previous mixtapes that mated Jay's words to the sounds of the Beatles, Prince and Coldplay. Admittedly, some songs are better fits than others, but it's definitely a collector's (nerd's) dream.

Have at it.