Friday, February 25, 2011

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) - Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks from Donald  Glover on Vimeo.

Oddly entertaining.
...and yes, there's an EP coming March 8.

YC The Cynic ft. Soul Khan, Von Pea & Sene - More & More

   YC the Cynic Feat. Von Pea, Soul Khan & Sene - More & More (Prod. J57) by YNMDAnthony

How can you not like a jam with that combo on it?
This is dope.  YC's Fall FWD on March 1.

DJ (Jan Gunnar) Solli 3-for-1 Sale

I am declaring myself the unofficial American headquarters for DJ Solli jams.
Is that a real thing?  Nope.
Did anyone ask me to be?  Of course not.
It's just a perfect (imaginary) partnership, and I'm rollin' with it.

Awww, shit!  Solli got up on some Kanye!
   Lovebeat vs Kanye West - Happy Dark Fantasy (Dj Solli Bootleg) by Jan Gunnar Solli

 Does "World Hold On" hold some sort of record for most strobe-lit song in history?  Can we confirm it?  Anyone from Guinness on this?  No?  Damn.
   White Label - World Hold On 2011 (Dj Solli Mash) by Jan Gunnar Solli

Some OutKast for ya mowf:
   White Label - Ms Jackson 2011 (Dj Solli Mash) by Jan Gunnar Solli

UPDATE:  Wait...I missed one.
   Basto - Gregory Living On My Own (Dj Solli Bootleg) by Jan Gunnar Solli

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thom Yorke x Willow Smith x Ginuwine

I'm done.  Finished.
GOODNIGHT, everybody!

DJ (Jan Gunnar) Solli - It's Pretty Commercial, Vol. 1

   It`s Pretty Commercial Vol 1 By Dj Solli by Jan Gunnar Solli
As midfield spins better than yours.
This time, Solli goes in on some Top 40 jams.  There's some Bruno Mars in there, some Drake, Katy Perry, that sort of thing, plus a few good surprises...all remixerated.
But props to Solli for the Ducksauce drop.
I'm officially declaring Jan Gunnar Solli a member of my Imaginary Friends Team*.

David Beckham don't jam like this!

* The list of people I've never actually met, but I choose to pretend that we're cool.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cool Kids - Bundle Up

   The Cool Kids – Bundle Up by Hypetrak
It's been 73 years since we first started hearing about When Fish Ride Bicycles, and it seems now that it might actually be released some time in the Spring...whatever that means.  For better or worse, it sounds like the next album is gonna be the same vibe as the last one.

TV on the Radio - Will Do

Lead single for the upcoming album,  Nine Types of Light, due out on April 12.
Some LA radio station has the exclusive stream.
"Exclusive" as in we'll all have this within the hour.

The ILLZ - Learn to Fly (The Rocket)

:03 From Gold next month!

Star Slinger - Mornin'

I efphs with this.
I have no idea who Star Slinger is.

Sample FLASHBACK: Staple Singers - Let's Do It Again
Pay attention to the lyrics.  Magical stuff.

Mattie Safer ft. Telli - Is That Your Girl?

This is...the dopest awful song I've heard in a while.
It's's incredible.
The world is a better place for it.

Mattie Safer used to be in The Rapture.
Telli is from Ninjasonic.

To up the goofball factor some more, just watch this.

MARCH 12 - "Discovery" 10yr Anniversarry SHOWDOWN: Daft Punk v. Ed Banger

I dropped a hint a few weeks ago, now it's time to get ready...

March 12, 2011 marks the 10-year anniversary of one of mankind's greatest achievements:  Daft Punk's Discovery album.  To celebrate what is quite possibly the greatest electronic album ever recorded, and perhaps the best album of its' decade (I said it!), it's time for a cage match.

The Showdown:  Daft Punk v. Ed Banger
The untouchable masterpiece heads up with today's best.

On March 12, in Brooklyn (where else?), 3 select DJs will take on Discovery mixes and Daft Punk sets.  Anything they've recorded, remixed, been remixed by...all that shit, and crash it head-on with France's best jams of the last few years from the Ed Banger crew.

It is physically impossible for this to be less than perfect.  So get up in it!   Buy me expensive liquors!  Tell women you're from Paris!  Wear a helmet!  But if I catch you fist-pumping, I will break your fuckin' arm!  YEAH!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mac Miller - She Said

"Khrysis on the boards with the heat".

Ed Banger Records Presents: Let The Children Techno

(in places other than the US, but when has that ever stopped us from getting anything)

The new compilation from Ed Banger Records, mixed by Busy P & DJ Mehdi.  New and unreleased jams from all sorts of folks, like Mr. Oizo, Breakbot, SebastiAn, Breakbot, Cassius, and others.  If you wanna jam it now (if you don't, we are no longer friends) head over to something called Myspace.

J*Davey: Evil Christian Cop EP

Bam!  New J*Davey EP.  Part 2 of The Great Mistapes series.
Super jams certainly included.  Get you some.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reks ft. Styles P - Why Cry

   Reks Feat. Styles P - Why Cry (Prod. Alchemist) by YNMDAnthony
Alchemist on them beats.

I'm declaring an unofficial contest between Reks' upcoming (self-titled) joint and Saigon's joint for Hip-Hoppinest East Coast album of 2011.

Cee-Lo - Bright Lights, Bigger City (Scoop DeVille Remix)

I'd jam it.

Quadron - Simili Life

Quadron - Simili Life from Plug Research on Vimeo.

New video from the Danish duo.
Speaking of Denmark...y'all are still viewing the hell out of this blog, and it still cracks me up because I have no idea why.

Coco is becoming one of my favorite voices.  Esthero better put out some new jams, or she might fall from my list.  And can we get more work out of Robin Hannibal, please?  In fact, someone get him on the phone and offer him anything he wants to produce the next Musiq Soulchild album.  We need that to happen.

Kanye West ft. Rihanna & Kid CuDi - All of the Lights

Yeah, yeah, this is now old by internet standards, but did you really think some Kanye shit would come out and I wasn't gonna talk about it?  C'mon, now.  Besides, it was a busy weekend...leave me alone!

Anyway...I still don't know how I feel about this song.  Love it musically.  Don't know what the hell it actually "means".  Wish Rihanna was nowhere near it*.  Love the fact that there are 501 random guest vocalists in the song.  Love that the video looks exactly the way the songs sounds in my head.  Yes, that last sentence made perfect sense.

* Rihanna has become so offensive to my ears and musical sensibilities that I can't even care that she hasn't worn clothes in the past 12 months**.  She's that bad.  Butt-nekkid 24/7, and I still want her to go away.

** Footnote to a footnote:  Let's say you were some sort of marketing/PR type person.  In a million years, would you ever tell your pop princess client that the way to re-brand her image after a violent attack from her superstar boyfriend is to go full Slutwave?  Am I the only one shocked that it worked?

Friday, February 18, 2011

King of Limbs Album Stream

That didn't take long.
We'll see how long these lasts until the legal eagles get on it.
   Radiohead - The King Of Limbs by KROQ

Blu - Amnesia (Remind)

   Amnesia (Remind) by benavidesb
You West Coast kids are KILLING me with these short ass songs!

Anyway, this is a reworking of the original version we've had for a while.  It was released today as an EP along with instrumentals of both versions and 2 new jams.  Get it below:
Amnesia EP

Pulled Over By The Cops (Cool Kids, Freddie Gibbs & Chip Tha Ripper) - Authority

I'm always down with a super group.  We need more of them.
In total, Pulled Over by the Cops = The Cool Kids, Freddie Gibbs, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B and production team Blended Babies.  Granted, I'm far from being a fan of all of the above there, but you never know.  Let's see what comes out of this.

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

And here we go...
After 2.5 listens, I like it.  But whenever you see Thom Yorke on camera, do you ever get the feeling that inside, he's laughing at you?  Just me?  Probably.

Also, Radiohead has actually pushed up the already short-notice release of King of Limbs.  If you pre-ordered, it's available now, and you ca also purchase the digital release and download today.  Head here (while I do the same).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gold Panda - Marriage

Marriage from Gold Panda on Vimeo.

I like this Gold Panda business.
It sounds like the most elegant of take-out establishments.  Like the kinds that gives you wetnaps and shit with your order.  Or one of them joints that does Chinese and Japanese.  Good stuff.

Thumbs up of the jam, too.

Yak Ballz - Mixtape

   Mixtape (Prod. by Chapter 7) by yakballz
Don't be confused (like I was), "Mixtape" is the name of the song.
Wish we could have gotten Gas Galaxy in one package...d'ahh well.

The Legendary (A Film About The Roots)

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

By Cam Be & Jeff Baraka:
During the latter part of 2010 Jeff Baraka and I had the opportunity to cover a number of concerts on the Hennessey Artistry Tour with the Legendary Roots Crew. I have always been a huge fan of the music created by the best band to ever grace the Hip-Hop genre. In this film I wanted to not only highlight the versatility of a group that has played with most everyone in the industry. But also capture candid moments of real human beings just trying to share the gifts they have been given to the best of their abilities.
In addition to the Hennessey Tour, we got an chance to sit down with drummer ?uestlove at the House of Blues in Chicago as the Roots gave the audience a glimpse of why they are considered by many the hardest working band in show biz. All and all the Roots have proven time again that they are indeed Legendary.

If you've never seen The Roots live, you're playin' yourself.

The ILLZ - November Sky

This dude is undefeated.
:03 From Gold is gonna be ridiculous.
Download here.

D.C. United Went to the Unemployment Office to See the Pope...

OH, how the mighty have fallen!
This is gonna be my new default picture on The Face Books.

I'd say that I want to buy the man who made this a beer...but it was actually done by the friggin' Post!  Seriously!  From within the foul walls of that piss-soaked, rat infested shitbox of RFK, [what's left of] the once proud DC United fan base is creating top-notch self-loathing comedy for the rest of us, and I love it.

DC United...the new MetroStars!  Have fun at the bottom, boys.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Rabbits - Human Nature

I really wish y'all could see my face when I pressed play the first time.
I love "Human Nature" and hate cover songs as a general rule...but the heavier bits of this were absolutely the best few seconds of my Wednesday. 

   Human Nature by jdurrance

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj - Monster (Teachers Remix)

   Monster (Teachers remix) by Teachers

I've heard some awful remixes of this song, so I kinda gave up hope...but this one is kinda dope.  Very different vibe from the original, but I'd actually give this some replay.

Cold War Kids ft. Sir Michael Rocks (of Cool Kids) - Mine Is Yours (Blended Baby Remix)

Got bongos and whatnot.

THIS SUNDAY: Soccer Stop South Ward Challenge

Very nice write-up in the Daily Harrison:

The First Soccer Stop Ward Challenge, a charitable event organized by New York Red Bulls supporters to the benefit of youth soccer in Harrison, will be held this upcoming weekend at "The Courts".The New York Red Bulls supporter's clubs: Empire Supporter's, Garden State Supporters and Viking Army as well as the Red Bulls front office team "with a few superstar players" will face each other in a 7 vs 7 soccer tournament to dispute the Spanish Pavillion Supporters Cup.
 For more info, check out the Facebook event page.

There is one monumentally impotant piece of information that the Daily Harrison neglected to mention:  Not only will the winning team be up for the beautiful Spanish Pavillion Cup, but the tournament's most outstanding player will have the immense honor of having ME present to them The 2011 Kevin Brown Trophy for Most Valuable Player!!!  That's right...I bought the naming rights.

Check out the the trophy and read my press release after the jump...

Nemisis ft. Prophet (of Raw Nature) - Attention!!

New solo joint from the homie Prophet of Raw Nature.
Off Jersey producer, Nemisis' The Undergraduate compilation.

Gotta love Prophet.  He'd slap you in the face and read you a book afterwords.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrill Kill - Way That You Move

   Thrill Kill - Way That You Move (original) 128 kbps by Thrill Kill

I know, I know...crazy timing, right?
There you are, eating your Cheerios, thinking to yourself, "Chuck...If I were to lead an android aerobics session in the semi-distant future, what song would I use for warmups?"  Well, Charlie, here you are.

And to spice this up a little more, and in case any of y'all have the talent that I do not...get up on their remix contest.  What do you call it when they have all the pieces to a jam sitting there for you to download and remix?  Stems or something, right?  Well I'm going with stems.  Get some stems.

J*Davey - Lazy Daze

Love me some J*Davey.
On Feb 21, they will release heir newest project, Evil Christian Cop, the second installment in their The Great Mistapes free EP series.

Seriously though...If I promise to chip in like a full $20-23, can I get a collabo LP with J*Davey and The Carps?

Austra - Beat and the Pulse

AUSTRA "Beat and the Pulse"
Uploaded by domino. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

NSFW - There's a titty in it.
It's Tuesday.  I'm bored.  Let's get a little weird.

Cee-Lo - Bodies

I know alot of people ignored this album because of the jokey lead single, but trust me, you're sleepin'.  Good R&B is an incredibly rare creature in 2011, and Cee-Lo got some jams.  This one might actually be my favorite of the bunch.

Great video too.  Pay close attention for cameos.

Pusha T - My God

   Pusha T - My God by Camilo Mazo showtime.  Back to work.
Let's spend some time playing catchup from the weekend, shall we.

Pusha's upcoming Fear of God is easily one of the most anticipated mixtapes of the year.  Present-day Pusha is an interesting character.  Its hard to say which way this mixtape will go.  This track sounds like an album intro to me, can't make too much judgment.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Promo Mix from DJ Solli

     February Promo By Dj Solli & The Red Bull Flipper by Jan Gunnar Solli

Latest mix from Jan Gunnar Solli, a.k.a. DJ Solli, a.k.a. Red Bull New York's new midfielder, a.k.a. the nameplate for my 2011 jersey purchase...done while the team gets its pre-season on in Mexico.

I don't even care if the songs are good.  The odd brilliance of having a full-fledged DJ on the roster is more than enough for me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tyler, the Creator - Yonkers

Good timing.  A day after I wonder if I should be paying attention to the kid, he drops a new video and males it really easy for me.  I damn sure dig his production.  Overall...I don't know.  I like it as much as I dislike it.  Maybe that's the point.  He's stupid creative, but how serious is he?  I need to hear more.

Skyzoo & !llmind - #AllAboutThat

The song is good enough and the album is great enough to ignore the annoying Twitterness of the title.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Kills - Satellite

Thanks to the magic of The Dead Weather, I now know that I should have been messing with The Kills a long tome ago.  Better late than never.  New album, Blood Pressure, on Apr 5.

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen...

The "Sex on Fire" moment for The Black Keys.  The moment they go from "altstream" to "lamestream" [via Carles].  The moment they go from Pitchfork to your mom's jogging iPod playlist.

It feels like a trailer for another bad Robert Rodriguez movie, nope, it's the actual music video.  Don't ask me why, but you have to go to IMDB to see it.

The ILLZ - To Know Your Place in the Universe

   To Know Your Place in The Universe by TheILLZ

The ILLZ, son.

While we're here, hit up his SoundCloud page to get all the shit you've already missed.  New :03 From GOLD EP in March.

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Tyler the Creator Remix)

   I Follow Rivers – I Follow You Tyler the Creator remix by LykkeLi

Wasn't a huge fan of the original, but this is sounding right.
I'm 28 and from New Jersey, so I'm not up on the Odd Future kids like some of you are, but this is actually the 3rd different time something with these dudes has crossed into my ears and eyesight today.  Maybe some "research" is in order.

You Need This: Money Making Jam Boys

   Money Making Jam Boys - The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic by FauxFur&SoccerShirts
This mixtape is ridiculous and isn't getting the attention it deserves.
I know alot of you are just as lazy as I am and don't want to download shit unless you know it's dope, so screw it, I uploaded it for you to hear.  You know me...I don't extra work for anything, so you know this is dope.  A thousand albums will drop in 2011 that can't touch this mixtape.

So jam it some right here...then go over to 10 Deep to download it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness (Full)...and a ramble

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness (Gratis) by SateliteMedia
That sound you hear is all of Lower Manhattan coming to a sudden stop.
The Strokes are back, ladies and gentlemen!  Leather jackets and aviators for everyone!

The snippet has been out for a while, but I fuckin' hate snippets.  Now we have the whole thing, and you know sounds exactly like The Strokes.  Depending on what you wanted out of their new work, that's either great or horrible.  For me, it's fantastic.  I'm already stuck in a time warp, yearning for the "good old days" of less than a decade ago, so this is wonderful.  Had this come out in 2008/9, I would have hated it, but now, I need it.  Thank you, The Strokes!

Here's to a total lack of progression (that actually comes off as progressive in today's scene)!

UPDATE:  Dammit, this song makes me happy.  Not just for the return of The Strokes in and of itself, but for the potential that their next album has to shift music back to where I want it.  I'm really , really, really, really sick and tired of the gloomy, go nowhere lo-fi shit.  I can't take it anymore.  As dope as Chillwave and all that was when it first hit, it moved everything in a dull, lifeless direction.  It's been forever since I listed to an "indie" "rock" "album" that immediately made me want to get up and go to a shitty bar and drop $20 in the jukebox.  I MISS THAT FEELING!  I miss New York City.  I miss guitars.  I miss canned beer.  I miss hearing first recordings from bands that sound like they've only had instruments for 3 weeks.  I miss the Loop Lounge.  I miss Court Tavern.  Even when their music wasn't that great towards the end, The Strokes embodied all of that.  They meant more symbolically than literally.  359 days ago, when buzz was beginning that The Strokes were set to return, I wondered aloud if that was actually a good thing, considering how we as fans react to what we love once its been gone for a while and finally returns.  My thoughts then were that we'd all be better off just holding on to the music we had...but now that new stuff is here, I can safely say Fuck That Noise...THE STROKES ARE BACK, and dammit, I pray that they can change things this time they way they did before.

Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long

Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't be Long from beeple on Vimeo.

Directed by Flying Lotus.
Yet another great Badu single that leads me to ask myself why I own everything she's ever done, yet never find myself listening to it.  It's really strange.  Who knows?

Blu, Freddie Gibbs & Homeboy Sandman - In

From the same compilation as the Coco O. jam from yesterday.
I might have to check it out.

Side Note: Should I start paying more attention to Freddie Gibbs?  I really don't want to.

A BOATLOAD of Unreleased Phonte Jams

Phonte must have been bored last night, and thank Hip-Hop Jeezis he was, because he let go an album's worth of unreleased tracks from the last 10 years.  Now y'all know I'm too lazy to actually link to all that shit, so go over to 2DopeBoyz and have a Merry Phontesmas!

Kaimbr & Kev Brown ft. Roddy Rod & Hassan Mackey - Army Fatigue Rap

Alexander Green on the 15th.
Gonna be dope.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Viva La SoundCloud

As you can see, I'm a full on SoundCloud junkie now.
But what I didn't know was that there was a widget for people to send me jams directly, as an alternative to e-mail and whatnot.  SO...if you make jams and want to share 'em, look over to the right and hit up my SoundCloud DropBox.

Wins for everyone!

Talib Kweli ft. Cyhi Da Prynce - I'm On One (Remix)

   Talib Kweli Ft. CyHi Da Prynce - I'm On One (Remix) by ImFlashy

In addition to the Gutter Rainbows album that just dropped, Kweli is getting ready to release Northern Lights, Southern Smoke, a collabo project with himself and select Southern artists.

The internet is gonna love it.

Thrill Kill - Night Skies

   Thrill Kill - Night Skys (original) 128 kbps by Thrill Kill

There's nothing better than random inbox treats in the morning.
Get yourselves a blog, kids, it's the only way to live.

And when a group's location is listed as "Detroit/Warsaw", how am I not gonna listen?

Anyway, this jam-a-lam comes from a new collaboration between vocalist John Webb and Polish producer PIMO.

While we're here, get up on these remixes (POL MAX joint is nuts):
   Thrill Kill - Night Skys (Pol Rax rmx) 128 kbps by Thrill Kill
   Thrill Kill - Night Skys (Vincent Fries rmx) 128 kbps by Thrill Kill
   Thrill Kill - Night Skys (Invisible Stroke rmx) 128 kbps by Thrill Kill

Crookers ft. Tim Burgess - Lone White Wolf

Holy hell!
Crookers go way out of their comfort zone for this one. "Day n' Night" this is not.

Baths - The Nothing

   Baths - The Nothing by octobercountry22

Baths jams sound like what MGMT's 3rd album would be in some alternate universe.
Don't give me that know exactly what I mean.

UPDATE:  Dammit, now my FB page says I "like Baths".  Thanks, jerks.

The Clubhouse ft. Coco - Sleep

   The-Clubhouse---Sleep-featuring-Coco- fro by seventy5

Coco is the songbird from Quadron.  Love that voice.
This is from a compilation album of some sort.  Details?  Ehhhhhhh, I'm tired.  Let's just enjoy this one song.

This reminds me of that FLASHBACK: Deniece Williams - Free

Monday, February 7, 2011

Long Beach City Kids - Lift You Up

   Lift You Up by LBCK

This song sounds like something I would blast as I taunt someone after getting the last parking spot at a crowded mall.  I dig it.

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)

   White Stripes -- Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix) by ThisSongIsDylan5

::Slack-jawed face of amazement::
Holy shit, this is phenomenal!  THIS is how you remix a song that was already perfect!
I would have bet nine buckets of money that this would be complete trash.
I'm stunned.

As you've probably heard, the White Stripes announced last week that they won't be recording together anymore...that's what prompted this remix.
Pardon me as I go digitally crate dig through everything Glitch Mob has ever done.

Clare Maguire - Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix)

   Clare Maguire - Aint Nobody (Breakage Remix) by The Clink

It's moments like this that make me laugh at myself.
So I'm cruising MetroFanatic as usual, and someone posts this Renault commercial featuring our boy Thierry Henry and that pasty stripper that Marilyn Manson used to mess with.  This was the beat in the background.  You can keep your Dita Von Whatshername.  Gimmie that bassline.  THAT shit is the sex.

SAMPLE THIS: James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream from Alexander Brown on Vimeo.

The dullness of ol' Jimmy Blake usually makes me want to headbutt an oak, but for some reason, I efphs with this.  However, I think one of you significantly more talented Hip-Hop producers could flip this into something fantastic.

And y'all better watch out, because I just bought Tap DJ, and if I ever figure out how to use that shit*, I'll start remixing shit myself**.

* I won't
**I won't

Toro y Moi - New Beat + Album Stream

Speaking of albums I refuse to shut up about...

Toro Y Moi - "New Beat" (Official Video) from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

New video for "New Beat", featuring smoke.

Top top it off and add glory to this fine day, there's a full album stream available.  Sadly, it's hosted by Urban Outfitters, and I'd personally rather direct you to a snuff-film url than to UO, but considering how badly I want to hear this album, I can make exceptions to my own rules.  I'm like the Frank Martin of blogging.  Except my stunts are better.

Chapel Club: Palace

   Chapel Club - 'Palace' (Deluxe edition) by east city records

You need this album in your life.
If I wasn't a lazy slob, I could probably cook up some sort of album review type deal, right?  But c'mon.  It's Monday.  And besides, you know how this works...if I didn't love it, I just wouldn't talk about it.  SO, let's do us both a favor and click play and jam out for about an hour.  Good times will ensue, I promise.  I put my totally hollow and self-inflated reputation on it.

Wale - The Break-Up Song

This is the part where I'm supposed to spazz about Wale's new label deal.
Nope.  Won't even bother.

Diddy-Dirty Money - I Hate That You Love Me

I don't care how much you might hate Diddy, but dammit, a good song is a good song, and I love this one.  I'm a sucker for a well-placed piano.  For real, give the album a listen.

And since the quality of this video is shit, get up on this:
   Diddy-Dirty Money - I Hate That You Love Me by GlobalGrind

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mike Petke Has Transitional Issues.

Our legend is greater than your legend.
FUN FACT: Mike Petke once beat Ben Olsen in Scrabble by using only F's

Chaz Bundick (Toro y Moi) Mix for FACT Magazine

Toro Y Moi - FACT Mag Mix by Hypetrak

Got a party to throw?  Really lazy or have no discernible talent?
Get up on Chazzy B's 48min mix and tell everyone you did it.  Good times.
The man's got taste.

Silent Knight - Stayin' Busy

I don't know how I didn't know this (or didn't remember)...but Silent Knight's new album Busy Is My Best Friend drops Feb. 15.

For was I not completely aware of this?
What did I miss?

Halo - Boom Bap For The Radio

HALO - BOOM BAP FOR THE RADIO from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

Super LOLz @ 9th for that sample.  I can't even link to that.  Too funny.
"Bend corners like a Beckham kick".  When worlds collide.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Money Making Jam Boys - The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic

After a long, long, long, it is.
Black Thought.  STS.  Dice Raw.  Truck North.  P.O.R.N.
This isn't even an album, but it's damn sure on my Most Anticipated list for 2011.
I don't think I can over-state how high my expectations are for this.


ScienZe - Cocoa Butter Lotion

Thankfully, this song doesn't travel to the potentially disturbing places that the title could have dragged us to.  From the Hall Pass mixtape.

Homeboy Sandman - 72 Bars for Chosenberg

Bars and bars and bars.  Jeez.

I'm sure that title makes no sense to some.  "Chosenberg" refers to Peter Rosenberg, Hot 97's resident Hip-Hop nerd, morning show co-host and late night DJ.  It seems he has launched a digital music label and this jam is its first official release.

Stalley - The Tune Up

Stalley "The Tune Up" from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Stalley is definitely one of those young cats whose songs are either complete magic or an absolute train wreck.  This is the former.

And seriously, can we PLEASE stop with all these short ass songs lately?
That shit is lightyears beyond annoying.  It seems the better the beat, the shorter the song.  Efph that.

Money Making Jam Boys - We Ain't Playing


Dope.  Minus the hook, it sounds like one of those old freestyle sessions back when NY still had Hip-Hop radio...ahem.

Can't friggin' wait for this to drop.

Slaughterhouse - Everybody Down

   Slaughterhouse - Everybody Down by geeksmakebeats

Dammit.  Take a day off and some crazy shit drops.
One-man bloggery, ladies and gentlemen . . .for now ::suspenseful music::

This EP already has higher replay value than the full-length album did.
Black Milk on them beats.

CyHi Da Prynce - Ring Bellz

CYHI DA PRYNCE -- RING BELLZ from Urban News Network on Vimeo.

A little advice to CyHi that he didn't ask for, isn't reading and wouldn't take even if he was: Stop with the hood spelling.  It's killing you.  You're a lyrical emcee who can drop a ridiculous verse when you feel like it.  I can tell you first hand, ALOT of people who (would definitely be fans) ignore your shit because of all the "Da's" and unnecessary Z's.  Just sayin'.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1982 - The Radio

You already know.

I love these days with a million jams.

Kaimbr & Kev Brown - Low Budget 260°

As always, Kev Brown...but not me.

I didn't know this, but the duo will be dropping The Alexander Green Project in two weeks.  With Kev Brown in charge, it's gonna be ridiculous.

Gilbere Forte - Train Lights

Round of applause to Blink! for this track.  Bravo, sir.
This is great all-around

Sample Nerding: Tears for Fears - Elemental

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said


Won't lie, after being one of his biggest fans*, I've lost alot of respect for Lupe Fiasco in the last year and change.  Not because of the music, but because he's become a bit of a princess lately.  The way he treats his own fanbase is trash, his dealings with the media are laughable, and his reaction to free and positive promotion from the internet is ridiculous.  He's gotten a bit Cudi-esque, and it makes no sense because Hip-Hop has infinitely more love for Lupe than they do Mr. Mescudi.

As always, a great album can heal all wounds, so here's hoping for the best.

* See the Mission Statement on the right

Slaughterhouse - Sun Doobie

   Slaughterhouse - Sun Doobie by ImFlashy

How the hell do you guys follow along with the shit I post.  It makes NO sense.

Slaughterhouse EP Feb 8.
Maximum volume.

Toro y Moi - New Beat

   Toro Y Moi "New Beat" by carparkrecords

Can I call something Album of the Year on Feb 1st after hearing only 2 singles?
I think I can, right?
These are my internets, I can do what I want.


Underneath The Pine, Feb. 22

MLS All-Star Game 2011: Newark/Harrison

NYC, my ass, baby!  The All-Stars are coming to Brick City! HA!
I just heard about this less than 3min ago, so I'm off-the-wall excited.

So many things to plan.  Such a long list of players to drunkenly confront at parties.
BECKERMAN!!!  I'm coming for you, chump!  I'm gonna snatch you out of the club, drag you to Flatbush and have you explain to them just how authentic those blonde dreads are.  Fucker.

Oh man.  Can't wait.
I am gonna act a proper fuckin' FOOL!

UPDATE:  And the Saturday after the game is my birthday.  Oh yes.  I'mma get ig'nant.