Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just To Clear Things Up (Because it's actually REALLY funny when you think about it)

Another Random Joint - Kev Brown from Humble Monarch on Vimeo.

It seems there may be some confusion on Facebook.
It makes sense, though!  I get it.  We have the same name, and a seemingly similar appreciation for a certain type of Hip-Hop.  However . . .

I am not THAT Kev Brown!

The irony is, I'm actually a very big fan of the Kev Brown the rapper/producer.
(I didn't ever pitch for the Yankees, either.  I am also not the dude who plays "Dot Com" on 30 Rock.)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tigercity - Fake Gold

What's that?
You say you're filming a shitty 80's-esque short film and the score is missing a certain jenesaisquoi?
Well get a slice of this.

I assume said flick is a student film and will involve the requisite strobes, cider-as-champagne, t-shirts under blazers and gawd-awful 80's swimwear that made EVERY woman's bottom half look terrible.

Emilio Rojas - Bold & Arrogant

::knowing smile::
My girlfriend HATES when I find new jams about arrogance.
I'm gonna get slapped this weekend.

Wait . . .is that cat in the background wearing a NE Revs sweatshirt?!
What planet is this??

Andy Allo ft. Blu - Dreamland

 (from 2Dopeboyz)

This is one of those occurrences when someone's music sounds EXACTLY like how they look.
This song with Blu is pretty fresh, though.

Skyzoo - Popularity

You haven't gotten The Salvation yet...and that makes me angry.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.  I become The Hulk.
Except I replace rage and strength with angst and sarcasm!  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Exile & DJ Day: Thriller

By now, you understand the magic of a Exile & DJ Day live set.

Prepare Yourselves...I'm Feelin' Kinda Friday

You know I like to get a little loose around here on a Friday.
Hold's gonna get kinda crazy for the next few minutes.
May the gods help you if I ever become a DJ (or perfect/invent Blog DJin')

Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face ('83)

More self-indulgent posting of songs that no one but me wants to hear after the jump...

Mos Def Knows His Jams

I love to see when rappers can put the bravado aside for a minute and recognize that they are true fans of artists besides themselves.  In this clip (behind the scenes at the BET Hip-Hop Awards), Mos shows his appreciation for the way Black Thought absolutely DEMOLISHED ?uesto's drum track on "75 Bars".

Peep the origi after the jump...

Bad Habitz and Raw Nature

Time for some Garden State pride!
REAL Hip-Hop exists outside the 5 Boroughs!
Purity in music.  No bullshit war stories, no flaunting, no frontin' . . .just HIP-HOP!
I've been wanting to share some music from these dudes for a long time, but they're just getting started on building their internet presence properly.

First up is the duo of Prophet and Fizix, a.k.a. Bad Habitz.  They're currently working of their first full-length, but they've updated their playlist to give everyone a piece of what they've done so far.  Check it here.

In the same way The LOX were part of the larger Ruff Ryder collective, Bad Habitz joins forces with the rest of their own family to form Raw Nature.  To introduce themselves to the world, Raw Nature has released a free sampler compilation.  Get it here.

Also, for you local folks, Raw Nature will be performing tomorrow night at a masquerade ball at Ginger & Olive in New Brunswick.  I'll be there mask...if can spot me, I will glady give you the distinct pleasure of buying me some rum.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

NME: The Worst Ever Onstage Banter

Man, there's some funny shit on this list.  NME put together a list of the 29 most funny, awkward and bizzare things various artists have blurted out on stage.  Like:
Former Fugees singer Lauryn Hill rather misjudged her audience while performing a benefit gig at the Vatican, chastising the crowd, "Holy God is a witness to the corruption of your leadership. There is no acceptable excuse to defend the church." Take that, The Pope!

Fat Joe - Congratulations

This song is brain-dead...BUT, if you get an instrumental and speed it up a little . . .there's a MEAN 2-step jam lurking underneath.  DJ's, get on it!  If anyone has an instrumental, let me know.  I need that.

No Age - Loosing Feeling

No Age make fantastic backgroud music.  All their jams sound like something that should be on at a bar, or on low while you're having a semi-important convo in your car.

50 Cent ft. Eminem - Psycho

Uh-oh!!  Looks like the S.S. 50 done sprung a leak!  We are now at DEFCON 3, ladies and gentlemen!  You know that the only reason I'd even consider posting this is because of Em's go on ahead and skip to 1:40.  Ain't like 50 said anything worth hearing.

UPDATE: I suppose I'm obligated to mention that this is a Dr. Dre beat, but Dre relevant??  Why was he ever relevant?  Why are "we" waiting for another album from him?  He doesn't write rhymes, and 90% of his beats are crazy dull.  ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Lupe Fiasco - Say Something

Mr. Fiasco seems to be on some sort of mission post-MTV's over-debated "Hottest MC's" list.  He hasn't had a week this busy since . . .I don't know when.  Perhaps he's become aware that in today's "rap game", the "drop an album, then vanish for 10 months" thing just doesn't fly anymore. 

This time around, he jacked the beat from the new Timbaland/Drake jam.  Have some.

Florence and the Machine - You've Got The Love (The XX Remix)

This is how I like my music.  Just "left" enough that I don't get bored, but not so way out that only me and one random DJ in Berlin can appreciate it.

Side note:  Am I cool now?  I have a post that includes (The) XX.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Idle Warship x Mick Boogie: Party Robot (Mixtape)

I mentioned this a few days ago.
It's available for download have some.

Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up ("Freestyle")

Haha...I can see you making the Bitter Beer Face after you read the title of this.

See that, kids?  A real emcee can even take a trash Southern beat, spit a crap Southern-style flow...and STILL bring a little bit of heat.  Don't let your favorite (whack ass) Southern "rapper" make excuses!  Have some.

Crazy Shit on a Bike From Space

(Animal New York via Defgrip)

Yes.  A million times, YES!
My bike does not glow.
Suddenly, I feel further from self-actualization than I ever have before.

Diamond District - Something For Y'all

Damn, today has been dull.  This is the only worthwhile new song I've heard today.  Oh well.
Have some.

Monday, October 26, 2009

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Michael Jackson: He's The King, I'm The DJ

Get it?
This is how I like my MJ tributes.  Free and from my favorite DJ.
Have summa that.

Wale ft. John Mayer - Letter

I'm guilt-free about this post because the song isn't on the album.
Have some.

I assume this is more of a John Mayer sample than a "ft. John Mayer", yes?

Unreleased Jackson 5 Jammage

So, in conjunction with the MJ cash grab "This Is It", some previously unreleased J5 stuff has been released.  I'm not even gonna go into the obvious rant here...let's just focus on the music, shall we?

"Listen, I'll Tell You How"

I really like that one.  Very Motowny.  Got a heavy Eddie Kendricks era Temptations vibe.  Good times.

Stalley - Autobiography

The Autobiography from Creative Control on Vimeo.

That's smoove, right there.

OLD SCHOOL: Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out

I have the biggest, moronic grin on my face right now.
I've liked this song since I was a little kid.  Its one of those random songs you hear twice a year when you're walking around the mall or some shit, or maybe a commercial.  Something about the melodies and the keys completely suck me in everytime I hear it....but I never knew who it was, or what the song was called.  I've wanted this song in my Random Shit collect for YYYEEEEEEEAAAAARRRRRRSSSS.

Oh, and I know there's a modern remake of this with a heavier bassline.  I heard it last weekend.  If anyone knows who it's by, PLEASE let me know!!

MLS Playoffs 2009?


Me and my middle fingers (especially Lefty, she's a real sweetheart) wanted to take a minute to invite any and all members of D.C. United and Toronto FC supporters' groups to sit and watch the 2009 Playoffs on TV with me on my couch.

C''ve got nothing better to do.  I'll make some popcorn, roast a 'mello or two, and we can have a fireside chat about pissing yourselves on the final weekend.  5-0 Toronto?!  My goodness.  That 12hr drive home must have been a real bitch.

Supporting a shit team is a pain in the ass, but dammit, when your shit sends your hated (personal) rival home for the winter on a flaming bus full of their own tears and shame . . .it all feels worth it.

Clipse ft. Cam'Ron & Pharrell - Popular Demand (Popeye's)

Let this be a lesson, chirrens:  There's a direct proportionality between hype and expectations.  Hype a song for too long, and there's no way it can meet expectations.  If this was just track 6 on the album...whatever.  But for this to be a several-months-hyped "single" . . .gross.  Have some of the dirty version.

Common ft. Cee-Lo - Make My Day

Dag, Common.  Mad late, son.
BTW, can we call it a day for the videos like this where the director uses written words and clip art to display the lyrics.  Yes, I loved them 3 years ago, but I think we can move along now.

Lil Wayne - Run This Town "Freestyle"

You KNOW I'm not one to give Wayne alot of love around here, but never let it be said that I'm a "hater" (and really, if you're still using that term in '  Wayne did his thing on this.

Strong Arm Steady ft. Talib Kweli - Get Started

Madlib on them beats.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Kickdrums - Things Work Out

Love this song, but the video irks me because that's just not how causality works, dammit!

UPDATE: Kanye West x Spike Jonze

In short:  What we saw wasn't the finished version.  It will be out (on something called "The iTunes") on Tuesday.

Golden Silvers - True No.9 Blues (True Romance)

If Blondie did a jam with Chromeo.
The Gums is full of good suggestions today.
Check 'em out.

And as an aside, perhaps this is just my innate negrosity talking, but the overwhelming theme of music videos for October has been pancake-assed women wearing shit that pancake-assed women should not be wearing.

I'm just sayin'.

Wait . . .does this mean we're regressed??  Did the Hip-Hop aesthetic and the "It's OK to have a mean bubble" movement go too far, and the proverbial rubber band has snapped back on itself?  Are we going back to 80's butts??  Gross.  I hope not.  You know, that's a very under-discussed part of the whole 80's obsession all us Gen Y'ers have.  Women's bodies were awful.  No one talks about this.  Why?

"Please Venus" after the jump . . .

Sleigh Bells . . .oh, snap!

  Crown On The Ground  by  Sleigh Bells
  A/B Machines  by  Sleigh Bells
Uh-oh . . .I think I might have my new 3-week obsession!
I've never heard of these Sleigh Bells folks, but luckily, Stereogum has.

If you're jammin on crap laptop speakers or cheap headphones right now...don't bother, because you're gonna blow them shits out.

Oh yes...I will be deaf by Monday morning.  I need files ASAP!!

OLD SCHOOL: Grand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around)


Somehow, Hip-Hop history has pretty much forgotten Grand Puba (and Brand Nubian as a whole).  Maybe I like 'em more than everyone else.  Who knows.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Justice x Dante x Webster Hall - Your Eternal Soul (RMX)

 [This rant inspired by The Offside Rules.  No sense clogging up his comment section.]

Holy hell, man.  Justice at Webster Hall?!  That's like bringing a fire hose and 2 buckets of extra crispy to a fraternity full of mogwai after midnight.  I love me some Justice, but you couldn't PAY me to get up in that human soup.

Have you ever BEEN to Webster Hall??  It's the last (public and blatant) remnant of pre-Giuliani NYC.  That joint is like the 2nd Circle of Hell on the average Thursday.  Anyone within 10 blocks of that place is gonna get 2 designer, French STDs and an opiate addiction just from breathing the air when Justice is in town.

I was in that joint last when the drummer and bass player from Bloc Party were spinnin', and THAT was a zoo.  And by "zoo", I mean "look to my left and see a 6'3" tranny snort coke of a urinal".  Yes . . .for Bloc Party.  So WTF is that place gonna look like for Justice?!  Outbreak monkeys and dirty midgets swinging from the stage lights?  Before 1AM, some girl is gonna be impregnated ON the "dance" floor, and by 3, she'll give birth to herself.  Or at least that's what she'll think happened, because all she had for dinner was Special K.

Good grief.  Hide your children, the electo-house kids are roaming the streets again.
::reaches for purell::

Field Music - Measure

I don't know what a Field Music is.
But I know I like string instruments.
Have some.

Listening to the other stuff the have on the nets, they seem cool in a "Hey, check out this goofy, down-home thing we got going on. Can't play THAT on 6th St." kinda way.  Like you'd either love 'em or want to punch them in the neck if you met them because there's a good chance that all the talk about in person is Whole Foods and organic chilli.  BUT...maybe I'm over-thinking it all.  Either way, I do genuinely enjoy those songs.

Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & Jay-Z - Rumors

Hmmm...all the Blueprint 3 songs that leaked were Tim's, and this is the 3rd or 4th song I've already heard this week from his own album.  Coincidence?  I think not.

As far as the song goes . . .feel free to FWD to Jay's verse at the 2:00 mark, my friends (that's why you're listening anyway).  I think the world of dope jams has passed Timbaland by.  Sad to see him AND Pharrell losing their shit simultaneously.  At least P can get it back with the Clipse album.  We shall see.

If you actually like this...have some

Oddisee x Nikki Jean - Tell The Truth

Oddisee-as-producer this time around.  I have no idea where, when or what this song is from, but Nikki just posted it, so I thought I'd pass it along.  Have some.

P.S. to "anybody" (wink wink) who might be reading...I STILL haven't been able to replace all the Nouveau Riche stuff I lost in the car theivery.  Can anybody hook a blogger up?

The Gimmicks of American Apparel vs. the Gimmicks of Urban Outfitters

(Link from CRLS)

As obsessive I am about random music from Everywheresville, I do have another off-kilter interest.  I'm fascinating by marketing, particularly when it comes to branding, imagery and iconography.  The art of convincing total strangers that they "need" to be aligned with a particular product (or idea, or lifestyle)  is a very seductive thing.  To be honest, if I had my way, it's what I'd be doing for a living.

In particular, I love the very subtle stuff.  The hidden messages and signals in product presentation.  The vibe and image that makes you spend $4 on Starbucks coffee when you KNOW Dunkin' Donuts is better.  The way the evocative phonetics of the name "Panera Bread" and the color scheme of the building lead you to a tiny $8 sandwich when the 2-for-$5 deal at Quiznos is infinitely better.  The way the music and cinematography and pushed brand prestige in a commercial will make you spend $55K on an E-Class Mercedes that isn't nearly as well-built, offers less of a warranty, is more expensive to maintain, and isn't even that much more luxurious than a $40K Hyundai Genesis.

I'm rambling . . .the point of this post is that there's a pretty interesting article at The Nervous Breakdown that does a great and detailed job of contrasting (VERY informally) the minute subtleties in the branding of American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, the 2 "go to" stores for anyone remotely hip under the age of 35.

R.I.P.: The Rakes

Wow . . .that's unfortunate:
"The Rakes have always been very adamant and proud of the fact that we give 100% to every gig we've ever played. If we can't give it everything then we won't do it. That was the rule we set ourselves from day one.

After much deliberation we have come to the shared conclusion that we can't give it 100% anymore and regret to announce that The Rakes are calling it a day. We are sorry to let down all the people who were coming to see us on the UK & US tours. Writing your own obituary is a surreal thing to do but we want to give particular thanks to our much-loved fans, all the great people we've worked with over the years, our management and loyal record label. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to write music together and perform around the world. Genuinely, thanks for the good times.... That was one hell of a party! But now, we really must get some sleep."

You'll be missed.

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

[Posting this video is gonna get me mad blog cred, yo]

Anyway...this isn't the official music video, but it gives me the chuckles regardless.

Fever Ray - Stranger Than Kindness

Nothin' like a Fever Ray video to start your morning, huh?
Yeah!  Sprinkle summa than in your corn flakes.

I've come to the conclusion that Fever Ray videos are like heroin.  The first high was absolutely incredible, and I've been chasing that dragon ever since.  Every hit after has been cool, but never as good as the first time*.

* Haha, YEAH!  A Sade reference in a Fever Ray post on a 70% Hip-Hop blog!  I love this shit.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Henry Paradox

Let me make a very clear statement:  I loathe Thierry Henry.
I hate whiny French footballers.  I hate Arsenal.  I hate the pronunciation of his name*.

True story:  I once dated an Arsenal fan.  She made the mistake of saying that she thought this jackass was "hot" . . . I didn't speak to her for 3 days.

HOWEVER!!! . . ."football is a funny ol' game" . . .and if this fool is sportin' two red, colliding bulls on his chest at some point next year, I will sing his name in adulation and praise as if he saved my mama from a truck fire.  Amazing, isn't it??  How pathetic am I?  Damn.  Whatever...I don't care.  I want a trophy.  If it means aligning myself to the French Devil (le devil), then so be it.  Where do I sign up?

* "On-Ree"  GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!  Every time I hear it, I see that smug grin French people get (like that dick Tony Parker) and hear that goofy Frency laugh, "Ouh-hou-hou".  F**kin' French.

Nerding It Up

Because I'm a geek.
Hip-Hop heads, if you're patient and listen closely, there's a hidden surprise in this song.

Since I'm a nice guy (::lightning strikes::) and you're lazy, I'll give it away after the jump...

Diamond District - Hologram

It's hot as hell in here, and I'm too tired to recap who Diamond District is, sooooo:
The group Diamond District is comprised of emcee/producer Oddisee, and emcees X.O. and YU. Greatly influenced by their surroundings and love for 90's east coast hip-hop, Diamond District is on a mission to bring back the sounds of old with a new twist and represent for the DMV.
 Have some.

Mickey Factz - #FuckYourShow

That title is like, uhh....some kind of Twitter thing, right?
With the # and whatnot?
I hate Twitter.

Anyway . . .I will not let the digital fucktronics distract me from the song.

Idle Warship 2for1 Sale

I completely forgot that Idle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res & Graph Nobel) existed.
New mixtape, Party Robot, with Mick Boogie coming on Monday.

"Go Brooklyn" ft. Skyzoo
"Party Robot"

Relics - What To Feel

I don't know what's being said for most of this song, and I don't care.  Have some.
Might I also suggest a trip to Da Space to hear some of their other incomprehensible English jammery.

A Salute To A-Ha

(Yes, that's Phonte)

Are you sitting down?  Do you have tissues handy?  I have some bad news.
Go ahead and get yourself situated, I'll wait . . .

 . . .

Well, folks . . .it seems that our worst fear has come true . . .
The giants of Norwegian new wave, A-Ha...have split up.
I think we should all take this time to be with our loved ones.
I swear, if anything happens to Human League, I'm jumping off the GWB.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OLD SCHOOL: Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods (Instrumental)

Really don't need the lyrics.  Thanks to the last few years of his ridiculousness, I can't take anything with Prodigy's voice on it seriously.
Did you know Q-Tip did this beat?
Yup.  How's your brain feel?

Fashawn ft. Blu - Samsonite Man

Exile on them beats.
Fashawn's Boy Meets World (produced entirely by Exile) is out today.

Nicolay ft. Carlitta Durand - Saturday Night

This sounds like liquor.  I like it.
Buy this.

2009 CMJ Mixtape


Well I'm not gonna re-type all the shit you just read on the pic above . . .but I will say you should hurry and download this, because these CMJ mixtapes are always dope.  I guarantee there's at least 3 artist on it you've never heard of, but by the end of the months you'll have them in heave rotation.  Have some.

Clipse ft. Rick Ross - I'm Good (Remix)

Posting anything involving Rick Ross makes me feel a little bit like an asshole...not gonna lie.

Camp Lo - Boogie Nights

Applaud the producer for that sample!!
Have some.

Wiz Khalifa x Empire of the Sun - The Thrill (Walking On A Dream)

This is one of them jams where the song itself doesn't move me TOO much . . .I'm just happy that it exists.  Have some (no tags on the download).

Can't get on mah inna-netz

Yep.  My internets are broken.  Can't connect to shit.
I have no idea what's going on in the world today.

Fo Onasis ft. Mina - Here Come The Yankees

...well no one thought we were gonna sweep the Angels, right?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Eating The Dinosaur" by Chuck Klosterman

What are the odds of me buying and reading 2 books in a 3-weeek span???
Slim-to-NY MLS Cup Champs, my friends.

I know I say this all the time, but I love it when random shit I blabber on about in this tiny empty room of a blog all come together in a big tin foil ball of coincidence.  All of the following happened today:  I finished reading the last book I mentioned*, where I dropped a Klosterman reference.  I quoted Klosterman earlier while babbling about my one of my favorite pop culture icons.  Now I find out that he has a new book out, written in his usual, essay-form, subject jumping style.

Something I just noticed:  The 2 recent post in which I referenced Chuck Klosterman are the 2 longest, and most rambling things I've ever "published" here.  Is there some sub-conscious reason for this?  I have to assume so.

Theophilus London - Pull My Heart Away (Remix)

Yes, it says remix, but no, I don't know anything about the original.  Have some.
The bandwagon hasn't pulled off yet, you still have time.

Japanese Cartoon - All Sabbotage

I think we all need to stand and applaud Lupe Fiasco for being the first rapper to understand the freedom that comes along with a side project.  Brilliant move, I think.  Call yourself another name, and you can record whatever the hell you want without pissing off your core fanbase.  I think he needs to teach his glitzy Chicago homeboy a lesson in this ancient art.  Have some.

Ryan Lewis: Fake Empire

EACATLY, Ryan Lewis!  Exactly!

Grooms - Dreamsucker

I'm not supposed to already know who these people are, am I?
No?  Super.

I like this . . .in a kinda distant, shuffle mode kind of way.

Julian Casablancas - River of Brakelights's official. JC's solo album has oficially become my Upcoming Album To Be WAY Too Over-Analytical About.  I really don't know what I'm supposed to do with this song.  Like...what exactly is the mood one needs to be in to jam this effectively?  Is there such a mood?  Is it better when I DON'T have a clue what Julian is saying, because when I do...sometimes it's like..."oh".

Travis Barker x Slaughterhouse - The One (TB Remix)

You already know how this works.
Perhaps there's an .mp3 out there...I don't feel like looking for it.

Kanye West :We Were Once A Fairytale . . .and The West Roast Defense (Huge Ramble)

A (very interesting) short film by director Spike Jonze, starring Mr. West.

I don't hide the fact that I am very much a Kanye West apologist.  On many occasions, I've had to "defend" one of my favorite entertainers with the ever-classic, " just don't get it", or some variety of that sentiment.  In my mind, that sentence is a sure sign that whoever you're talking about is either a complete lunatic, or truly "advanced" as Chuck Klosterman defines it:
"When a genius does something that appears idiotic, it does not necessarily mean he suddenly sucks. What it might mean is that he's doing something you cannot understand, because he has Advanced beyond you."
[After the jump, I go on a ramble that might not be too easy to follow, but it was mildy cathartic.]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Timbaland ft. Drake - Say Something

Pretty decent.  At the very least, it's much better to hear this version of Drake than whatever hell he was doing all summer.  And since I don't want to be too complimentary, let me add this bit of unnecessary snark:  Drake only has one flow and it's gotten boring and slightly bothersome.  Have some.

The beat sounds like a less...robust... version of this.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Julian Casablancas: "Phrazes For The Young" Sampler

Above is a sampler of each track from ol' JC's upcoming album.

I know...I always said I don't do snippets (and I won't be listening to this one)...
but this is for you folks, as I know many of you would like to partake.

Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite

I mentioned this earlier during my New Moon soundtrack rant, and now we get to hear the jam.
Don't you love it when a plan comes together?  Have some.

This song actually sounds like it may have been written specifically for the movie (just my opinion, I don't know this for certain).  Ha...actually, after a second listen, it sounds like it could either be about romancin' the undead...or about the difficulties of interracial dating...buuuut maybe that's just me (and Sigmund Freud) talking.

UPDATE:  Yes, Lupe did write (and produce for the first time) this song specifically for the vampie flick.

Kev Brown - Another Random Joint

Another Random Joint - Kev Brown from Humble Monarch on Vimeo.

Kev Brown . . .that's boy's good!
I get a good vibe from this dude.  Don't know what it could be.

Wait . . .this is the FIRST Kev Brown post I've made on this blog???
I'm genuinely stunned.

Timbaland ft. SoShy - Morning After Dark

Hmmm . . .I might have to hear this a few more time. because all I hear right now is regular radio pop...c'mon Timbo!!  I know you can do better.  This is the first single for Shock Value 2, coming next month.

Oh...and, I assume I'm not alone in that I have no idea what a SoShy is.  Apparently, she's this.
Frightening, isn't she?  She looks like she'd have her way with you (angrily, like the Species alien), and eat your soul through your eye sockets.  ::Shudders::  Like she's Angelina Jolie's lost Persian cousin who shows up at a press junket like, "Oh, you thought Angie was the creepy one.  Check this shit out".  My goodness.  Do you buy her a drink, or ready a crucifix?

Paramore Covers Jimmy Eat World?!

WOW . . .Paramore is doing "Sweetness".  Is this actually happening, or did I have a stroke.
I guess today is the day of post about super-young vs. not-as-young anymore.

This is so bizzare to watch/hear.
"Sweetness" was my JAAAAAAAAAM in 2000.  Right when I was first getting my feet wet in the whole "There's music that doesn't involve rapping??  WHAT?!" (thank you, college)  Jimmy Eat world was one of the first bands that I got into.  Oh, to be 18 again (no thanks, really).  I remember, my roomate at the time, who first got me into this kida stuff, and I were incredibly proud of ourselves because we managed to download a version of the song that wasn't on the album.  Not even the "demo" version that shows up some places.  The audio was cheaper, the vocals sounded alot younger, there was a longer acoustic bit in the was fantastic.  To this day, it's one of the prizes of my .mp3 collection, as I haven't been able to find another copy in 9yrs.  Good times.

The Conflicting Emotions of the "New Moon" Soundtrack

Thom Yorke - "Hearing Damage"

Seeing as you are one ridiculously hip individual, I assume you already know that the artists on the soundtrack for the new Twilight movie reads like a Who's Who In Blogworthy Music catalog.  Big Time.  If this tracklist came under the guise of anything else besides a romance flick for children, I can guarantee that it would be the single biggest compilation of music in the post-radio, "indie" music era.  Look at that lineup!  Thom Yorke, The Killers, Muse, Death Cab, Grizzly Bears, Bon Iver...even Lupe Fiasco (the most "indie"-esque dude in Hip-Hop) has a bonus track.  Its as if Pitchfork itself vomited on a vampire novel and this was the result.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

DJ Mehdi: Black Black & Black

The story:  DJ Mehdi of the Ed Banger Crew (remember them?) has a remix compilation album coming up entitled Red Black And Blue, but thanks to copyright issues and whatnot, all the jams couldn't be thrown on.  SO...instead, he's "released" the rest as a playlist on Fairtilizer (along with a download link).

You will dig this.  Trust me.  There's mixes of stuff from Busta, Biggie, CuDi, Miike Snow, Jay-Z, Nas...and MUCH MORE!

Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone

I can't tell if this is a bad copy of the video, or one of those "we made this look like shit on purpose" kind of things...I'm guessing the former.

BREAKING NEWS: 6yr Old Boy Invading Colorado In UFO

I'm probably a dick for thinking this is hysterical.

Don Diablo - Hooligans Never Surrender

I have no idea what this video means, but I know that you should watch it.


There was once a mighty beast named Voltron who patrolled the streets of New York City, and kept its young people safe from the evil forces of pop radio and boring, American whiskey-rock.  The Voltron Force comprised of 5 lions who came together to form one of the greatest heroes NYC had ever known.  Then, very suddenly...the City grew dark, and the skies went quiet.  Voltron was nowhere to be found.  In time, NY came alive again, but it wasn't the same.  Chain-smoking, "ironic" trust-funders from The Village became neon-highlighted electronic marauders from Brooklyn.  Just when the City needed Voltron the most...word spread of their return...

Only this time, the Voltron Force didn't arrive as one, but as 5 individuals . . .and they sucked.
The end.

A Smith Up in The Cribs

You ever hear or read something and think to yourself:  A)  How the hell did I not know this?  B)  How great/kinda surreal is this factoid  C)  I really wanna share this info with somebody, but I realize that no one I know either has any idea what I'm talking about or even gives a shit.

Well that's what happened to me about 20min ago when I read that former guitarist for The Smiths, Johnny Marr,  is now a full-time member of The Cribs.  I had NO IDEA.  Was this common knowledge?  Do any of my readers (all 3 of you) even know who The Cribs are . . .or The Smiths for that matter (not that I'm really a fan of The Smiths?  Ahh well...this is cool to me, anyway.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Duck Sauce - aNYway

A-Track + Armand Van Helden = Duck Sauce

Does this jam?  You're damn right it does.
In an INCREDIBLY cheeseball, "I kinda hate myself for posting this" kind of way. we are.  Jammin'.

Wait...I wouldn't be me if I didn't nerd it up a little and give sample credit to Final Edition for essentially making this song 30 years ago . . .and judging by the vid's comment section, it looks like the rest of the interwebs already knows this.  Nice.

Jam #2 after the jump

Jay-Z vs. The Hipster Grifter

Baseless Rumor I Feel Like Starting Because The Prospect of It Spreading Makes Me Giddy: I want the rumor to spread that Jay-Z wrote this song after being scammed by the Hipster Grifter. C'mon, internet, we can do this! Tell everyone you know. make it seem like you actually have some "insight". I think this can be the best internet rumor of 2009.

Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love

Mr. Hawthorne's ode to absinthe.
Surprisingly, I haven't tried the stuff myself.
I like to keep the angry brain demons inside.
I'll stick to rum.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slaughterhouse: Cipher Etiquette

My inner rap nerd finds this sort of thing fascinating.

Wale ft. Pharrell - Inhibitions


Has P really lost it with hip-hop beats?
Is Wale really only 70% at best without Best Kept Secret?

N.E.R.D. Quartet Buss An Unidentified New Jam

N.E.R.D. with their new lady bit in Kentucky doing some new stuff.  Of course, I need to hear a studio version, but I guess I can be a little less horrified by Rhea's existence.  Maybe.

Kanye West's Pastelle Line? Nope.

Pastelle = D.O.A.
Yup, before it was even released, Kanye's clothing line has been killed.
By who(m)?  I don't know.  But supposedly, Yeezy will be releasing a separate line under his own name at a later date.  Not like I was ever gonna buy any of it.  Over-priced clothes and label shopping is for straight suckers.  If you need $1000 worth of gear on to LOOK fresh . . .it's because you're generally whack, and had no choice but to buy a personality at your local "boutique".

Its all unraveling slowly for Mr. West, isn't it?

Royce Da 5'9" ft. Phonte - Something 2 Ride 2

Heeeeeeeey!  I'm still alive.  After 3PM, and here it first post of the day.
Lesson of the day, kids:  Traffic court is a 2-ton bitch.

Anyway...remember when I said I wasn't gonna post anything else from Royce's album?
I lied.  This shit is too good to hold on to.
So, as a comprimise, I just won't post any more download links from it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Egyptian Hip-Hop and Saving the Children

Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts is for the children!
Let me get this out of the way first:  Egyptian Hip-Hop are neither Egyptian, nor are they a Hip-Hop ensemble.  They are, in fact, some clever young folks from Manchester.  I'd make a joke here, but...really?  The outcome would be so cheesy that I'd be forced to give myself a snarky comment.

Back to the children:
Are there some important under-21's in your life that need musical guidance?  Have you garnered, through their incomprehensible internet-speak, that they jam on Jonas as if it were Arcade Fire ?  Personally, being the hip and fresh "adult" that you are, I think you're obligated to steer them in the right direction.  Egyptian Hip-Hop seems like a fantastic starter kit for the soon-to-be indie rock snob in your life.  Do your part.  Get them on the right path early.

Kindness - Gee Whiz

I really am a sucker for the slightest whiff of funk, and this Kindness fellow seems to have some.  According to his bio, he's from The England.  All his jams sound like PlaySkool was prominently involved with the recording process.  Is that what the kids are calling "lo-fi" these days?  I still have no idea what that means.  Not sure if I could rock a whole Kindness "LP", but for an occasional cameo appearance in shuffle mode, this works quite well.

In fact, as a stand alone quantity, the combo of this jam and video might be my favorite new thing on the webs...for at least another 20min.

UPDATE:  Oh snap, on the song, "SEDO" (see the MySpace link above), homeboy actually sampled "Saturday Love" by Alexander O'Neal (a.k.a. Mr. in my Dad's top 10 favorite artists that he would never admit is in his top 10 favorite artists).  Kindness is my homie now.  Welcome, sir.

"Holiday", My Ass.

Remember, kids:  "Celebrating" Christopher Columbus makes you an asshole.

People Under The Stairs - Trippin' At The Disco

Not sure I really like the song, but I somehow feel obligated to post it.Perhaps I'm pigeon-holing myself into goofy shit, but whatever.  I'll let PUTS explain the video for themselves:
In March of 1980 two young rappers from los angeles appeared on the “Chikara Kurahashi Hit Station” variety show in Tokyo. It was the first time rap music had ever been performed in Asia and here is the lost tape of that performance. Enjoy this lost performance transferred from Beta - People Under The Stairs “Trippin’ at the Disco”

Royce Da 5'9" ft. Bun B & Joell Ortiz - Hood Love

Primo on them beats.
The jam is right...but Royce & Bun B's verses aren't as hot as I expected.
Hip-Hop Blasphemy: Post-UGK Bun B > his previous 15yrs.

Perhaps I should stop posting songs from this album.  Don't wanna spoil it.
Release date is the 20th...for now.

Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

That's a snappy title, ain't it?
I'm still a little nervous about the upcoming album, but I like this song 100x more than "Papillion" . . .can't knock progress, now, can I?  Actually, I can.  Quite well, in fact.  But not on this occasion.

And this Jools Holland fellow has one hell of a TV program.  The musical guests are random as hell, and someone as big as Coldplay gets the same treatment as DJ Rooty Poot & the Tin Can All Stars.  I think it comes on Ovation TV.  Yes, you have it.  274 on DirecTV.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FLASHBACK: Radiohead - Optimistic

Radiohead's Kid A album has been getting alot of attention in the last few weeks after topping Pitchfork's Best Albums of the 2000s list, so naturally, I had to spend some quality time with the music.  It's been a while.  I'm sitting here's now with it in the background.  I felt "inspired" after watching that BBC Seven Ages of Rock chapter that focused on British indie.

Anyway...the point is...I really forgot how good this album is.  Weather or not its the best album of this decade, or even Radiohead's best album is a debate for another time, and a debate that neither side could come out a winner.  "Idioteque" has always stayed in the forefront of my consciousness, and would definitely feature on my own All-Decade list, but I'm hearing "Optimistc" again for the first time in a while,'s stunning, isnt's it?  It goes into the category of "Perfect Songs".  Not necessarily because a song is earth-shatteringly brilliant, but because it's so complete in and of itself.  As-is.  Nothing needs to be added, removed or altered.  It's a rare quality to find in music.

I know some of you are reading this and saying, "Wow, is he REALLY blabbering on about Kid A right now"?  But remember, 80% of the fun in this blog (for me, anyway) is that some of you folks have Radiohead's entire catalog momorized in 4 different languages, while some of you have never heard of half the artists I post around here.  Good times.

Friday, October 9, 2009

VStylez ft. Royce Da 5'9", Rapper Big Pooh, Elzhi & Phat Kat - Clash Of The Titans

Why the hell would you get on a song after Elzhi?  Pfff, efph that.  Just tell the producer you'll hop on the next track, or something.  This might be my new "blast this unnecessarily loud in the parking lot before I go into the gym" jam.  Have some.

Wale - Fly Away

NahRight says Wale released this song via Twitter The Digital Anti-Christ today...
All these self-leaks has me nervous that the album is never coming.  Hope I'm wrong.

Asher Roth & Boyder - How Many Bars

Heeeey, its Asher Roth!  Remember that guy?
Yeah, I completely checked out on homeboy after his people decided that his album was better served going after the Hollister crowd.  Ugh.  Some REALLY horrible decision-making going on in his career.  It's frustrating, really, because Asher Roth can SPIT (Boyder?...ehhhhhh....), plain and simple...but the shit he puts out in the form of actual releases, is just trash.  Oh well.

In fact, this is old as hell, and I link to it every time I mention AR just to prova a point, but if you don't have it, go get his pre-album mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect so i don't have to keep rambling on about the kid's talent.

Fancy Expansion...All up in Your Facebook.

This is a strangely proud moment for me.
Inspired by the Facebook fanciness of the boys at The Original Winger, I went and clicked a whole bunch of shit, and did some techno stuff that I don't really understand . . .the end result is this:

Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts has a Facebook page!!!
YEAH!  I've finally caught up to 2007!

So please (no, I'm not beyond all), hook a brotha up and show me some digital love.  I have a real urge to do something "greater" with this tiny blog, and this could be step one . . .who knows, right?

Facebook!  YAEAH . . .I mean, YEAH!

Flying Lotus - Beginner's Falafel

Flying Lotus - Beginner's Falafel from Oliver Brooks on Vimeo.

It's random stuff like this fan video that makes me run through the internet 10 times a day looking for dope shit, when I'm supposed to be doing work for this big, stupid "International" company with their "Business" of making "Machines"*.  I love you, internet.  Never leave me.

*Side-note:  My job is incredibly ironic (like, actual irony, not Lower East Side irony) given my fear of technology, computers and all machinery with a processor chip.  What if it turns out that I'm the dude that fills out the final TPS report for the microchip that eventually leads to the destruction of the human race?!  Given my luck, it's probably gonna happen, as my life has dissolved into somewhat of a Greek tragedy, minus the chorus.  Yeah.

Editors: Studio Brussel Acoustic Session

This is a big slice of fantastic, my friends.  Like . . .this needs to be recorded and and sold on iTunes fantastic (is there an acoustic Editors album that I don't know about?).  Head here to check it out.  Sadly, the site didn't un-ass the embedd codes.  DAMMIT, I love Editors!