Thursday, December 31, 2009

FLASHBACK: Daft Punk - Indo Silver Club

That's the business, right there.
Dopest thing to ever come from France.
Can you believe this is 12 years old??

All Hail Daft Punk!

How was this jam created by two Frenchmen, and not two dudes from Newark or Plainfield?
I still hold on to my theory, that on a trip to NYC in the mid-90's, Daft Punk got lost, ended up in Jersey, heard the shit we were playing at the time, brought it back to France and perfected it.

There are some jams in this life, but "Indo Silver Club" is some beyond shit.
Jams ain't supposed to jam like that.

[Insert Joke About Being a 'Mac' and 'Scoring']

(As spotted by Jamison on MetroFanatic)

RBNY's most fan-frustrating player, Mac Kandji, all up in Men's Health Magazine giving you tips on how to stank out your girlfriend without offending her.  A lesson we all must learn at some point.

Bonus comedy points to Mac for being the cheapest and buying the skimpiest shit.

THIS is good press, dammit.
The league needs to step up the non-game related media coverage.
But that's for another time...

DJ!!  Kick my boy Mac's theme music!

Eddie Johnson No Longer Invited to My Birthday Party

Going to Greece, huh?
That's cool.
Playing time and whatnot.

I thought we were cool, though.
Can't hook a blogger up, sacrifice your own career goals and come to NY in January?
A little selfish, but whatever.

DaMarcus is on fire and hurt at the same time.  EJ is going to Greece.  Freddy is just...trippin'.
My grand miracle hopes for 2010 RBNY are all but shot.  Damn.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don Garber: American Gangsta

UPDATE:  Props to Brent for the pic.  Icing on an already huge comedy cake of a situation.

DJ!!  Kick The Don's theme music.
"I'm way to important to be talking about extorting
Asking me for a portion is like asking for a coffin
Broad daylight I'll off your on switch
You’re not to bright, goodnight long kiss" - Jay-Z

Ohhhh, I see what you did there, Donny.
I like your style.

The "enemy" is wounded...deliver the death blow before they can recover, but at the same time offer a hand to help them up (for public perception) when you already know it's too late.  Bravo, sir.  Pardon my parlance...but that's some gangsta shit.

In short, the US Soccer Board of Directors' Professional League Task Force (of which The Don is Chairman) has given the gentle kill shot to BOTH the USL and the new NASL.  "Conflict of interest"?  Nonsense.

In the words of my Pops:  Don, "You's a bad muh'fukkah"
Respect his gangsta.
AND I heard that back in '98, he spit a hot 16 on a Primo beat at D&D Studios*

* None of the soccer fans are gonna get that joke, but it's hysterical to me

E.M. Theories: Tri-State of Mind

For you local cats, this is where you need to be next Wednesday night.  You WON'T be disappointed, and you're gonna have a serious Hip-Hop head bragging point to hold over your friends if you go . . .trust me!  The "flyer" doesn't tell the whole story, man.  Go.

::giving you that look where I'm trying to tell you something but I can't say it out loud::
GO to the show!!

For real, though . . .support my peoples . . .or I'll fart in your dinner.

Darien Brockington: The Cold Case Files

New Year's Eve is coming, and gentlemen, let's be real . . .
All those $60 open bar parties are for children and amateurs.

Here's what you need:  Yourself, a very careful choice in female companionship,
a beverage with notable alcohol content, and some slow jams.

I can't help you with the rest of that shit, but Justus League / Little Brother / Foreign Exchange homie, Darien Brockington can damn sure help you with the jams.  Just in time for your midnight romancification needs, he's released a new album with 23 jams just right for you to get shot down to on yo mama's couch . . .OR lead to next September's visit to the maternity ward.

Truck North - Sandwich Shop

This isn't the longest song ever...but it's potent.  Roots affiliate Truck North takes "Choir Fire" from The Roots' Sandwiches EP* and runs with it.  Have Some.

Side note:  Where the hell is P.O.R.N.?!

* You're seriously in pajamas & night light mode if you haven't downloaded this yet.

Gossip - Pop Goes The World

I'd like to take a moment to applaud Gossip for recording in 2009, an album that reminds me of my most hedonistic and pleasantly self-destructive bridge & tunnel days of mid-decade.

Well done.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 Okay. I'll bite.

I know posting this will send the Post-Ironic Police* straight to my cubicle,
but I don't give a damn.  Funny is funny.
And Lamebook is funny.

* and that phrase immediately allerted the Post-Modern Patrol**

**and that phrase lead me to kick my own ass in the break room.

Enjoy some samples below . . .

Freddy. C'mon, Son.

Freddy . . .I'm just sayin'. . .
Come back home.  Come to NY.
We can have you back to "I'm slingin' it to pop stars" status quick.

Let's get this done.
Ciroc & lemonade* at the 40/40 with Solange, son!
Tell me that ain't the move, right there!

Freddy.  Stop playin'.  Sign up.

*Yes, I know that shit is nasty, but that's not the point.

Statik Selektah x Talib Kweli, Termanology & Royce Da 5'9" - Come Around

Statik on them beats (obviously).
Have some.

You see that mixtape cover??  That's right.
Coming soon.

Skillz - 2009 Rap Up

The annual tradition continues.

Royce Da 5'9" - Pick Ma Balls Up (Drop The World)

FACT:  Hip-Hop is at its best when smart emcees get angry.
Have some.

Stating The Obvious (and Selfish) Truth: Freddy Adu Edition

Above:  Freddy Adu happy in a Benfica shirt.  A sight that you, I, Freddy, and (most importantly) the people at Benfica know we will never see again.  This morning, it was reported that Freddy is being dropped by Belenenses, the last place (10pts in 14 games) club that has had him on loan all season.

Can we all come to an agreement, and finally say that Freddy Adu is not yet ready for Europe?

I don't care about the prestige of European football.  I don't care about the high wages.  I don't care if Freddy is somehow bound by the weight of his own hype.

I do care that one of the best teenagers in American soccer history has amounted to no more than a rotting corpse on the bench of a series of 3rd rate clubs.  It's an incredible talent being wasted by ego, money, fear, and that godawful word that Americans use far too much in all walks of life:  "potential".

On a selfish level, this is killing me, because the perfect landing place for the still ridiculously young Adu is my own home team.  A team in desperate need of a creative attacking midfielder.  A team looking to boost its image in New York City.  A team looking for a young marketable star to sell to the public.  But of course...we're talking about MLS, a league where the obvious never happens, so I know better then to dream.

NY fans are all set to dunkenly piss themselves if/when we land Dilly Duka on draft day.  Duka's a kid most of us have maybe seen twice and don't know beyond a few scouting reports.  No thank you.  He's all yours, Seattle.  I want Freddy.  He's the perfect Step 1 in the Red Bull Recovery Plan, and I'm certain that at any sub-DP price tag, he's worth it.  His value has never been lower, and the transfer window is days away.  NOW is the time for Red Bull to prove that they have half a clue about what to do with their stepchild franchise in The Big Apple Jersey.

I don't want to hear shit about allocations, salary caps, or any of that nonsense.  MLS rules favor the bold.  Ask the Galaxy.  If you want to play it fair...fine.  We have 2 first round picks in the coming draft.  Leeeeet's be bold, go out on a limb and say neither of the 2 kids we pick up from college will be as valuable on OR off the field as Freddy Adu.  Trade the picks.  Move up the allocation order.  Get him in.  No excuses.

The coming availability of this young, potential MLS superstar represents the new RBNY front office's first chance to prove that they are something different than when we've dealt with since 1996.  Are they smart enough to do the right thing?

Monday, December 28, 2009


Good afternoon, fair people of the internet.
It's the afternoon of Dec. 28, and I'm as bored as I've ever been, so you know what that means?  It's time for a useless Best of 2009 post!

::crowd applauds, teenage girls faint in combination panic/heart-throbbery/heat stroke::

All in all, the music of the year 2009 may be the easiest to summarize of any decade.
It's the year of dichotomy.

The "cool kids" fell in love with the the most boring, lifeless shit you can imagine (i.e. Animal Collective, Grizzly Bears, Dirty Projectors, The XX) and the common folk wen the opposite way and latched on to all the crappy mass-produced, pseudo-techno pop they could find (Lady GaGa, whatever Akon's crew was pumping out, the dozens of one-hit club wonders).  The year in music was interesting, not because of the music itself, but from the pop cultural angle of how everything that came out was such utter shit, and we all KNEW it, but we all convinced ourselves otherwise.  I guess above all else, many of us (myself especially) are simply addicted to new music, and even if current quality is down, we have to get our fix.  So be it.  Don't get me wrong, both sides of the fence still provided some fantastic moments in their own right.  After all, I didn't pump out 1100+ posts in 2009 because my iPod suddenly got boring.  What I AM saying is that in 3-5yrs time when we can properly evaluate this decade's music, I don't foresee 2009 having strong representation on any compilation albums.

Anyway . . .let's get to the short list of what I personally enjoyed the most for this year.

The Cool Kids ft. Boldy James - Tires

Not too shabby.
Visuals for one of them jams on the Christmas mixtape I mentioned earlier.
I could do without this Boldy James fellow, however.

Little Dragon 2-For-1 Sale

I love me some Little Dragon.
This video for "Swimming" was created by vocalist, Yukimi Nogano's dad, Yusuke.

This reminds me, i may have too cook up a pointless "Best Of" post if shit gets dull this afternoon.

Below, check the video for "Runabout" that I don't remember seeing before...

UPDATE: The Post-Christmas Recap

UPDATE:  I changed my mind, I'm gonna throw everything from the last 3-4 days worth mentioning into one big post.  Much easier this way.

Salutations, and all that, people.
Back in the (literal and figurative) office for the first time since last Wednesday...
...and it feels mighty fine.

I imagine the bulk of stuff this morning is gonna be a recap of what I was too lazy and chilled out to bother coming online and telling you about all weekend...SO, let's get to work (in a rapid-fire fashion until I catch up).

Get the goods after the J. Nathaniel . . .

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Karate Kid

Moral of the Story:  Brothas...messin' with them Asian chicks will get you in all kinds of trouble.  HA!
::running for cover::

Nino Bless - Buffalo Bill

Nino Bless,
Welcome to my "I must keep an eye on this dude" list.

 - FF&SS

UPDATE: Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def - Just Begun

 I haven't stopped playing this since yesterday.  Crazy.
Now, we have a title for the song and a CDQ version, so...have some

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ooooooooh SEATS!!

(Photo via Red Bulls Reader)
Never thought I could be so excited about chairs or corporate branding...but here we are.
Red Bulls Reader headed over to the Arena yesterday and snapped a few pics for a construction progress report.  The sneaky suckers at Red Bull had been hiding this side of the stadium from the live webcam, so we didn't know all this had been installed.

Lovely, ain't it?
I can't wait to spill beer, hurl profanities pick my ESC brothers up off the ground in that joint.

There's some business about the new Pub and Club Seat Lounge in the article, but I'm not fancy, so I assume I'll never set foot in either.  Although, I am a first-time season ticket holder for 2010.  Perhaps a perk or 2 is in order!  Hook it up!  Like a gold-plated and engraved frosty mug or some shit.

Thanks, Yo.

(Get it?  I'm a fancy internet "writer".)

Before I forget...I wanna say thank you to all you folks reading.
This has by far been my best month in terms of views and comments and whatnot.

Granted , I'm a I have no problem shouting into the empty room that is the internet,
but the whole thing is lot more entertaining for me when I know who the readers are.
One things's for sure, "based on the numbers" (haha, jargon!), it's clear that alot of you folks are soccer fans.  Anytime I run my mouth (as it were) about the stuff, traffic spikes.  Right on.  Consider it noted.

Anyway...the gradual build-up in reader participation is greatly appreciated!
Let's keep this thing rollin'.

Black Thought - Respond/React (Live)

2 things that don't happen often:
 - A Rootless Black Thought
 - Live video with post-worthy quality

More than any other rapper, I get the feeling that Black Thought really does black out when he rhymes.  It's like he goes on auto-pilot after 32 bars, and consciously has no clue that he's even still going.  Like he's allergic to hooks...or breathing.

Mos Def & Jay Electronica - Holiday

Just Blaze on them beats.  He let this unfinished song loose during a visit to Shade45 radio yesterday.
(Yes.  Irony.  I get it.)

Royce Da 5'9" - Psycho Flow

Over that 50 Cent beat.
Have some.

Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def - Untitled (Radio Rip)

Hear that sound?  It's the Hip-Hop internet exploding.
My goodness, what a lineup.  Have some.

You see, kids?  There's a big difference when 4 emcees get on the same track as opposed to 4 rappers.  Emcees know their verses will be picked apart and dissected by a million nerds like me, so they spit hot shit and feed off the competition from the other 3.  Rappers:  "Whatever.  Our names are on it.  Kids are gonna buy it regardless".  Everybody did their thing on this, Hi-Tek included.

I guess I have to give a Jay Electronica opinion , right (how perfect is the timing of this)?
Good verse.  Still #4 on the track.

Editors - You Don't Know Love

This just might be my new favorite video.
Not to get all art house and whatnot, but that dance routine is the perfect interpretation of a modern relationship.  The battle, the love, the nosey people "watching" everything you do.  OK, maybe just MY modern relationship...let's move on...

More important than the singularity of this jam is that fact that, despite my pre-release freak outs, I actually think Editors' In This Light And On This Evening is fantastic (Even "Papillion" is better in the context of a full album).  I've been jammin' it for weeks, don' know why I haven't mentioned it.  I can see why many would toss out the word "derivative" for it...but whatever.  The shit works.  It's a definite advancement for Editors, without losing the core of why I listened to them in the first place.  In fact, I think they might be the first of the 1000 British bands to make the guitar-to-synth transition and get a full thumbs up from me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Exile & DJ Day Goodness

Exile and Dj Day at the Rooms of Red Bull from joao costa on Vimeo.

I've posted the jam out bit of this before, but this new, extended clip give a bit more of a behind-the-scenes sort of look into the whatnots.
I love this shit.
If you're not familiar with the song they're choppin' . . .have a blast.

An American's Soccer Observation . . .

It was a very productive lunch, because this also ran through my mind.

America is the poster child for the "country over club" side of the soccer fan debate.  There's no doubt.  I assume this is largely because our clubs (those of us with the good sense to support a local "club") are aware of the general irrelevance of our teams, while our Nats compete with the best of the best, yadda yadda yadda...

3-5 yrs ago, I'd say that I was a huge fan of everyone on the US National Team, regardless of where they played or what they did...but as my passion for MLS grows, I've come to notice that for the first time EVER, there are American players, National-Teamers at that, that I just dont likeSpecifically the 2 pictured...even if one of them is trying his damnedest to become "underground" soccer's new face, a la Sacha Kljestjan in 2006*

The Theory:  My emotional ties to my club have spiked so much in recent years that perceived injustices to my local team can alter the way I view a player, even if he's wearing a US shirt.
The Smaller Questions:  Am I alone in this?  Am I late to the party?
The Big Question:  Is this actually a GOOD thing.  Does the fact that I can actively dislike a US National Team player show progress in the evolution of the American fan?  

*I see what you're up to Holden, you can't  fool me!  You're still a dirty, late-tackling little Hollister model of a whining son of . . .::ahem::

A Telling Observation . . .

As if it wasn't obvious already, I've been sucked right into the annual retrospective mood that sweeps over everyone in late December.  I was heating up some leftover grub for my personal lunchification needs and something very interesting (to me, anyway) struck me...

If I were to pick the 3 songs I was most disappointed with, in terms of expectation vs. outcome, this is the easy Top 3:
1.  Jay-Z ft. Kanye West & Rihanna - Run This Town
2.  Drake, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem - Forever
3.  Clipse ft. Kanye West - Kinda Like a Big Deal
(I link as if you don't have these songs memorized at this point)

Notice the common link between them?
Kanye West.

The first two are outright bad, and the third is a solid "meh".  If asked, I would quickly name Kanye as my overall favorite current solo artist/pop culture figure . . .so what does that list mean?  Are my expectations for anything Kanye-related too high?  Do I over-analyze shit that he's on?

My half-baked personal theory:  He'll never admit it, but Kanye took the post-808's backlash to heart.  Everything he's done since has been a bit high on the cliche meter.  As if he wrote/recorded verses in character of what a "rapper" is supposed to be in 2009, so the average fan would get off his ass.

::abrupt post ending::

I've spoken my (generally unimportant, essentially shouting in an empty room) peace abut the Best of 2009 tomfoolery . . .now for Best of Decade.

Daft Punk - Discovery

Came out in 2001.  Has lost NONE of its listenability (shut up).  I'm not saying it's the best album of the decade, although it could be argued...what I AM saying is that for it to be appearing in the late 20's and 30's on lists is ab-so-lute-ly BONKERS.  Why do lists make me crazy?  I don't know.  Should they?  Nope.  Am I playing right into mass media's hands by being aggravated?  You betcha!

But tell me I'm wrong and give me 10 albums that were better, had a bigger impact, and have maintained "listenability" like Discovery.  It can't be done.

N.O.R.E. ft. DMX & Ja Rule - Stay Flawless

Yeah, I'll give you a minute to read that title again.
If this came out in '98?  Awwwww shit!
2009?  Ehhhhhhh.

(haha...I didn't have a "Ja Rule" label before this)

Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson - Young Forever

This is like the Jay-Z version of them "Pioneers, oh pioneers" commercials.

Kid CuDi...WTF?

(Photo from Plain Pat's Twitter...I think)

As you've heard me rant at least 3 times before, there's something about Kid CuDi that bothers me.  There's a clear immaturity to alot of his music.  His lyrics and interviews make him sound like an overwhelmed 16yr old.  Yes, he's very creative, very honest and I give him a ton of credit for being so open and introspective...but damn.

Grow up, CuDi

What you see above is a photo of CuDi being hassled by LAPD yesterday in a case of "mistaken identity".  5 patrol cars roll up, give his crew the business and put them in cuffs because they thought he was a thief.  Right.  I assume the worst from cops, especially LA/NYPD, but I'm very disappointed in CuDi's response to the whole thing:
“We’re in LA, it’s a rowdy place in the United States, you know? And a lot of shit goes down. And these cops have to use force. So it’s, like, I understand that they were doing their job. I just wish we weren’t in that place at that time.”
He essentially apologized to LAPD . . .for doing nothing.  And worse, rationalized the use of police force on the basis of assumption.  How could those words come out of a fully-functional Black man's mouth?  I hope CuDi gets a ton of bad press for this in the next few day.  He needs to wake up.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Miike Snow - Sylvia

New video for the amazing "Sylvia" from the equally amazing self-titled album by Miike Snow.

Now...I know better than to expect anything reasonable from the media, especially music media (hence this blog's existence).  But I am honestly floored that Miike Snow isn't cracking ANYONE in "major" press' Top 20 (or even 40) for 2009.  I just don't get it.  Grizzly Bear and "AnCo" recorded the best shit since Kid A, but Miike Snow isn't Top 40?  By what standards?  What, did they not use Twitter enough?  Not enough drunk sluts with their tits out at shows for them to be relevant?  I really don't get it.

You're All Wrong! Avatar Was The Jam!

Avatar from christopherstorm on Vimeo.

Soooo...people went to see Avatar...with 3 of them D's...and didn't like it?!
Do you also hate sunny days, warm cookies and kittens?

FACTUAL L. JACKSON:  Not at least enjoying Avatar is a sure sign that you're a Clint-Eastwood-in-Gran Torino-level miserable bastard.  Yes...I get it...the whole thing boiled down to a flimsy allegory for the war in Iraq about 2/3rds through.  I don't care.  Yes, it's incredibly ironic that the man who directed the greatest anti-technology flick of all time, Terminator, also directed this anti-tech, anti-"progress" movie in a totally unnatural, completely machine generated fashion.  I also do not care.  What were y'all expecting, some Oliver Stone shit?  Did the usher fool you into thinking this was a documentary?  Good grief, America!  I'm THE most cynical, angsty 27yr old alive, and even I enjoyed the hell out of Avatar.

Nickelus F - Ugly

Nickelus F "UGLY" from SUKKATASH on Vimeo.

Nickelus F got jokes.

Broken Bells - The High Road

It's been so long, that you've probably forgotten like I did...
Broken Bells = Danger Mouse + James Mercer of The Shins.
Not sure how much I like this yet.

Ali Vegas - Serengetti

Say word!  Ali Vegas got a new jam, and its kinda hot.
Vegas has permanent "I'll check this out" status by virtue of "Theme of New York"
Have some.

I Guess Blitzen Didn't Really Have Game

Damn, Blitzen.  Thought you had skills.
Santa (KRS-One) tells the story.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Most Ridiculousness Ever Captured In A Single Photograph

Gooooood GRIEF!
I'd love to give somebody credit for this, or tell you when/where this Unholy Assembly took place...but I don't know.  What I DO know, is that the combined SAT score in this photo is "N/A".

Blitzen Spits Hot Fiyah

Lupe "WTF is a Jay Electronica" Fiasco* as Blitzen.
Best Christmas commercial since the Fruity Pebbles classic.

*Yeah!  Whatchu gonna do?!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Reason #3049 Why The Internet Is Entertaining

(Image via MetroFanatic)
Where else but The Book would you see the following:
"Jozy Altidore is now friends with Markus Schopp"?
I love you, internet.

Rakim ft. Jadakiss, Styles P & Busta Rhymes - Euphoria

I wonder what it's like to be an emcee, especially from NY, and have somebody tell you Rakim is on the phone for you.  Does it instantly validate everything you've ever recorded?
Have some.

Risking My Internet Life . . .

I know my readers are mostly "lurkers", as internet slang goes.
I know within a few hrs, 50 of you will read this, but none of you will comment.
BUT, I honestly and truly need some feedback on this one.

Help me understand the obsessive fan following of Jay Electronica.

I'll pose the same question that I asked ISPS of The Original Winger:
Maybe you can explain to me what it is I'm not getting about the Jay Electronica craze.  He's nice, no doubt.  But for 2yrs, he's been the biggest thing on the "underground" scene literally since Mos and Kweli in like '98.  Perfect example is this song [Exhibit C].  It's been talked about for MONTHS...but its not even on par with throw-away tracks from Joell Ortiz or Joe Budden!  Yes, Jay Elec does his thing, but the cult following is seriously overblown.  I don't get it.
To be SUPER clear, because I know how you JE fans get (I read the JE vs. Lupe boards on OKP):  He's nice.  I efphs with his shit...but not a single song has moved me to the degree that I've even posted it here.  They're all "OK" to me.  No hate.  No diss.  None of that.  I am honestly, and truly curious.  What is the big deal about Jay Electronica?

Corinne Bailey Rae - I'd Do It All Again

Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again"

Corinne Bailey Rae | MySpace Music Videos

If you have half a soul, or lived half a life...that song and video is going to get you.

I'm over the moon to see and hear CBR back.  New album, The Sea, on 1/26.
Esthero's back.  Sade's back.  CBR's back.  Alicia Keys is on a new level.
I think I'm set for 2010 with great R&B from my favorite women.

Mos Def - 24 Hour Karate School

Back story?
I'd love to give you one if I knew it.
Have some.

Joell Ortiz - Exhibit C

Nope.  Not gonna say a thing.
You already know.

The Best/Worst Story You Will EVER Hear

Ameeeerica!  Ameeeerica!
God shed his grace on theeeeeeeee.
And croooooown thy good with brooootherhood,
except for Tennesseeeeeeeeeeee.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Note on this Game to Star Trak Jibberish

The idea of Game on Star Track still makes me feel ill.

But let me offer up an early prediction (with no hint of sarcasm):
Within the next 6 months, this signing and Game's The RED Album WILL lead to a monumental battle with Game and The Clipse on one side and 50 Cent and G-Unit on the other.  Write it down.  Take it to the bank.  I'll go a step further and say it will be the most genuinely relevant and significant battle since Jay-Z vs. Nas . . .and the outcome of that battle will forever change the value and definition of "street cred" as well as "internet rapper" vs. "radio rapper".  I couldn't be more sure of it.  Trust me.  I will be linking back to this post as an "I told you so" before the summer.

Japanese Dingus Gets No Love, And Cybernetically Bones Down For Life On Video Game Woman

Japan . . .I see what you're doing . . .and it's at crazy levels of fuck.
Good grief.

I honestly hope I'm long dead before the robot take over.
You anti-gay marriage mofos think its rough now??
Wait until the Apple iWife drops in 2025 and you're REALLY in the shit.

Exile ft. Aloe Blacc & Co$$ - We Can Move

 (Vapors Magazine)

Exile = Da troof.
This is from the upcoming remix album of his Radio release.

9th Wonder Has Been Busy

 Big Remo ft. 9thmatic - Its Real
The Away Team ft. 9thmatic - Fire

Alicia Keys ft. Raekwon, CNN & Styles P - Empire State of Mind (Remix)

Green Lantern on them beats.
Have some.
Don't know if it's "official",  but who cares?  It works.

Swarovski x Philips: SWS 4000 Earbuds

You see that?
That's the ballenest shit you can do to your ears, SON!
In-ear headphones with polished stainless steel body and high quality fabric-type cable. Soft and flexible earpiece made of transparent silicone with fully faceted drop-cut Silver Shade crystals on outside.
Do they sound good?  Who gives a shit?
Did I buy a pair last night?  Of course I did.
I'm shinin'!

Uffie - MCs Can Kiss (Radio Rip)

Mr. Oizo on them beats.

There you are, Uffie.
I was hoping you'd come back soon and claim your spot from that whack broad running around all up in your steez.  It's gross, really.

New Young Pony Club - Lost A Girl

I was wondering what happened to these people.
"The Get Go" is still my jam.
Long live Facebook!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

J*Davey - Crawl All Over

Another piece from the EP I will be jammin' like a summ'bitch on Christmas.

Golf Digest's January Cover

LA Galaxy: Don Garber's Favorite Team

You see that look?
That's ToffeeCakes trying to keep a straight face after he found out that LA was allowed to sign him to a COMPLETELY NEW contract for Designated Player money . . .but still got to use the bogus "grandfather clause" and make it happen without getting a second DP slot, or taking the big salary cap hit.


Maybe I'm just "hating" on LA.  I'm by no means a Galaxy fan, especially post-Beckham.  Holy hell, they have some amazing pull with the league office.  Maybe I'm just jealous because my own team, in the biggest media market on the planet, has yet to throw it's weight around and make shit happen in the gray areas of the rule book.

MLS Has Trading Cards?

Upper Deck makes MLS trading cards?!
Wow.  You can get the whole 2009 set for $72.

Alicia Keys ft. Steven Colbert - Empire State of Mind (Pt. 3?)

Gotta love that guy.
FACT:  Colbert's flow is tighter than a quarter of the shit I'll listen to on NahRight today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Roots: Jimmy Fallon Sandwiches EP

What an amazing day this has been for music.
I don't think I've ever cracked out 15 posts in 24hrs before.
But this just might be the best of all.

As the house band on Night Time With The Fallons, The Roots rock jams going into and out of commercials.  Apparently, these mini-jams are called "sandwiches".  To delight the earth and me specifically (yes, me), ?uesto has put together some sammiches and released them as a free EP.

Get up on it.

Washed Out - Belong

Washed Out - Belong (Music Video) from Blake Salzman on Vimeo. previous gushing have shown, Washed Out is my boy.
Thems the jams.
Nothing's changed.

HOWEVER...iiiiiisn't this video a little too on the nose?

UPDATE:  On second thought, the mega-corn being hurled at my face by this video could be a good thing.  It could mean that Washed Out himself is very far removed personally from the very "scene" that digests his music the most.  It could be telling us that WO has absolutely no idea what actually "cool".  No one who actually knew the hipsters that listened to this stuff would actually think this video would get a positive reaction.  Not now, maybe a year ago.  Why is this good?  Because it would make the vibes in his jams alot more genuine, and that's always a plus.

Dear DaMarcus...

 Hey.  How's it goin'?
I figured since we're friends and all, I could send you this message and be all candid and such.

I see lately you've been inserting feet into various Scottish asses with Rangers.  While part of me, the country-first "Go USA" side, is delighted by the prospects of you finding your form again . . .the growing and increasingly selfish, petty and desperate club-first side of me is kinda pissed that you're destroying my master plan.

C'mon, SON!!

It was bad enough when you were contributing off the bench...THEN you were getting starts...NOW, you're getting assists and scoring?!  Word?  You're killing me.  Seriously.

"New York" is desperate for a left winger, and I thought since we were peoples, you could help a blogger out...but I see how it is.  It's cool.  I didn't want to go to the playoffs anyway.  Too cold around here that time of year.  Whatever.

Thanks for Nothin',
 - Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts

Finnally a 'Bloggable' Take On T. Woody

(Get it?!  HAAAAA!!!)

As the Regional Vice President for the National Society for Minding My Own Fucking Business, and it's sister group, The American Association of Star-Worship Is For Children and the Idiotic, the whole Tiger Woods things what a big "whatevs, man" for me . . .BUT people's reaction plays right into my obsession with pop culture and constant desire to have everyone on the planet figured out . . .SO, the aftermath has been very insightful, and pretty entertaining.

What's VERY entertaining (and intentionally unintentional in its insight) is Hipster Runoff's take on the whole sitch.  NOTE:  If you're not familiar with Carles' stuff, you have to read it understanding it's done from the point of view from a sort of composite "character" of youth/ignorance/cool.*

* I hate that last paragraph...but I have no idea how to fix it.  There's reason why I bang out all these words on a Blogspot account and not someplace legit.

Statik Selektah ft. Talib Kweli & Cory Mo - I'm Wit It

[Completely out of things to say]

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Roses

It's officially Super Teusday.  I don't think there's even been a one-day haul of good new music/vids as long as I've been doing this blog.

Gonna need a nap.

Diamond District - I Mean Business (Remix)

Hip-Hop overload!!!
Too much good shit in one day!
Can't take it!

I need T-Pain to drop a jam today to balance shit out.

9thmatic & Khrysis - Make It Big

 9thmatic = 9th Wonder rappin'.
I'd love to see video of the convo 9th and Khrysis had when they convinced each other to start rhymin' (in public).  Havest thou some.

Amanda Diva - I Can See

Tuesday, you are on a ROLL, my friend.
Have some of this.

[Holy zombie tits on a pogo stick.  Its lunchtime, and somebody just opened up a mean batch of curry something.  It smells like corpse sex in an oven in here.  I'm OUT!  See y'all in a few.]

Outasight: Further (Free LP)

Damn, today has been good for music!
2Dopeboys has the goods on the new Outasight box 'o jams that I've been waiting quite some time for.

"Downtown In My Mind" after the J. Nathaniel . . .

Money Making Jam Boys - Contract on the World

That's REALLY funny.  About an hour ago I was wondering outloud what the deal was with MMJB, then on my usually scheduled trip to Okayplayer, I see this:
Philly's own Money Making Jam Boys (Black Thought, Dice Raw,  Truck North, & P.O.R.N.) have been getting busy in the studio making fresh cuts on the regular.  Stock piling them, so we hear.  Word is we will be leaking new joints every week or so, right here on OKP.
 What are the odds??  They're in my favor, at least.

Slum Village - Money Right

This is a '90's head's dream.  Slum Village on a Madlib beat.
Instant "That's My Jam" status.
SV's Villa Manifesto EP is out today!

Truck North - Timeless Ageless

What's that, you say?
Truck North on a Havoc beat?
Yes, I think I will have a slice of that, thank you.

And where the hell is my Money Making Jam Boys album?!

Lil' Wayne ft. Eminem - Drop The World

(BIG round of applause for whoever chose that pic of Wayne in front of the "Marshall" amps.  I see what you did there, sir, and I approve.)

Ehhhh, this wasn't the "Renegade"-level, bodybag worth, "Eminem murdered you on your own shit" destruction that I was hoping for...but you know who came out on top of this one.
The song itself is backed by that pseudo-rock quasi-electro pop shit that's dominating radio right now.  In 20 min, we won't care about this song anymore.  Have some if you want it.

Side note:  Am I the only one who laughs every time he hears Wayne say "muddah-fukkah"?  Cracks me up.

Joell Ortiz: Road Kill (Mixtape)

My 2009 Rapper of the Year, Joell Ortiz, has released a new mixtape that was recorded while on the road with Slaughterhouse.  Much of it is made up of the random "freestyles" he's dropped in the last month or so.  It's absolutely impossible for this to be anything less than great.  SO...stop what you're doing right now, and go download it.

Shad - Compromise

I don't know who this fellow is, but Kanye does.
I do know that I efphs with this jam.

Monday, December 14, 2009

ESPN World Cup 2010 iPhone App

Hey, iPhone geek.  You see that, right there?  It's the mighty fancy and very tidy new app from The ESPNs.  You should get it.  It's all kinds of free.  Overall news and coverage, plus detailed stuff about your specific team.

Imagine if I was popular and got a check for this kind of shit.

Shaun Boothe - Poor Boy

DISCLAIMER:  The song is actually kinda whack, but the sample is extra dope, and the video is pretty fresh.  Wait.."dope", "fresh", is there any other obligatory words I'm missing to make this blog a blog?  Sad fact is, I actually still use those words in everyday conversation.  Damn.

Joell Ortiz - Soldier


HA!  Yeah, dammit!
Who knew Joell was also a character actor?
Have some.

I fully expected a-hunnit of these remixes to pop up in the last few day...surprisingly, this is only the second I've heard (and we all know I'm not posting a Maino anything, sooooo).  I guess everyone's too busy rappin' on that new Snoop beat.

The Foreign Exchange on Their Grammy Nod ("Nod"? Really? Why?)

The Foreign Exchange's Grammy nomination video from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Happy for these dudes.
Can't even do the usual "ahhh, the Grammy's don't mean shit" routine.

Also...salute to Rahway, NJ's own, Eric Roberson, for a nomination!!!

Wolf People - Village Strollin'

Remember Wolf People?
Well I just found this in my inbox on The Face Books, so I figured I'd share with you lovely folks (or "folk" for all I know.  There's like 3 of you)

Dam-Funk - Mirrors

Yup.  That works.
I need a Dam-Funk / Sa-Ra collab EP.
Somebody with some real influence get on that, please.

Royce Da 5'9" - No Coming Back From That One

Another member of Slaughterhouse doing what the Clipse couldn't on them beats.
Have some.

Game Signed to Star Trak?! WTF is THIS Shit?!

(Photo via Rap-Up)

First, Pharrell starts producing beats by himself...then N.E.R.D. add a girl to the band for whatever reason, and now, appearntly, Star Trak has signed / is about to sign easily one of my Top 10 least favorite "rappers" off all time:  King of the name-droppers, he of no creativity, the rhymeless emcee born and raised in corny beef (corned beef?), the whack Emperor of the West Coast himself . . .Game?!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Timbaland ft. The Fray & Esthero - Undertow

Esthero might possess my favorite voice of all time.
This song doesn't really showcase her as much as it could should, BUT she's been M.I.A. for a long time, so I'm just glad to see her back.

OLD SCHOOL: Jimmy Castor Bunch - Potential

"P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L, that's the word, 'potential'.  If ya see she got potential...grab her."
That's the good shit, right there, bwoy!
Don't remember ever hearing this song before today.