Monday, November 30, 2009

NOT NEW, BUT NEW TO ME: The Hickey Underworld - Blonde Fire (Super NSFW)

[vid is def not for the weak]

Speaking of The Carps, I just went over to their blog so see if there was any activity (of course, there wasn't),  but they did share this jam from Belgian band, The Hickey Underworld.

Say what you will about the video (to this day, I'm still conflicted about the value of visual presentation when it comes to music, but that's for another day and convo) but the song itself is tremendous.  After a quick run through of their posted jams on The Space, I might have to go get this album.

More after the jump . . .

J*Davey - Outta The Window

Well, alright!
New jam from the criminally slept on J*Davey.

New EP, Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape, coming on Christmas Day.  Can't be mad at that action.  New Lupe on T-Givin', new J*Davey on The X-Mas . . .somebody wake up The Carps and tell 'em we need new shit on New Years' to complete the triangle.

Neon Indian Remixes Grizzly Bear Twice, and the "Indie-net" Soils Itself

"Cheerleader (Neon Indian Sega Genesis P-Orridge Remix)"

"Cheerleader (Neon Indian Studio 6699 Remix)"

All jokes aside, I dig these remixes.
Especially since Grizzly Bear does nothing for me in its natural state.
Say what you will about Chillwave's  (we're actually going with that, huh?  nice) current trendiness, and lack of "creativity", but the bottom line is simple:  The shit jams.

Kidz In The Hall ft. Marsha Ambrosius - All Night (Make Up Sex)


New, big ass "EP" from KITH coming 12/8.
Have some.

Mos Def x Talib Kweli x The Roots x Dirty Projectors - History (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

My bad...
I got the e-mail the day that this was supposed to happen on the TVs, and somehow forgot.

[Yeah, that's right!  It's 11/30/09, and this is the first reference to Dirty Projectors on this blog.  Wanna fight me?]

30 Seconds to Mars ft. Kanye West - Hurricane

 Go ahead, I'll let you read the post title again.
This song is a snark blogger's wet dream.
And your girlfriend's new favorite jam.

You probably forgot like I did, but there were "rumors" about this months ago, so we shouldn't be too surprised.  This could have been an absolute disaster, but . . .it definitely isn't awful, and really, that's all we ever ask for.  It's iPod worthy for sure.  I'm gonna lose cool points for this (really, we both know I've "advanced" beyond cool points), but 30STM have 3-4 jams that I really like.

Have some.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lupe Fiasco: Enemy of the State (A Love Story)

As promised, Lupe delivered his new mixtape this morning.
Have some...and I'll see you mofos tomorrow.

...unless I'm so bored and generally sick of my own family that I turn to the internet for entertainment, which is a distict possibility.  Sooooo, I'll probably be right back here in a few hours.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Felt - Felt Chewed Up

Well, that was timely.
Jam it.

Bill Simmons Jinxes MLS Cup for Galaxy? Sure, Why Not?

In case you forgot, Landon Donovan was on Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons' podcast last Thursday (3 days before roofing a PK in the MLS Cup Final).  This is a reader question from Simmons' latst mailbag column:
Q: After listening to your Landon Donovan podcast and then watching the MLS Cup final, I have to ask: Is this the first time you've ever actually personally jinxed a serious professional athlete? After that endless, unprompted discussion about how great Donovan is at penalty kicks, and after you made him explain how players can kick one right over the top of the goal, is there any doubt that he was saying "Damn you, Bill Simmons, damn you to hell" right after his terrible sky shot? When you watched it, did you feel guilty or did you feel an incredible rush of power?
-- Peter Y., Philly

SG: You know, I always laugh when readers blame me for jinxing players and teams. But I have to say ... I felt like there was blood on my hands this time. We spent three solid minutes discussing why he was so terrific with penalty kicks (fast-forward to 3:28 of this link), with Donovan revealing that, sometimes, he changes his mind on the direction of his kick even as he's about to kick it. That led to this exchange:
Me: "So that's when it can be dangerous, when at the last second, you change your mind and it ends up sailing over the crossbar sometimes -- for other guys, not you, right?"
Landon: "Exactly."
What happens in the Cup? He sails it over the crossbar. Did I feel responsible? Put it this way: I'd like to extend BS Report invitations to Peyton Manning (we can discuss why he's so great in the last five minutes of every game) and Kobe Bryant (we can discuss his remarkable durability). Come on the show, fellas! We'd love to have you.

Fly Gypsy - You

Yeah, that works.
Admittedly, I almost stopped the video when the phrase "We gettin' real fly on this one" was uttered.  Veeeeery close.

And I've spent the last 10min with the mental image of an actual gypsy with a Fila warm-up suit, dookie rope and Kangol.

A Felt Thanksgiving

Lesson:  Aesop Rock will eat up all your shit.

But for real, for real, for real...go get this album.

Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez

Joell Ortiz - Big Money "Freestyle"

::ran out of things to say at this point::

Prince Zimboo - Goosfraba


Hot Chip - Take It In

I'm having one of those "I thought I heard/posted this weeks ago" moments.
Apparently not.

I enjoy this.  It's Hot Chippy, without being very Hot Chippy.
Actually I could describe EVERY Hot Chip jam that way.

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (NSFW)

I feel like a bit of a tool for posting a Yeasayer video, but I efphs with this.
It's got...stuff...happening ...yeah.

OH...and there's a gang of nekkid folks in it, so be careful

The Muppets - Bohemian Rhapsody

FACT:  If you don't enjoy the hell out of this and literally LOL at least 3 times, you are an image-obsessed jackass with no soul and the turkey on your plate tomorrow will taste like the business end of a mule.

Wale ft. Marsha Ambrosius - Diary (Acoustic)

What the title says.
Have some.

Nola Darling - Step To Me

Nola Darling, eh?
Consider me intrigued.

Ladies, I'm well unfamiliar, how about you hook a brotha's inbox up with some info/jams

Scum Becomes 83% Less Scummy


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hockey - Learn to Lose

Ehhhh, why not?

Let's CONTINUE to Laugh at The Bravery

REALLY, The Bravery?!
This is the kind of music you're making now, huh?
Who are you trying to fool?

In case there was anyone still doubting my skills of prognostication, here's what I expected last time, I was just one single too early:
Honestly, some small part of me expected some kind of low-fi, "I recorded this next to my toilet" sounding electro new-wavvy thing.

Dirty Money ft. Lupe Fiasco - Angels (Remix)

"Knew she was New Jersey, but said that she was Anaheim"

I don't have much use for the Auto-Diddy vocals, but (of course) Lupe's verses are on point.
Have some.

Thursday is coming!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky

Yeah, I think I might have to officially change my A.C. status from "casual appreciator" to "budding fan".  I like everything I'm hearing from this upcoming EP . . .but the question remains:  When exactly is someone supposed to listen to Animal Collective?  What's the mood?  What is one actually (not?) doing when listening to Animal Collective?  Its very confusing.

Lupe Fiasco Mixtape Coming on Thursday!!

REJOICE, good people of Hip-Hop!
I/we could really use a new batch of Lupe to close out the year.
Rest assured, I'll share the download link as soon as he lets it go.

Wale - Beast

9th Wonder on them beats.
Have some.

Soooo...this WASN'T good enough for the album?
I'm hoping it was a sample clearance issue.
Otherwise, someone on Team Wale should really be embarrassed about track selection.
Like...REALLY embarrassed.  I love Wale, but Attention Defecit has some duds on it.

Slaughterhouse - Microphone

I get the feeling that this is gonna be a really slow week.
We shall see.

At least it's starting off OK.
This was def my favorite jam from the Slaughterhouse album.

...and don't lie.  When you heard this for the first time, you sat at your desk and tried to write a hot 8 bars.  I know you did.  I was watching.  I am your cubicle walls!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Community, anyone?

Yyyyyyyeah, I got NOTHIN' happening today.  Work is pointless and there's nothing happening on the music front...SO, I'm watching last night's ep of Commuinity on Hulu (with The Office, 30 Rock and V soon to follow).

You folks watching this?
Why not?
Very funny.

THANK GOD FOR INSTRUMENTALS: 50 Cent - Do You Think About Me

Mad smoove, ain't it?
I know I'm not the only one who's heard some of 50's new shit, and wished he wasn't on it so they could jam in peace.  Fear not, there is a solution...and it actually comes from 50 himself.  He's put up download links for the Before I Self Destruct instrumentals.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wolf People - October Fires

ATTENTION:  This is an official "That's My New Jam, I'm Gonna Obsess Over This Band For The Next 3 Weeks" alert!!!

Oh, my.  Who the hell are Wolf People, and from whence do they hail?
What's that you say?  They're from The Englands?!  Impossible, sir.

Whatever...these fools can jam.

Jadakiss - Pain (Remix)

Got a real classic Jada vibe.
Reminds me alot of this, actually.
Have some.

Animal Collective - Graze

Champagne Music! [(c) - FF&SS, Inc.]

Ahh, we have a new sneak peek from the traffic generators Animal Collective, upcoming EP.
I quite like this one, actually..  It sounds like waking up.  Like it should be the jam that jams when my alarm clock goes off in the morning.  They should name it Pt.1 and Pt.2 like them long old R&B jams that completely changed themes in the last third of the song.  I'm rambling.

Eminem: Relapse 2? Not Quite.

Original plan:  Relapse 2.  Complete new album, with a more serious, "traditional" Hip-Hop vibe.
Reality:  Relapse Refill.  A re-release of Relapse with 7 new songs of unknown character.

Fingers crossed.  I was really looking forward to Em buckling down for a whole album an just tearing beats apart.  We could still be getting 7 new songs of just that, so hope is not lost.  Release date is 12/21 (exactly 3 yrs before you die).  Considering the release date, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the record label was determined to get SOMETHING out before Christmas, and Marshall couldn't finish a full album to his satisfaction.  Call it a hunch.

Landon Donovan on The B.S. Report

Landon Donovan's status with me has swung from "He is our savior" to "If I had a sister, she could beat his ass", to "This new angry midget* steez is downright fantastic".  Bravo, Landon! he prepares for this weekend's MLS Cup Final (along with his teammate, and my sworn enemy.  I still hate you.  I will always hate you.) Capt. Lando is on ESPN's Bill Simmon's podcast, so get up on it.

*Would I be a complete dick for sending Bianca a thank you note for finally flipping Donovan's ass-whoopin' switch?  Probably, right?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Consequence ft. Kanye West, Kid CuDi, Common, Big Sean & John Legend - Whatever You Want (G.O.O.D. Music Remix)

Its exactly what you think it is.
Still love that beat, though.
Have some.

Kidz In The Hall - The Grizzly Man

Since their upcoming album got the mega push-back treatment, KITH will be releasing a 13-jam EP (how the hell is 13 jams an EP), Professional Leisure Tour, on 12/8.
Get summa this here music.

Theophilus London - Humdrum Town

Green Label Sound does it again...
but I swear I've heard this song before.
Ah well.

Pyramiddd Jam I Don't Know The Name Of

That was pleasant.
These dudes used to call themselves Starfucker...yeah.
So lets applaud progress.

Joe Budden - Russian Roulette

Had a feeling that a song like this was coming.
Joey gets real Mood Muzik on this one.
Have some.

OLD SCHOOL: Nine - Whutcha Want

Raise your hand if you remember buying blank cassettes, and recording your own mixtapes off the radio.

OLD SCHOOL: Milkbone - Keep It Real

Fresh from the projects of Perth Amboy.
Remember that TV channel, The Box?  The one where you called a 900 number and paid to request a video?  When this shit came out in '95, it was the OOONLY song on The Box for about a month out here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Passion Pit - Little Secrets

I hate when artists don't give up embed codes.

Despite such flagrant disrespect for my blogging needs, I will, however jam this here Passion Pit.
Sounds like they brought back the children's choir from [whatever the hell the other jam was called.  You know the one.  high voice, kinda funky.  "Oh noooooooooo"  Not helping, eh?  Ahh well.]

The Golden Filter - Thunderbird

The Golden Filter - "Thunderbird" from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

The whole "Golden Filter" and "Golden Silvers" thing is gonna cause me problems.

Beach House - Norway

 I don't know what a Beach House is...but this, I like.
It's dreamy.  And sounds like some of the recording equipment was damaged in a flood.
Have some.

FLASHBACK: The Shins - Caring Is Creepy

Yeah, when's the last time you heard that one?
Remember when it was a requirement for anything/one that was supposed to be cool?
I miss you, 2004 (and Garden State soundtrack*)

Anyway...what the hell happened to The Shins, man?!

* What odds could you have gotten in Vegas that Zach Braff would be so influential on the decade's music.  A $1 bet on ol' Zach cracking the Top 500 most "impactful" (like that?) people on the '00s would have made you a millionaire.  And while I'm gambling rambling, how much you wanna bet that all these music sites and mags overlook the HUUUUUUUGE impact the Garden State soundtrack had on music.  Does the whole "indie" thing even happen without this soundtrack?  Marinate on that.

Joell Ortiz - I Go Off "Freestyle"

I knew this was gonna happen:
As for the song itself...this beat is an absolute demon!  I need every East Coast emcee worth a damn to drop whatever they're doing and get on this shit IMMEDIATELY.  That shit makes me feel like I might be able to spit a hot 16, son!
Let the parade continue.  I need ERR'BODY to drop something.  I want somebody to do like them dancehall dudes and drop a mixtape with like 15 artists "pon de same riddim".

And for real...address Joell as Mr. November from this point on.
Have some...and run that shit back when you're done.
Nasty.  Just nasty.
On second thought...this beat just got bodied...don't even bother.

Blakroc (The Black Keys x Mos Def) - On The Vista

Seems a bit strange that I haven't mentioned the Blakroc project here, right?
Like this appears tailor-made for me.

Well that's because a)  I'm not a fan of The Black Keys, and b) I assume anything associated with Dame Dash is crap.

Regardless...this song, with the mighty Mos Def, I like.

Simian Mobile Disco ft. Beth Ditto - Cruel Intentions

I was hoping there would be a video for this jam . . .wasn't expecting anything THIS creepified, though.

I must admit, I am becoming a Beth Ditto fan.  She still grosses me out (shut up, I can say it) but that new Gossip album is the hot grits, so she's more than welcome to go out there and do her (deliberately off-putting and overly sweaty) thing.  Carry on, Beth.

MLS Insider

(You thought the "Soccer Shirts" bit was for shits and giggles?)

Awww, shit!  Somebody at MLS done left the gate open and let Shawn Francis in!
When the new league theme is by The XX, you'll know who to thank / blame (HA!)

A league notorious for info lock-down and strange obliviousness to what's entertaining and interesting has FINALLY wised up and joined the 21st century.  Much like the angst of being an indie/underground music fan, the soccer supporter is in a constant search for relevance and...mainstreamitude (I don't know)...and this new blog will go a loooong way in getting us there.

So get up on it.
Or up in it.
Whatever your prepositional preference may be.
I'm not here to judge.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Arctic Monkeys 3-for-1 Sale

AM's latest single, "Cornerstone", was released as a single today, and lucky for us, it came complete with 3 b-sides.  B-Sides/bonus tracks are one of the more underrated elements in music.  It's like the band trying to give you a coded message about what they may have wanted to album to really be.

...or just a big bag or misguided shortcomings.  Whichever.  I love 'em.

New jams after the jump (big ass YouTube vids...didn't want to clog the page up and whatnot)...



"Fright Lined Dining Room"

DJ K.O. ft. Phonte, Wordsworth, K-Hill & Masta Ace - Ladder of Success (Mydus Remix)

Have some.

Clipse ft. Cam'Ron - Popular Demand

Ehh. The album cuts are gonna have to be incredible to make up for some of these singles.

Friday, November 13, 2009

MTV's Jersey Shore

 My Lord.
There's no way I miss a single second of this.
Not just a one-off special, kids. A full-on, "The Hills" style docu-drama.

I only wish it was being shown on Animal Planet, and had a stodgy British narrator.

FLASHBACK: Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha


Is Lupe Fiasco's "I Gotcha" secretly the most influential Hip-Hop song AND video of the last 5yrs and the foreseeable future?

Marinate on that for a few minutes

Black Thought - The Professional

Please adjust your Greatest Of All Time lists accordingly.

According to Okayplayer (and if they don't know, who would?), this was recorded for a mixtape in '04 that never really got around.

Them Crooked Vulteures...

Wanna have a laugh at ol' Faux?
I had no idea that Them Crooked Vultures was a supergroup.

They "got da innanet goin' nuts", but the songs (except this one) bored me, so I didn't pay attention.
I may not be huge on the jams, but I stand 100% in support of their misuse of the word "Them".  Absolutely love it.  I'm convinced that "Them Beatles" would have been infinitely more listenable.  Let's hope this starts a trend like all the "The" bands did. 

I feel like Jack White should be in a Them band.

Rain Machine - Give Blood

Yes, that's the beardy dude from TVOTR.
You are sane.
I don't think the sugar cube elephant is in the band, though.
But who am I to deny your dreams?
You want him in the band?  He's in the band.

Countdown to the chick in the red shirt becoming an indie heartthrob in 5...4...3...2...1...

Animal Collective - In The Flowers

What's the point of having a blog if I can't blatantly post shit I only half-like for the sake of relevance and traffic?  That's why we're all here, isn't it?

I like to consider Animal Collective the champagne of music.  Meaning, no one actually loves it, everyone thinks its pretty alright, yet we all consume it like lunatics because of the perception of fanciness.  Not that I blame AC for this, it's not their fault that people are dumb.  In fact, I'm officially declaring "Champagne Music" a genre.  Thank you, Animal Collective!

And yes, I did just go from a cheap critical breakdown of Beanie Siegel to a cheaper one of Animal Collective in the span of 45min.  This is why I get no sleep.

Kanye West - I'm So Appalled

Nothing world-changing, but a decent mixtape joint from Kanye off some new something from someplace.

Old Dude Thuggin' & The Brilliance of Curtis Jackson

::Standing ovation for Curtis Jackson::
(no sarcasm whatsoever)

I haven't been a fan of 50 Cent the rapper for years, but Curtis Jackson, the evil mastermind is one of my favorite people in entertainment.  He's a friggin' genius.  I've always respected his slavish devotion to Machiavellian principles.

I'm sure you're all aware of this whole Beans vs. Jay bullshit.  I haven't bothered to blabber about it here, because it's insanely pointless.  1) Why the hell is Beans still thuggin', he's like 40.  Grow up.  2) Jay handed that man the world on a platinum platter and he pissed it away in the name of street cred.

ANYWAY . . .who comes swooping in to "save" Beans, throw rocks at the throne, and finds a way to make personal gain from a feud that has NOTHING to do with him?  50 Fuckin' Cent!

::another round of applause::

In 6 weeks time, 50 is gonna turn this whole mess into the biggest shit on the web, sign Beans, cash in on his 15min of heat, and turn it all into sales for his OWN album.  BRILLIANT.  If people are dumb enough to walk around with puppet strings hanging off their back, I say there's nothing wrong with usin' them shits.  WELL PLAYED, SIR!

As for the song itself...this beat is an absolute demon!  I need every East Coast emcee worth a damn to drop whatever they're doing and get on this shit IMMEDIATELY.  That shit makes me feel like I might be able to spit a hot 16, son!

OLD SCHOOL: Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle

You know those artists that you REALLY like...the ones where you have a stupid amout of their shit, but you invariably listen to the same 15-20 songs, despite the fact that you have 100? Bob is definitely in that category for me.

BUT...I let the iPod take control this morning and heard this for the first time in I don't know how long. Its perfect, ain't it? And its one of those odd songs where the studio version actually sounds alot better than live.

Oh...and don't forget this.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phone Bloggin'

Greetings, readers. I'm being fancy and bloggin with my phone, simply because basic tech amazes me and I didn't believe it to be possible.
HOWEVER, I do have a link to make this worth your time [via Carles]. This shit will change your life (and productivity scores):

New Flying Lotus

I keep TRYING to tell you that a MySpace account is (unfortunately) still worthwhile.
It has all the jams/news.

Flying Lotus has let loose 3 new jammies on his page, "Data Entry", "Lullaby" and a remix of Weezie's "I Feel Like Dying" that actually makes it quite listenable.

Dirty Money - Love Come Down

Can't front on this song.
I tried.
I lost.
I gave up.
I jam it.

Clipse - Doorman

Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

I'm telling you, the Clipse have lost a certain something.
I don't know what it is.

Serious question:  Is this the least intelligent video ever produced??  WHY would you put all these pics and shit out there?  Why align yourself with this shit any more that necessary.  "This ain't rap", these are ACTUAL personal photos.  Why the fuck would you put this shit out in the public?  Is street cred THAT important?

Slum Village - Dope Man

Newness from one of Hip-Hop's most under-rated entities (in whichever form it happens to manifest itself), Slum Village.  Have some.

OLD SCHOOL: Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music

Awwwwww, SHIT!
This will give you that real aggressive head nod face.

Two "facts":
1)  KTU in NYC is the only radio station left on the planet that still has this in semi-regular rotation.  Gotta love the Tri-State
2)  After jammin' this in the car coming back from lunch, I found myself riding the elevator, humming this outloud, dancing and slapping an imaginary ass.  No one was there to see it, but the security footage must be spectacular.

St. Joe Louis ft. Silent Knight - Good Morning (Remix)

JERSEY!!! there I am drifting through as per usual, I see a new jam featuring Silent Knight, a good dude I've met a few times out in New Brunswick, so I gotta check it out.  I'm not familiar with the lead artist, so I head to the MySpace page...turns out the first emcee and producer of the song was a really good childhood friend of mine.  What are the odds?!

And the jam is legitimately dope.
I will def be keeping an ear on St Joe Louis.

A Whole Buncha Dudes - Forever (Travis Barker Remix)

This is either most over- or under-analyzed Hip-Hop song of 2009.
On one hand, it was discussed entirely too much.
On the other, not enough people were talking about the right aspects.
Ahh, well. I'm a rap nerd, what do I know?

I got a blog, yo!
They don't just give these shits out for free!

The Cool Kids - Knocked Down

Ohhhh, I see what they're doing...a very gradual transition away from the throwback appeal without losing their essential Cool Kid-ness.  Very smart, gentlemen.

Sean Price - Mega-Sean

What took Sean Price so long to become relevant?
What was he waiting for?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gavin Rossdale Helps America Lose Their Collective Shit

Hey, there.
How's it goin'?

Bet I know what you DIDN'T expect to see today:
Gavin Rossdale on TV playing a Joker vs. Twilight vs. The Crow singer, who may or may not be chewin' on folks.  WHAM!

Congrats.  That look on your face just tightened at least a dozen crucial muscles.
You will never wrinkle.

"After the J" [(c) - My Stupidity] we can even take it a step further and watch Count Rossdale cover Joy Division.  Yes...this actually happened.  It is the greatest and worst thing ever filmed.  God Bless Earth!

Felt 2-for-1 Sale

 Shit!  About time we got some actual jams.  I was sick of all the behind-the-scenes and interviews...I don't even watch 90% of that stuff.  Just give me the music.

2 new jams from Felt (Slug, Murs & Aesop Rock on them beats) after the J (see that?  "after the J"?  DAMN, I'm cool.)

Peter, Bjorn & John - Don't Move Me (Miike Snow Remix)

(Not an official video)

Did we already know about this?
Can't be "new", right?
Ah well.  Its decent.
Have some.

Let's All Laugh At The Bravery...Again

Watch more AOL Music videos on AOL Video

If you are anything like me (and face it, you are) then you are fascinated by the ridicu-sadness that is The Bravery.  With all due respect to Owl City, The Bravery are the true O.G. Kings of "indie" steez theft.  They've managed to hop on every major "scene" change the cool kids have been into in the last half of the decade...and they've carved out a nice career doing it.  Amazing.

Problem is, they always seem to be 3 months too late, so nothing they do ever has a big impact.  Look at this it not the epitome of Aug/Sept '09?  It's as if by the time The Bravery inhales "sub-culture", decides whats hot, digests it, and pukes it back up...everyone has already moved on.  Honestly, som small part of me expected some kind of low-fi, "I recorded this next to my toilet" sounding electro new-wavvy thing.

On the brightside, they have given me countless hours minutes of entertainment.  The anticipation of hearing a new Bravery jam is like nothing else.  "Whay are they gonna jack this time?!".  Their music is like a prize in the worst box of cereal ever.

I love you, The Bravery.
You are the most fantastic kind of terrible.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli - History (a capella)

You want a free, a capella copy of "History"?  Of course you do.
Google "Mos Def" and get you one.
I think its a magic trick or something.
I don't understand half of this techno shit.

Side note:  Is that not one of the most evocative photos in the history of Hip-Hop?  Every time I see it, I'm transported right back to 1998.

Clipse - Doorman

Yup...that did it.
I officially have no hope for this album.

And Pharrell, you're still my favorite button pusher of all time, but I REALLY need you to come up off them horns you're on these days.

Is that Fam-Lay doing the "la la la" bit?  What happened to him...or Roscoe, for that matter?

Madlib ft. Guilty Simpson - The Paper

This is pretty fancy.
It comes from the first volume of The Madlib Medicine Show.
I am entirely too lazy to explain what that is, so read here.

The Urkel Dance

No idea why I just posted this.  Most likely because I'm bored and felt like I needed to have some sort of strange impact on your day.   It felt like the right thing to do.

Are The "Best of 2009" Posts Even Worthwhile This Year??

After reading this gem of a bloggery from the author that serves as both the Woodward AND Bernstein of my generation, I've come to a sad and stunning realization: A "Best of 2009" post (a.k.a. The Jammie Awards in these parts) isn't even worth doing this year. Music was EXTRA whack! Pick a genre, pick a scene, pick a movement, they were all generally dry as hell. Don't believe me? Take a quick stroll through the Most Played songs on your iTunes. How much of it is from 2009?

I'll wait.


It all shit.  Everything you bought/downloaded in 2009 was something that you were madly in love with for about a month, then stopped listening to and eventually forgot you owned, leading to the inevitable "Ohhh YEAH, I forgot I had this!" moment when one of the tracks come up in shuffle.  How sad.

Even worse, it reminds me how much fun I had sitting at this same desk and haphazardly throwing together my big post for the 2008 Jammie Awards last December.  After sitting here, and scrolling throuh my own music stash, and looking through the blog archives for the last 10+ months...I honestly can't come up with enough albums or songs in 2009 that made a REALLY lasting impression on me.  Music that I know I'll still be listening to in 5yrs.  It just didn't happen.

To take it even further, I can only think of ONE album this year that's even worthy of "Best of.." praise: Miike Snow.  That's it.  That's the list.  A one-album competition for Album of the Year.  How sad.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saigon - My Crew

(VIDEO) Saigon & Statik Selektah "My Crew" from Statik Selektah on Vimeo.

Statik Selektah on them beats.
Them beats are the ONLY reason for this post. Sample is beaux-nanners.

WTF happened to Saigon?! I used to be somewhat of a fan of his...but it seems that something/someone made him decide to got really extra on the whole tough guy thing...and obviously I don't give a shit about guns and fist I kinda lost track of the guy (to the degree that I don't even have a Saigon tag yet, wow). This is the kind of shit he's rhymin' about these days? C'mon, Saigon...we all know you're better than this.

Joell Ortiz - On Tour

Its only the 9th, but its already pretty clear that Joell won November.
Have some.

Wale - OGz

Radio rip, unfortunately.
Travis Barker on them drums.
Nope, this is not on the album.

Friday, November 6, 2009

U2 x Jay-Z - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Jay-Z jams out with something called a "U2" in a the Pepole's Confederation of German States for the European Music Awards.

Mad political, yo.

The End of Bloc Party? Kele Going Solo?

Rumors have been bubbling for months that the boys of Bloc Party have been (at the very least) considering a split.  For good?  Temporary?  Who knows.

Kele was quoted in the summer on Aussie radio, saying:
“It’s weird, we’re out of contract now so... we might take a year off, we might take three years off.... you know we might never make a record again or we might head straight back in and do a record," he said.  "We’ll see how we feel come the end of this touring cycle."
Then came this from drummer, Matt Tong:
"We definitely need to have a break and gain a bit of perspective on life outside of the band. Hopefully if we do reconvene at some point in the future we'll be refreshed and have so many ideas to bring to what it is we do.

"I definitely don't think this will be the last you'll hear of the people who make up Bloc Party. Kele is an insatiable workaholic and creating is something he is so connected to so you'll definitely hear from him again along with Russell and Gordon also.

"As for me I don't know, I wouldn't mind trying something else for a while."

Now, it seems we have confirmation that Kele will, in fact, be the first member to branch out.  Info coming from producer Hudson Mohawk (via BBC1) that:
Im kinda… it hasn’t been finalized yet, but I’m also kinda doing a little bit of stuff for Kele from Bloc Party’s solo album as well. He’s doing a record with one of the guy’s from Spank Rock, so possibly gonna be doing some stuff for that.
If you aren't familiar with Spank Rock, head this way.   YEAH...not a very likely combination, is it?  However, this DOES answer the "Who was it in Bloc Party that was turning it into an electro band" questions.  Although, this song with Tiesto may have already answered that definitively.

Fingers crossed, I guess.

UPDATE:  Since we're already here, lets head below the jump and jam some of what I think are some of the Bloc's most underrated jams.  Off-album jams, pre-Silent Alarm jams, that kinda thing . . .

Curren$y - Life Under The Scope

Blogger Blashpemy:  This is the first Curren$y song that's ever caught my ear.  And even this is 85% because of the beat.  There's another rapper out there with a HUGE internet following who I just don't understand the hoopla for (one recently associated with Curren$y) but I'll save that diatribe for if/when said rapper ever releases an album.

Elizabeth Lambert Will F**K You Up

Sign her up, Metro!
Sign her up!
::clap  clap::


Side Note:  Because you're my peoples, and I already know what you're you go: The BYU women's soccer roster.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Diz Gibran ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Truly Yours

I SWEAR, I'm not crazy when I say this . . .
But dammit, I know this song!!

I'm 100% convinced that I already knew this jam and had it on some mixtape/compilation type shit like a year ago already.  I KNOW I DID!  There's no way I completely imagined this song . . .but after a thorough search of my jam collection ("The Omega Files") its nowhere to be found.  WTF?  Am I losing it?  Is this actually new? Did someone else use this beat and hook (the 2 reasons for me liking this song anyway)?

GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  This is going to bother me for days.

Pitchfork Burn Through Owl City Like Sherman Did Atlanta

My Goodness!!
This is some funny, funny, funny stuff.

I was starting to wonder if anyone else noticed that the Owl City kid was the biggest and most blatant thief in pop music.  Ben Gibbard is an indie hero, ain't he?  I assumed kids would have their torches and...pitchforks (SO sorry)...ready to kill this kid after hearing his jam.  Has there EVER been a more blatant steez theft?

Wait . . .while were's here . . .
How the hell are all the Ed Banger kids letting this Kesha broad TOTALLY run with Uffie's steez?!
Where's the OUTRAGE?!  Burn some shit down!!

Carl Sagan ft. Stephen Hawking - A Glorious Dawn

Rahway, NJ represent!!!
I'm like 2 months late on this, but dammit, this is the best nerd shit I've seen in 2009.
Who knew that ol' Carl had hot fiyah on the m.i.c.?
And Hawking comes in with the fresh 8 bars!
This is the jam.
"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe."

Air - Sing, Sang, Sung (Black Moth Super Rainbow Remix)

Oh snap, Air just went and got all Chillwave on dat ass, yo!
Until the chorus kicks in with some randomly noisy shit.
I dig this right now...I will hate it in a month.
Have some.

Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Remember this?
Of course you do.

Subtract comedy elements, add solo Strokification and viola!
A Christmas jam for all the kids too cool to care about Christmas anyway.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spoon - Mystery Zone

Do I listen to Spoon?  I honestly don't remember.
::checks iPhone::
No.  Apparently, I do not.

I like this song anyway.

FLASHBACK: We Are Scientists - Worth The Wait

Ahhh, We Are Scientists.  I miss these dudes.  Unbeknownst  to them, they wrote and recorded the album that will forever serve as the musical score of my mid-20's.  Word-for-word, and song-for-song, With Love And Squalor could have been written by someone who followed me around like Jane Goodall from 2005-07.

W-A-S was (see what I did there?) always especially interesting because their personas and on-stage banter has always been HEAVILY based on bizarre comedy (which some found bothersome)...but they haven't recorded a single overtly "happy" song.  That...and the fact that JUST as Brooklyn was going from "BROOKLYN" to "Brooklyn", and every indie band alive was claiming residence... these two pissed of to England and became radio stars.  Amazing, really.

Buff1 - When The Winter Comes

<a href="">When The Winter Comes (2 Track Mix) ft. Buff1 by Damu The Fudgemunk</a>

Joell Ortiz - Election Day "Freestyle"

Not much left to say at this point.
Have some.

N.E.R.D. Premieres Studio Version of New Jam . . .on 90210 (and a spur of the moment commentary that no one will read)

The song is called "WTF" or "Radio" depending on who you ask.

I'm right back to being terrified.
Black Eyed Peas, here we come!

N.E.R.D. in 2001-02 = LEGITIMATELY ahead of their time, cutting-edge, genre-smashing, "hey, 2 Black dudes and an Asian can jam this shit too" band making music no one had the balls to attempt to sell, or the flexible fanbase and career stability to pull off.  A perfect storm.  Remember, they were doing this...8 YEARS AGO!

N.E.R.D. in 2010 = Time has caught up, they are now lost in a post-genre soup where what was once unthinkable is now platinum-selling pop.  N.E.R.D. is no longer "different".

The irony:  It was N.E.R.D. that set the table for so much of what us "urban alternative", "blipsters" and "hip-hopsters" are feeling right now.  The worst thing to ever happen to N.E.R.D. was the success of N.E.R.D..  They achieved EXACTLY what they set out to do:  Re-form pop culture without solid color or genre lines...but they did is so effectively, that maybe they're no longer needed.

Regardless . . .No one Ever Really Dies will have a permanent place VERY high on the list of most influential artists for me personally.  They had a tremendous impact on what I listen to, why, how and when.  Even if the next album is a complete shit salad, it won't damage what they've already done.  Not for me anyway.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot 97 Morning Show: We Gon' Win (The Yankees Joint)

Funny World Series jam by the Hot 97 morning show crew.
And really, who likes Philly anyway?
They're one shitty accent away from being as unbearable as people from Boston.
YEAH!!!  Take that shit!

That's Gay: No Homo

That's some funny shit, right there.  When someone who isn't "you" tells you how ridiculous "you" appear to the outside world . . .that's a slice of comedy gold, my friends.

Seriously, men over the age of 12, can we stop with the "no homo" and "pause" thing?!  It's skull-meltingly whack...and not even for the homophobic aspect of it (that's a given)...but because it SO.  FUCKIN.  CORNY!  My Lord, man.  How is any adult NOT embarrassed by blatantly exposing their own sexual insecurity with the "no homo" business?  Good grief.

Chris Walken v. The GaGa

The winner?
My psychosis.

Muse - Undisclosed Desires

Undisclosed Desires

MUSE | MySpace Video

::sniff sniff::
You smell that?
It's the distinct aroma of critical backlash.
It's coming.

Methinks Muse may have dipped one too many toes in the mainstream pool, and the "cool kids" are starting to get angry!  Uh-Oh!

The Kickdrums - There Might Be Blood EP

7 free, new spooky jams from The Kickdrums.
Assume dopeness.

Sa-Ra ft. Jay Electronica & Ta'Raach - Love Czars II (Remix)

The sounds that come from the minds of Sa-Ra will never cease to amaze me.  I PROMISE, if you don't have their 2 albums, you really are cheating yourself from some incredible music.  Have summa this remix.

Zo!: Just Visiting Too EP

This has some grand potential.  Zo!, the production half of this bit of magic, had just released a 7-song collection of cover jams featuring Phonte, Carlitta Durand, Yazarah, Darien Brockington and others.  Download here.

Awwww, SHIT!  There's a "Highways of My Life" cover on there with D-Brock??
That's my JAM!

Kasabian - Underdog

I haven't done the necessary research to confirm this, but I suspect that I am the last American still listening to Kasabian.  This empty room gets cold sometimes.

The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead

- FF&SS to no one in particular.
"A compelling work of electro jammification"
- FF&SS to the FedEx dude who's dropping off this months invoices to the mailroom.
"A plot twist that isn't so much a a twist, but a bumpy cul-de-sac"
- FF&SS to the lady in the lunch room he's distracting while stealing her small bag of trail mix