Sunday, January 31, 2010

EJ Scores on Adu Assist for Aris FC

Earlier today, in the 90' of a 2-1 loss to SKODA Xanthi, "Gucci Man"* bagged one off a long pass from Mr. Adu.  Good stuff.

::Imaginary Eddie Johnson chant to the tune of a Gucci Mane song::

* Freddy on Twitter yesterday: "eddie johnson is the most metrosexual dude i have ever met in my life"

I Need Them Beats...

Does anyone have an instrumental copy of CuDi's album??
If so, can you hook a brotha up?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Redlight Boogie ft. Sean Price - Heat Rock

Brooklyn meets Amsterdam.
"This is tough!" - (c) Flex

Kendrick Lamar - She Needs Me + I Am

See, that's what I'm talkin' about.  We need more jams/videos like this.
No more "love" songs about buying diamonds and Bentley's and shit.  A bunch of hooker/stripper lookin' broads shaking their Rent-A-Ass all up on my screen.  That's extra corny.

This is some regular people stuff.  His girl is frying up some eggs!  THAT'S love, dammit!  And she doesn't look like she's ever asked a stranger about the Champagne Room.  She looks like the kind of girl you might meet at the supermarket on a Sunday.  Much sexier.

Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) - Toss It Over

I love "underground" tracks with piano-heavy samples.
This is gonna be my jam for the weekend.
Doesn't really go with 20 degree air...but whatevs...the car is heated.

FLASHBACK: Nas - Nas Is Like

Just popped in my head.
Beats and rhyme don't merge much better than this.

Joe Budden - Downfall

The quality of Joe Budden's music should serve as a referendum on the general whackness of alot of new, borderline emo rappers.  The deep, introspective shit CAN be done without sounding whiny or insecure.
This song was supposed to be on the new album, but had to be scrapped due to sample clearance issues.

Sean Price - Figure Four

I think I've said something similar before...
but you gotta love how Sean Price has managed to quadruple the impact of his career in the internet blog Hip-Hop era.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grandmaster B Is In Full Effect.

Just to give you an idea of how little I plan on doing at work today...
I'm at my desk watching the episode of Married...With Children when Bud turned himself into a "gangsta rapper".  By far the funniest episode of one of the top 10 sitcoms of all time.

Robinho Provides Target For Drunken Profanity

Being boozed out of your mind and yelling horrible, personal shit at opposing players is alot more fun when you actually have half a clue who any of them are.  So for that reason, I wanna thank Robinho for joining Santos in time for the Red Bull Arena opener.

Good lookin' out, son!
...and ya mama ain't shit.

[Don't you just love all the in-depth soccer news coverage you get here?  WTF is a Goff?  Pfff.  HA!]

Ski Bike, FTMFW!


I.  Hate.  Winter.
Let me make that as clear as possible.
I feel like an asshole this time of year for living in New Jersey.

HOWEVER...I am in search of some sort of athletic outlet now that I'm in shape for the first time since about '01, and wifey LOVES her some snow and whatnot, so I find myself compromising and attempting shit on the odd white stuff people call "snow".  Really I do it just so I have an excuse to buy obnoxiously bright snow gear.

I've tried skiis...they're an illogical snoozefest.  The physics just don't make sense to me.  I've snowboarded a couple of times...much more fun, but when that shit goes wrong, it goes really wrong, and I think I still have spine fragments in one of them orange safety fences someplace.  My girl rocks these shits called ski boards (I think she made them in her garage because no one else has ever heard of them).  They're very short, super wide skiis.  I'm gonna try those on Saturday, so if there's no new jams posted here by Monday afternoon, it's because I am The Dead.

But did you see that video?  That's what I'm screamin'.  I need a ski bike!  It's like winter BMX, only 5 times as stupid and unsafe.  I can't image how that thing stops without my ass providing the main source of friction.  Fantastic.  If I can find a place to rent one of them bad boys, I will be sure to do it and kill myself in the process.  Good times.

SuperNews: Outta Control Pubes

Proof that there really isn't anything going on today.
Won't lie...that's some funny shit, though.

Styles P - Shadows

Statik Selektah on them beats.
From the fresh Styles mixtape, The Green Ghost Project with Green Lantern.
Have some.

Mos Def - The Tournament

Some unreleased jammage that was originally recorded for The Ecstatic.
I swear someone else used that same Godfather sample not too long ago.
Am I nuts?
Didn't madlib do something with it within the last year or so?
Or have I heard this song before?
I don't know.
Have some.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UPDATE / RANT: The Fake Justice Jam

No, it still isn't really Justice...
But let this serve as a lesson on how ridiculous the internet, music fans and people in general really are.

FACT:  This song is 6 kinds of dope.
FACT #2:  Had this actually been a Justice song, it would absolutely be the world's favorite song within the next 24hrs.

Now that we know it's a "fake", suddenly no one likes it.  WORD??
Has music gotten to be like clothing, where something is only as good as the name brand attached to it?*  Good grief.  Any Justice fan claiming they don't/won't/wouldn't bang the hell out of this is lying to themselves.

Alternate theory:  Music snobs are so embarrassed that A) One of their favorite artists is so easily duplicated, and B)  Their "expertise" wasn't enough for them to sniff out the deception, that they have no choice but to slam/ignore an obviously good song.  Sad. 


* And yes, the inverse occurs where we trick ourselves into liking whack shit based on the name brand (see: Jay-Z's last 3 albums)

Broken Bells - The High Road

The High Road

Broken Bells | MySpace Music Videos

You already know who Broken Bells are, right?  Right.
I'm still not completely sold on this song.
BUT...I hold steadfast to the principle that lead "singles" don't mean shit.

New (Not) Justice Jam Still Dope

Speaking of the French...

So a song hit the web yesterday, and it was being tagged as a new Justice jam.  Turns out it's not, and that it was sent out by some dude that created a fake Ed Banger e-mail address.

WHATEVER, man...that shit is on point anyway.
I don't care who made this.

To add to the entertainment, a few days ago, someone put out a jam claiming it was Daft Punk's work from the upcoming Tron soundtrack.  Nope.  So it seems we have a very crafty computer nerd out there trying to prove that the French electro hero's we worship really ain't that hard to duplicate.

Random Thought #3: The Frenchist

Because I still can't decide how I'm supposed to feel about the apparent probability (can probability be 'apparent"?) of that fucker on my team this summer, I have made an important decision.

Until it's settled one way or another, I will no long speak/write this man's name.
From this day on, he will be know only as: The Frenchist.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Bull Arena "Soft Opening" Announced

 Before the season opener on 3/27 v. Chicago
and the "official" Arena opener v. Santos on the 20th..

Red Bull Arena will have it's "soft" opener with a game featuring the Red Bull U-18 academy team vs. the US U-17 National Team.  Sweeeeeeeet.

Sure sign that you have a problem with booze AND soccer:  Making plans 6 weeks in advance to get drunk and watch a bunch of teenagers play a friendly.  WHOOOOOO!!!

Dennis Enarson x Demolition

Demolition Parts: Dennis Enarson Jan Edit from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo.
Dammit, I hate the winter...

Wish I knew how to do some dope shit on my bike.  My BMX expertise is limited to riding to the barber shop to get a shape-up and rollin' downtown to listen to jams on the ol' iPhone.  Maybe this spring, now that I've totally cured myself of Fat Fuck Disease I can get out, bust my ass and learn some shit.  I'll pay high-schoolers to give me lessons and tell me where to buy ill-fitting jeans and medium tees.

Objectiv One - Everywhere A Million

There really is no limit to how much of this shit I can watch.
Yes there is...
Eventually my lack of talent causes envy.

Ben Hoffman: Leno vs. Conan

Ben Hoffman is a true source of inspiration.
Hoffman in 2012!

Homeboy Sandman - Abduction

<a href="">Homeboy Sandman - The Abduction by 6th Sense</a>

3 cheers for creativity!
From It's a 6th Sense Mixtape, Yo!!

Redman - Oh My

We need Redman up in Red Bull Arena...

Bocanegra . . .He Ain't Doin' Nothin'.

I was speaking to my friend this morning.
She's  a cool chick.
Her name is #1 Spot In The Allocation Order (I think it's Dutch or something).
She lives in Harrison, NJ now.
Told me she wants to be introduced to Carlos Bocanegra.
I thought it was a good idea.
Somebody hook her up.

Caribou - Odessa


That's the jam, right there.
Kinda reminds me of a funkier version of The Whitest Boy Alive.

Kid CuDi - cudderisback

KiD CuDi "cudderisback" - Directed by Jason Goldwatch from DP on Vimeo.

You already know what I'm going to say here.

Massive Attack ft. Damon Albarn - Saturday Come Slow

There's alot more Damon Albarn in this than Massive Attack.
That's a good thing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Thoughts #2: I am Knight Rider

I own a black coupe with tinted windows.
33% of the reason for this is so I can play this instrumental in the car, roll down the window at stop lights and give people intense glares as if I'm on my way to doing something of epic importance.

Omen - Terminal O

Omen "Terminal O" Music Video Directed Impakt Studio's Chris & Blaq from IMPAKT STUDIO/Chris & Blaq on Vimeo.

I don't know who this kid is.
And I do mean kid...he looks 15.

Jam ain't shabby, though.


While we were getting our Ameri-nuts handed to us by relative gnats on global soccer's windshield, our World Cup group-mates Algeria were busy knocking off the fuckin' Ivory Coast.


Good times.

And any journalist US super fan with a laminated badge that has the nerve to even attempt to find bright spots in that shit fest from Saturday should be audited, because he/she is clearly being paid by a Gulati or a Bradley.

My biggest gripe with American fans is the bullshit we talk ourselves into after we get our asses beat by NOBODIES.

Random Thoughts #1: Katy Perry Is a 6.5

(Image via Stellar Magazine)

It's time for a new "segment" here in the Land of Faux.
Random Thoughts will be my place to share my brief, yet tremendously insightful...insight...on the world around us.  Maybe some day a Random Though can save your life.  They're gonna be that important.

Random Thought #1:  Katy Perry is a 6.5

Men (and any lovely ladies of variant persuasions), it's time we all come clean and admit something.  Katy Perry really ain't that damn fine.  She's a sober 6.5 and a drunk 8.  By NO means unappealing and certainly beyond the average woman, but her sex symbol status kinda nuts, isn't it?
After doing the necessary scientific research, I've come to two logical conclusions for the "OMGz KAyTee PeRRy iz soooo HAWT!!!11!!" line of thought:

Men dig Katy Perry for 2 reasons:  1.  Because they think (or know) that they could very likely bag a chick of her standard on a good weekend.  It's makes us feel better when a "getable" chick is a celeb, so we subconsciously boost KP's sexy rep for our own benefit.  2.  KP isn't conventional hot.  Geeks, snobs, hipsters, and general "outside the box" types pride themselves on fawning over "irregular" beauty as opposed to the obvious Beyonce types that every man alive has no choice but to find hot.

Chicks diggin' Katy Perry (and let's be honest...ALL women check out other women just likes dudes do) is an offshoot of the #1 reason for men.  Katy Perry isn't a "threat" to the attractive women in our lives.  Yeah, she's cute, fun to look at and whatnot...but if your girl is on point, and Katy Perry comes around in person, she'll be like "Pffff...that bitch is regular as hell" and she has enough confidence in her own "skillz" to know that you ain't goin' anywhere.  Non-famous hot girls like feeling/knowing that they're finer than a celeb, so they, too, boost the"KP is hot" agenda.

In Summary:  Regardless of reason, after research, it seems clear that the sole reason that Ms. Katy Perry is regarded as a sex symbol is simply because of our own insecurities in this celeb-obsessed culture.

Thank you for you time.
Thus concludes the first edition...of Random Thoughts.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oddisee: Odd Winter

<a href="">Ci'iy Life Feat. Tranqill by oddisee</a>

Oddisee really does just release music whenever he feels like it.
This time, we get a seasonally themed album from the greatest combo emcee/producer of all time...yeah I said it.

OLD SCHOOL: Billy Ocean - Nights (Feel Like Gettin Down)

That's right . . .Billy Ocean.
You know how I roll on a Friday.

Lessondary - Faded

This is some proper 90's shit.
Lessondary = Von Pea & Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) + AEON + Che Grand + Spec Boogie

"Your favorite rapper's a bitch with his eyebrows threaded"

The Knux ft. Naledge - Floozy

You know...I'm not a big fan of The Knux...
but every jam I hear is juuuuuust good enough for me to care.
And here we are again.

Uffie - MCs Can Kiss (Starkey Re-did)

I efphs widdit.
Have some.

Common- Next Time

Some previously unreleased goodness from the Finding Forever time period.
Have some.

Joe Budden ft. Royce Da 5'9" - 40/40

Good grief.  Mad subliminals.
Don't know if this is part of an official project, or just a random jam.
Have some.

I do enjoy the fact that both of these dudes have a habit of adding references in their shit that make it clear that they wrote the song about 20min ago.

David Banner x 9th Wonder - Slow Down

I don't know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

RBNY to Open New Arena Against Santos

Bring it on, nerds!!

Oh, joyous joy of joys.
After YEARS of swamp air, abusive security, and the terror of State Troopers on the Turnpike leaving Giants Stadium, there is FINALLY something on the books for Red Bull Arena.

My local boys will take on Santos of Brazil on March 20 for the official opener.  Season tickets, FTW!

Hmmm...I wonder why they picked Santos

Uffie vs. Ke$ha - Ready to Uff / Tik Tok

Granted, the Owl City vs. Postal Service rip-off wars are good fun to read about on the various internets, but the Uffie vs. Kesha stuff is beyond entertaining.  This battle, and Kesha's blatant thievery has coked up women in plastic earrings and zebra tights from LA to Tel Aviv all riled up and fiesty while they stand in the line for the bathroom.*

I don't know who the mastermind is behind this Kesha broad (Diddy?)...but they better keep her out of Europe.  She might catch an old fashioned ass beatin'.

This mashup has to be the final exhibit for Team Uffie.
Good grief.

*If you think for one second that I'm not still jammin' the merciless f**k outta that song to this very day, then you must not know me too well.

Strong Arm Steady ft. Phonte - Best of Times

Madlib on them beats.
This is like the 84th jam they've let loose off this album, but all them shits have been right.
Have some.

Thom Yorke Is Up On That New Shit!

Get this...
Thom Yorke is up in the BBC Radio 1 studios yesterday, and gets into his own live DJ set.
Dope...not unexpected.
What kind of music is he spinnin'?
"soul, hip hop, house, Afro, Latin, dubstep, jazz and beyond."

About midway through the set, what does he hit . . .
Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C".
BAM!  Now your brain is on the floor and your socks have been blown across the room.
Happy Thursday!

Little Dragon- Blinking Pigs (1-O.A.K. God Made Me Funky Remix)

What were the odds of me finding a Little Dragon remix buried in a post at 2DobeBoyz?

D.C. United Looking For a New Connect?

The crack house you live in is crumbling around you.
Rent is high.
Your supply is running out.
What do you do??

You leave DC, go to Baltimore and see if Avon and Stringer can get you a better price on them thangs.

::esoteric Hip-Hop/cocaine/soccer reference::
If D.C. is payin' LeBron...
NY is payin' Dwayne Wade!

Die slow and homeless.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pat Robertson: Haiti = Dominion of Satan

PAT ROBERTSON, ladies and gentlemen!
Don't forget to tip your bartender.

::45min rant deleted::

Fresh Prince and Luke Skywalker Call Christian TV Show

This is so wrong, yet ever so right.

R.I.P. Little Brother

Oh, good grief.

On the latest episode of his podcast (released today), Phonte made the announcement that Little Brother's next album, Left Back, will be their last together.

Who wants to break up next??
My parents??  SHIT!!

Jamie Lidell - Rope of Sand

I have no idea who this guy is, but I know a great song when I hear it.
What's that?  A 7.9 album review on Pitchfork?  That's all I need to justify interest!

Gorillaz - Stylo

Damon Albarn, Mos Def (as Sun Moon Stars) & Bobby Womack on the same song...
Who had 1/20/10 in the pool?  Anyone?

R.I.P. The Carps?!?!

Click on title to see videos (, I hate you)

::20min of personal recovery time::

I literally feel sick.
The best band you've probably never had the pleasure to experience, The Carps, say they are taking a year off.  In other words, it's a wrap.
First Bloc The Carps.

I'm gonna go drink through lunch and weep like and old southern woman at a funeral.

I even remember the joy of shit-talking with Jahmal a couple summers ago after NY kicked the shit out of Toronto FC. 


Join me below for some (short-lived) greatness . . .

Bear Hands - What A Drag

Bear Hands exist in my musical Purgatory.
I think I have some of their stuff.
I may be confusing them with someone else entirely.
It is entirely possible to own and listen to too much music...alot of stuff gets lost.

Dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Get Better

Hip-Hop fans are mad at me by now.
Too bad!  I'm jammin'!

I don't know who these dudes are, but I'm down with the cause.
I bet they could cook up a fresh collabo with the "Pants On the Ground" cat.

Calvin Harris - You Used to Hold Me

::finishes 3rd cup of coffee::

YEAH!  New genre:  Monster Truck Electro
How's your Wednesday?! 
It's not even 11AM and I've already smashed your faces in with a giant disco ball.
Oddly enough, this is exactly how I imagine Cirque du Soleil looks in the upper midwest.

Peaches - Mommy Complex

Yyyyyeah, it looks like it's gonna be one of those mornings.
The premise of this shit is too funny.

This is one of those jams that isn't too long, but by the end you feel like you just got your ass kicked by a robot.

Crookers ft. Miike Snow - Remedy

This song was marinated in victory juice and baked in a championship oven for 3hrs.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Juan Pablo Angel Says Stuff

(Image via NY Post...I think)

Forgive me, this is almost a direct copy/paste job from something I just dropped on the MetroFanatic boards, but I find it interesting anyway.

Had a read of this JPA interview with Big Apple Soccer, in particular, this quote:
"There's a lot of things on the table that are going to make this a very interesting and important year for us," Angel said. "At the end of the day, we are going to get judged by results, like anything. But i'm pretty excited because finally we are seeing that we started to put a project together. Regardless what happened in the year, hopefully we have a good one, when you have a project you're looking forward to things will eventually will happen. I'm positive that things will change here very, very soon."
Anyone else notice that Angel tends to speak about "big picture" elements of the team more than the average athlete? Almost like a part owner.  That's not "star player with 2yrs left" talk, that's "I've got long term financial interest in this franchise" talk.  Very interesting.

OLD SCHOOL: Midnight Star - I'm Curious

This is here for 2 reasons:
1.  I have an unhealthy obsession with 80's R&B
2.  There's a mega whack jam out today that sampled this, and it's stuck in my head now.

"Loooove is gamble...I wanna taaaaaaaaake with yoouuuuuuu!"

Y'all don't know nothin' about that right there.

Remember when Mic Geronimo sampled this for a jam?
Remember when he did a song with Puffy and it came out that Puff was paying Hot 97 to play it?
Yup...I'm down to 2 people with any clue what I'm talking about.

Clipse - Freedom

See how dope Clipse can be when they get off their usual shit for a minute?  And yes...I get it...Pusha's verse/comments was aimed directly at "critics" would type the exact same sentence.  Give the brothers (literal) credit, they probably have a better understanding of their own fan base than any other Hip-Hop artists out there.

Phantogram - Running From The Cops

FACT:  All lady cops are strippers with the H1N1 in their free time.

Corinne Bailey Rae on New Album

She could sing about Mesopotamian agricultural techniques for an hour and I'd be down with it.

Making Friends Via The Smooth Sounds of Peter Moren

Peter jammin' out in Swedish without Bjorn and John.
I'm gonna send a copy of this album to Hans Backe.
Maybe we'll become friends and he'll let me make a few personnel decisions.
Dane Richards . . .don't get too comfortable.

Tiesto ft. Tegan & Sarah - Feel It In My Bones

I figured I'd post this new video because my girlfriend says I hate all her jams.
It's not true.  Maybe 85%.  The rest is Bloc Party.
I'm going to get punched.

(P.S.  I don't like this one either.  Mad fist-pumpy)

tUnE-yArDs - Real Live Flesh

This video is annoying as shit, but I efph with the jam.

UPDATE: Toro y Moi - Blessa

Found the ever-so-valuable embed code.
I'm mad relaxed, yo.

United Nations of Sound - Are You Ready

I share this not because the song is great (it ain't), but because the combination of involved parties is fascinating:
UNoS is a new band fronted by Richard Ashcroft of the Verve, and this track (and some others on the album) was produced by none other by No I.D. . . .yes, that No I.D.

Go figure.
If the video isn't working, check it here.

Kele Okereke: I Am Koko

(Image via The Mirror)

FYI, the (former?) Bloc Party frontman has started a blog.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Toro y Moi - Blessa (Video Link)


Ironically loud response to Chillwave!!!

It's about damn time Toro y Moi dropped some visuals.
I was worried he'd let the trend pass him by without cashing in.
Trend or not, I love this shit.

Some RBNY Geek At The Draft On MLS Insider

SuperDraft 2010: What NY Wants from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

I posted this earlier today and deleted it by accident.
Seeing one's self in HD for the first time is . . .jarring.
Especially when you're me, a man who gets creeped out just by having his picture taken.

But for real...draft picks?  Yawn.
I don't know how many times I yelled "Dave van den Bergh" during the course of the afternoon.  Unfortunately, I'm not a journalist, so I have no idea if RBNY made any efforts to make my (and any NY fan with a pulse) dream come true.  But all season long, I'll wonder what could have been.

GIANT Weekend Recap Post (pt. 1)

OK...let's get back to business.
Like I mentioned earlier, I haven't really been anywhere near the internet in about 4 days, I was all up in the Catskills, so let's do a quick lap and see what's worth talking about from the past weekend...

I'm Here . . .

I'm putting a big ass weekend music recap post together as you read this...
Stay tuned

ESC at the 2010 Super Draft

A quick, and censored look into the good times had by the boys and girls of the Empire Supporters Club at last week's draft in Philly.  Forgive me lateness, I haven't been near a computer since Thursday night.

I'm still kicking myself for not DVR'ing all this.  In-house I know the 50-75 of us were louder that the 200 from Philly, I wonder how it came across on the tube.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tony Sanneh: My New Homeboy

Looks like former US National, and current LA Galaxy defender, Tony Sanneh has been conducting soccer camps in the home of my mother's side of the family, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, as part of his Sanneh Soccer foundation.


Staff included Jeff Cunningham, Zach Thornton, Cobi Jones and many others.
The Sanneh Foundation.
More info on Facebook.

Sigi, Bruce and Some Idiot Walk Into a Draft . . . Hates Me!!!

Well . . .I had every intention of doing live updates on all the good times at the draft, but found it impossible to do so.  The edit post function just didn't want to work on my iPhone.  VERY disappointed.

Hopefully, I get ahold of some pictures worth sharing tonight and I can share a little bit before I bounce for the weekend tomorrow morning.

My bad, y'all.

I take that back.'s bad.

MLS Super Draft 2010

Good mornin', folks!

I am crazy excited this morning.  It's Draft Day!  The 2010 MLS season has (un)officially begun.  I'll keep this short, because I'm on a crazy tight schedule . . .

 - I will be at the Philly Convention Center this afternoon.  Leaving in about 45min, and making a stop in Princeton to pick up my partner-in-crime / photographer.
 - Thanks to the brilliance of Steve Jobs and his magical telephone device, I will be doing somewhat of a live update from the festivities.

If you're looking for big opinion on picks/players/etc...this ain't the place to get it.  I don't know shit about them kids and won't pretend to.  I'm going to the draft for one big reason...the first official gathering of (what I will from now on call) "The Five Families".  This will be the first time that all the fan-bases of the 5 Northeastern teams (NY, Philly, DC, NE and TOR) will be in the same room.  There are no words to express my joy.  So...while I'm there, I will be yelling, singing, cheering and hurling profanities at various strangers, as well as consoling my ESC brothers when NY doesn't draft Dilly Duka.

Live update (once I get rolling around 10) after the jump . . .

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

David Beckham: Mad Rich (Until I Rob Him).

So Becky and his stick wife brought in $46M in 2009 according to Forbes.

Here's what I need to know:
Did I add to that total when I made it rain on that ho last summer??

Beckham!  If I catch you at the Arena, I'm runnin' them pockets, son!
Protect ya neck!

Aris FC Wins As EJ Makes Late Appearance

Eddie Johnson came on in the 79th minute today for Aris FC, as his new club won their 4th straight and advanced into the Greek Cup quarterfinals.  No mention of an Adu sighting.

Tanya Morgan - The Make Believer

I dig this.  TM venturing out of their normal zone.
This appear's on producer SMKA's upcoming The 808 Experiment Vol. 2.
Have some.

Strong Arm Steady ft. Sick Jacken - Pressure

Madlib on them beats.
Get up on this album.
Trust me.

Intuition - Future Ex-Wife

Anything that samples "Float On" *is cool with me.
Have some.

"Girl, you love me like I love me, and that's something that's rare."

*Now if we could only get someone to finally sample "You Are My Starship", we'll be set.

Theophilus London - Humdrum Town

I could have sworn I saw a video for this months ago.
Guess not.

EJ & Freddy Fresh Make Their Debut Today?

It seems the Semi-Dynamic Duo has been cleared to make its debut for Aris FC.  The club has a cup match today (not sure of time) and a league match on Sunday.  Stay tuned.

Rapper Big Pooh x Black Milk - The Purple Tape

As mentioned previously.
Have some.

Consequence ft. Puff Daddy & The Lox - Whatever You Want (Bad Boy Remix)

No such thing as too many remixes!
Have some.

Sad Fact:  I'm such a geek that I honestly don't even care if this song is any good because A)  It's The Lox and Diddy on the same song, and B) Diddy is calling himself "Puff Daddy" again for this jam.  Gotta love it.

Snoop Dogg ft. Jay-Z - I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix)

Jay-Z jumps on an OFFICIAL remix of the song that's be re-worked more times than anything since "A Milli".  Not that I blame any of the 500 rappers who went in over this beat, it's "ridicamis"Have some.

I like Jay's verse.  It's full of esoteric Hip-Hop references that none of the rock critics who suddenly evaluate his music will be able to catch.  Good times.

Congorock - Babylon

Congorock - Babylon from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

I am of the opinion that an electro jam doesn't really start until that first hard bass-line shift.  This one takes about 1:15 to get down to business, but dammit, it works once it does.

Peaches - Relax

I don't know why.
But, yes.

Raw Nature Live at Karma

The host said it best:  "This ain't Drake".

BIG shouts to the homie Tito, Alfonse, E.M. Theories and the rest of Raw Nature who had a big show at Karma in the City last Wednesday.  I'm still a sucker for missing it.

Proper Jersey representation!

Part 2 after the jump . . .

Monday, January 11, 2010

1/12: Where the Playas Dwell

(Photo does not depict actual happenings)

FYI, tomorrow is my lovely girlfriend's birthday, so the odds of me being anywhere near a computer in the next 36hrs are slim to none.  I shall "see" you folks on Wednesday morning.

Peace out!!

FLASHBACK: Tracy Lee - The Theme (It's Party Time)

Ab-so-lute-ly my JAM in 9th Grade!

::laughing at self::
Where else you gonna go to get Landon Donovan, Sade, Jay Electronica, Blink-182, RJD2, Four Tet and Tracy Lee references in the same afternoon from a one-man show?  Nowhere, baby!!

The Blinkumentary

From the Dept. of News No One Cares About But Me & My College Roomate Craig, comes the trailer for the upcoming documentary centered around the recording of Blink 182's reunion album.

Not gonna lie...this album is ridiculously high on my personal anticipation list.

While I have no one's attention:  Tom, for the love of all things good, please kill Angels & Airwaves.  The first album was fantastic, then you repeated the same shit with cheesier music the 2nd time, and the first single for the 3rd album makes me want to set fire to a Boxcar Racer CD.  Please stop.  Do it for the kids.

RJD2 - Let There Be Horns

Similar vibe to the jam they used for the Madmen theme.

Four Tet: Much Love to the Plastic People (DJ Set)

You like live...DJing?...disc jokeying?...the live jockery of discs?
Call it what you want, I know you dig it.

So...head on over this way and get a big 78min slice of Four Tet jammin' in London last month.

H&M Would Rather Destroy Unsold Clothes Than Donate Them

Story from the NY Times:
"At the back entrance on 35th Street, awaiting trash haulers, were bags of garments that appear to have never been worn. And to make sure that they never would be worn or sold, someone had slashed most of them with box cutters or razors, a familiar sight outside H & M’s back door."

Andy Samberg x Alicia Keys SNL Digital Short: Booty Call


Sade - Soldier of Love

::Standing at a podium::

It is at this time that I'd like to take a moment and welcome Ms. Helen Folasade Adu back into the All-Time Top 5.

DJ Dub x Furious Styles Present: Jay Electronica - Victory

You already know where I stand which part of the fence I sit on when it comes to Jay Electronica.
This mixtape could go a long way in finally pushing me in one direction or the other, and I image it could be useful to a few of you as well.

What we have here is a compilation of JE jams, compiled with the intention of introducing him to the masses properly, as well as a chance to give a little insight to "Exhibit C"* fence-sitters like myself.

Should be interesting...have some.

* I still say that 80% of this song's quality lies in the Just Blaze beat...but whatever (ditto for Exhibit A).  Regardless, how great is it just to have Hip-Hip worth debating about again?

HUGE Surprise News From Black Thought

Black Thought from Strictly Fitteds on Vimeo.

To clarify:  This is a promo for some hat or something Black Thought is doing with somebody...I don't care about that part, I've owned maybe 4 hats in my entire 27 years, and haven't worn a single "baseball cap" or "fitted" post-Fobolous after the they became ridiculous looking with the big, flat brims.  Sorry.

ANYWAY . . .the reason for me posting this is the run down Black Thought gives on upcoming projects.  I knew about all of them, except one really big, earth-shatteringly monumental one.  Pay very close attention at the 35sec mark.

The Landon Donovan Afterglow

(Image via Daily Mail)

In most situations, I find people's reactions and responses to events alot more interesting than the event itself.  Kind of a "big picture" thing.  Donovan's debut at Everton was no different.

I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised with the overwhelming positivity flowing from the American soccer community.  Aside from the random "troll" (as the kids say) here or there, the consensus seems to be that we're proud of LD and that he put on a very respectable showing on Saturday morning.

Amazing how times change, ain't it?
12-18 months ago, the only people who received more verbal abuse from American fans than Landon Donovan were either married to scrawny divas, or held Mexican passports.  Since then, Landon's become a bit of a hard ass, gotten the "Go to Europe" monkey off his back (twice), grabbed his own club by the neck, and re-gained his spot as American hero.

Well done, sir.
I don't know who farted in your Cork Flakes* and turned you into the new Captain America...but bravo.

*Yes I do

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freddy Fresh Arrives in Greece

The Good:  The fans of my new favorite European club know how to show love and cook up a jam with the quickness.

The Bad:  This sort of as yet unjustified praise is probably the exact reason why Freddy Fresh has been passed around southern Europe like a college sophomore traveling on her own for the first time.

Landon in London

It's not often that a man steps onto the pitch the field with an entire country on his back.
It's even rarer that this pressure comes during that man's first game in the world's strongest the an opposing London...against Arsenal.

No, Landon Donovan wasn't a focal point in the Everton attack today, but considering the circumstances, I'll take the optimistic road and say he was...a'ight.

He didn't contribute much (other than a lovely corner), but much wasn't asked of him.  Everton seemed to have a preference for the left side while Donovan was on the field.  It's really difficult to "grade" Toffee Cakes for his work, because off-ball movement is so critical to his game, especially playing so wide (a surprise to me), and that's almost impossible to judge on television.

What did you think?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Japandroids - Wet Hair (Live on Fallon)

I'm late on this.  I think this was Monday night.  Didn't know they were on with ol' Fallon.

You have to love Japandroids, right??
They're so perfect in their nothingness.*
They're like the ultimate in that class of bands you go see at your local spot that has the musty smell, poster covered bathrooms, and one too many flannel shirts.  I love that place.

Side note:  I imagine French kissing a French girl tastes a little like hickory smoke and fear.

*  Good grief, that was the most Pitchforkian thing I've said in months.  Feel free to kick my ass.