Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cause Co-Motion!

The 'Gum and The 'Fork both have some recent something-or-others about Cause Co-Motion...
so naturally, I headed to "them MySpaces" to complete the Random Music I've Never Heard Of trifecta.

Lo, and behold! I dig it.
Old sound, but still very trust-fund in disguise N.Y.C. at the same time. Car worthy, regardless.
Download their shit now, so you can scoff at your friends for not being down with it later.

Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler

Welcome back, Kasabian!
We missed you.
That's the jam, right there.

Jay-Z x Diddy - Maybe (Demo)

That's some smooth shit in progress.
Of course, the story is that this is from a studio session for Blueprint 3...but doesn't the vibe feel alot more like a leftover from American Gangster (remember, Diddy was the exec. producer)?

I suppose its possible that both are true in some way.

U-N-I x Ro Blvd: A Love Supreme

I swear, I've been reading about this mixtape/album for what feels like 6 months. The world needed a proper collection of U-N-I music, and now we have it . . .for free!

Have some.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Must Be Love (Instrumental)

(What the efph does Wayne have to do with this?)

HA! I win.
Say what you want about the artists involved, but this is the cognac-sippinest, slow-grindenest, front-like-you-actually-have-feelings-for-somebody track to come out so far in'09. Can't tell you how happy I am to have an instrumental. Who needs the lyrics, really?

So, people of the interwebs: Do what you do. Record a better jam on this beat, You Tube it, make it known so I can rock it accordingly.

Also...I didn't know that this was originally a Day 26 song. Hmmm.

J*Davey - Slooow

I've said it before, and I'll say it every chance I get . . .
J*Davey's double "disc" was hands down the most "criminally slept on" collection of music for 2008. How the world hasn't latched on to them (and my future baby mama) is beyond me.

Mr. Oizo ft. Uffie - Steroids

While my brain is in Ed Banger mode, let's rock a bit o' this, shall we?
Let's shall.

Krazy Baldhead ft. Outlines- Sweet Night

I'm not even positive why . . .but something about this extra fresh.
And unexplainable freshness trumps all else, right? Right.
So let's roll with it.

Fall Out Boy ft. Joe Budden, 88 Keys & Murs - America's Suitehearts (Remix)

Yup, yup. The title is correct.
So does this officially confirm Joe Budden as an emo rapper (jokes, kids. jokes)?

The internets are gonna enjoy this.
Have some.

Prince ft. Q-Tip - Chocolate Box

Unfortunately, the actualy song is pretty dry...but it's so dope that this even exists that I had to post it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Holy shit, today has been boring!
I was hoping for some new fire to carry me into the weekend. Or at least something new to play excessively loud as I make my grand entrance to the Giants Stadium parking lot tomorrow night for the RedBulls home opener, but noooooooo. At this rate, I'll be bangin' some old Boys Noize and pounding one of them $6 bottles of Brugal on my way in (not that I'm complaining).

But I digress . . .

This is pretty decent though. I'm especially a fan of the smooth bit that kicks in at the 2:00 mark. Now that I think about it, the breakdown in the middle is almost always my favorite part of this kinda jam. Go figure.

(Side note: How the hell is this the first time that I've mentioned MSTRKRFT on this blog?? That can't be right . . .can it?)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passion Pit - The Reeling

Passion Pit are flying up my "I really like these guys" list. I've already convinced myself that their LP, Manners (May 19) is going to be incredible. In fact, I'd be stunned if it isn't.

Juan Maclean - One Day

Heh, that was entertaining.
Every time I think I'm officially over the whole "This looks/sounds like both yesterday and tomorrow at the same time" thing. Someone sucks me back in. Coincidentally, this video is what I imagine much of the Japanese countryside to look like.

Slaughterhouse - Move On

You know the song already...not you get some visuals.
Technically, is this a Joell Ortiz song?

KRS-One & Buckshot: On My Grind

(Shouts to MAC Media)

You ever read something so crazy that it takes a few minutes to sink in before you actually believe it? You ready for one of those moments? Here we go . . .

On August 25, legends KRS-One and Buckshot will be releasing a collaborative album.
Yes. Read that again.

What you see above is a quick preview of the first single, "On My Grind" feat. Mary J. Blige and produced by Black Milk.

Hip-Hop nerds rejoice!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Greatest Story EVER Told

I owe you all a HUGE apology . . .I meant to share this with you last week.

One of the bloggers over at JumpTheTurnstyle.com posted a story that takes comedy, random circumstance and generally bizarre shit to a ho'...nuvva...level. For real, until you read this (very long) story, your life just isn't complete.

Stop what you're doing. Print that shit out, and go read it in one of the stalls at your job.

New Pac Div EP

Pac Div released a 3-song EP yesterday, featuring "Taste", "Mayor" and "Shut Up".
Get on that shit. It'll buss' your head wide open.

I know it'll never happen . . .but I'm really bored . . .
So, America...let's get a beef goin' between Pac Div and The Cool Kids. C'mon. We can do this. None of that cornball gun-talk bullshit. Just a dope, (pseudo) old-school, jam-for-jam crew battle to take us through the summer. I think the internet would implode on itself if this happened. It doesn't even have to be a "real" battle. They can be best friends in reality for all I care. I just need them to be on some "Why you bitin' our style" shit from Memorial Day until about Labor Day. Make a jam about how eachother kicks are scuffed and how one of the dudes in the other group has a hollow rope chain. Thell me you wouldn't LOVE that shit!! I can hear my speakers blowin' out (again...warranty them shits) already. I don't think this is too much to ask. make it happen, America.

Method Mad & Redman ft. Bun B - City Lights

Well then . . .didn't see that coming.
Contact your loved ones immediately, the Apocalypse is near!

"I keep it super tight, like pants in SoHo" - Bun B
Haaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Q-Tip ft. Kanye West & Consequence - We Fight, We Love (Remix)

Love the fact that this throws in the Michael Jakson touch like the live version (which I posted a ways back, but I'm entirely too lazy to find and link back to right now).

::Post-breakfast time warp::

OK . . .here it is.

Monday, March 23, 2009

N.E.R.D. ft. Santigold - Popcorn

Awwww shiiiiit.

Wait for it . . .
Wait for it . . .
Wait for it . . .
(gimmie a minute on the audio file)

Mos Def - Words

Mos Def - Words - The Ecstatic - in stores Spring 2009

Time away.
No skills lost.

Bloc Party - Better Than Heaven (No Age Remix)

I share this only because it validates what I thought last week:

I'm gonna say right now that it is 100% impossible for anyone to remix "Better Than Heaven" and improve it. Can't be done. If No Age pull it off, I will send them a congratulatory telegram and a stripper.

Black Milk - Dreams

The Maccabees - Can You Give It

Very much enjoying the live videos they've been posting lately. Now if I could only remember the album release date.

In a semi-related note, The Rakes new album, Klang, is out today.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Knux - Fire (Put It In The Air)

This feels . . .comfortable.
Like old slippers (that's a compliment)

Oddly enough, just this past weekend, I was talking to my boy that introduced me to The Knux in the first place about how they've completely fallen off the radar. A while back, they were about to be the "next big shit" . . .then an album came out, no one knew it, and no one's talked about it since. The interwebs are fickle, I guess.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bombay Bicycle Club...and my own blabbering

I get a weird sense of delight out of being really late on good music. I have a tendency to bombard myself with soooooo much stuff in a given day (music is nothing short of crack to me) that it's almost a relief to know that something I really like can cross my path more than a year after it's been introduced.

My biggest problem is that I don't have an iPod at the moment, so I have no really good way of buying/downloading tons of shit, keeping it organized and just getting to it when I get to it like I used to do. Side note: I know the idea of ME of all people not having an iPod seems almost comical, but I've already bought and lost/broken over $600 worth of Steve Job's gift to humanity, so forgive me if I'm a little slow to drop another $2-fiddy.

Anyway . . .if you aren't familiar already, check out Bombay Bicycle Club

Know what?! I'm gonna start a new "feature" for this here blog called "I'm Late On This" for all the stuff I hear waaaay after I was supposed to but I like anyway (and I'll tag the posts accordingly).

The Maccabees - Love You Better

Love You Better - Live

Surely, all this live instrumentation is going to cost them their record deal.
::rolls eyes in the general direction of music executives::

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oddisee - Hip-Hop's Cool Again

Not the clearest version ever . . .but whatevs. Roll with it.

Ms. Martinez: Rise Up Singing

rise up singing from ms.martinez on Vimeo.

Damn . . .

Reflection Eternal - Back Again

I promise, your day will be infinitely better after hearing this song.
It's warm out, winter is dying a slow death, and this jam is already Bose system approved.

We ALL need this album . . .badly.

Have some.

Consequence ft. Kid CuDi - Buggin' Out 2009

Buggin' Out 2009 by Consequence featuring KiD CuDi

No to beat a dead...maybe not dead . . .dying horse . . .but I'm still waiting for that "WOW!" verse from CuDi.

Guru: 8.0

Hey internets! WTF? Apparently Guru has a new album out (or about to come out), but today is the first I'm hearing of it. Where's the attention? Where's the publicity? It's GURU!

::angry old back-packer voice::

Damn kids. Don't know nothin' about good music. If Charles Hamilton farts in his sleep, I can read about that shit on 59 different sites, but a certified legend drops an album and suddenly don't nobody know shit?!

Mickey Factz - Scream Loud

This is one of those freakishly perfect marriages of beat and flow.
Gotta love Hip-Hop in the hands of professionals.

Have some.

Murs - Me & This Jawn

FACT: Flippin' an Isley Brothers sample leads to a 98% chance of me posting a video.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kidz In The Hall - I Got It Made

Kidz In the Hall - "I Got It Made (09)" Reebok Classic Remixes

This is one of them "shoe company (Reebok) hires 'underground' artist to make a veiled commercial" jams . . . but I dig it.

Black People Extinct In Distant Future

FACT: JJ Abrams is a space racist!!!

I got a decent giggle out of this.

"Intimacy" Remixed

Just like after Silent Alarm, Bloc Party will be releasing a full remix LP of their latest album, Intimacy.

Above is the first "single", the Armand Van Helden take on "Signs".
It than not the most bugged out video you've seen this year?! I won't spoil the surprise . . .but if you're eating lunch while watching, I suggest you stop immediately.

Here's the tracklisting:
01 "Ares (Villains remix)"
02 "Mercury Herve is in Disarray remix)"
03 "Halo"(We Have Band Dub)"
04 "Biko (Mogwai remix)"
05 "Trojan Horse (John B remix)"
06 "Signs" (Armand Van Helden remix)"
07 "One Month Off (Filthy Dukes remix)"
08 "Zephyrus" (Phase One remix)"
09 "Talons" (Phones RIP remix)"
10 "Better Than Heaven (No Age remix)"
11 "Ion Square (Banjo or Freakout remix)"
12 "Letter To My Son" (Gold Panda remix)"
13 "Your Visits are Getting Shorter (Double D remix)"

Not that release dates matter any more, but it's set to drop on 5/11.
I'm gonna say right now that it is 100% impossible for anyone to remix "Better Than Heaven" and improve it. Can't be done. If No Age pull it off, I will send them a congratulatory telegram and a stripper.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rye Rye - Bang

This has Hugs in BK written all over it.
M.I.A.'s young B-more sidekick just might have somethin' here.
I need to hear this much louder...but I think I efphs with it.

The beat sounds like something Eric B would have made if he was trying to increase Rakim's cardio workout regimen . . .or something.

Hmmm...just for shits and giggles, can we start a "beef" between Rye Rye and Uffie.
Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Joe Budden - In My Sleep

The pattern continues...
when you get a Slaughterhouse record, you get a solo jam with it.

This is definitely my favorite track from Padded Room.

Slaughterhouse - Whack MC's

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh SON!!!

88 Keys ft. Kanye West - Stay Up! (Viagra)

It's about damn time!
Been rockin' this for about a year and a half now, right??

Well hopefully this gets 88 Keys, and his GREAT album, The Death of Adam, the big time attention it deserves.

In case you're somehow new to this jam, go ahead and check out the super dope Illmind remix with Evidence and Alchemist.

Friday, March 13, 2009

UPDATE: Cassie ft. Diddy - Must Be Love

(Make sure to HQ it up)

Friggin' SMASH by the end of this weekend once it gets its first run through the clubs.
Write it down. And I NEED the instrumental on this. Somebody make it happen!

P.S. - Diddy, for real though . . .
This is the jam, but it doesn't make up for that nasty vodka you've talked everyone into drinking. Ciroc (however you spell that shit) is THE WORST alcoholic beverage I have ever consumed. And that's an extensive list, my friend. I gotta give you credit though, sir. You've turned Turkish bath water into a multi-million dollar brand over night . . .without ever really doing anything! Well played.

Asher Roth - Know The Ledge (Freestyle)

Yes . . ."I Love College" is tremendously dry.
But it's time to STOP frontin' on Asher Roth.

Get it.

I Am The Newest Member Of Daft Punk . . .Care to join?

Thank you, JTTS!

Hold my calls for the rest of the weekend . . .this is how I will be spending it.
First is the keyboard-based player that lets you mix and mash the vocal bits from "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". Second, and even more time consuming is the keypad drum machine.

I am in heaven, and will be getting NOTHING done today.
I got dem beatz!!

Tona - Major

Despite the vomit-inducing levels of disgust I have for their local soccer club (see you fuckers in August!!!), I dig Toronto's ever-growing hip-hop scene . . .

. . .even if the accent makes me chuckle a little.

Mos Def - Brooklyn (Go Hard)

You KNEW this was gonna happen, right?
What started as a live freestyle is now a proper jam (of sorts).

Have some.

Donwill - Laura's Song

Donwill's (one third of Tanya Morgan) first video for his upcoming solo project, Don Cusack In High Fidelity.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diddy ft. Cassie - Must Be Love

Love me some in-studio video.

Just heard (what I think was) the premiere of this song on Hot 97 with E-Nuff.
Diddy has an absolute hit on his hands.

Say what you want about his public persona, but when it comes time to choose writers and producers for his own shit, Diddy knows exactly what he's doing.

Two predictions for you folks, my beloved readers:
1) You will be eye-balling a chick on the dance floor while this song is on. She'll give you the eye and you'll inadvertently pull an LL Cool J and lick your lips. You will hate yourself for it and your friends will mock you for weeks.
2) That girl you're hooking up with, but don't want to commit to is gonna hear this, tell you about it and say "OMG! This TOTALLY sounds like us!"

I am Negrodamus.

Captain Planet v. NKOTB

I know what you're thinking, "What the hell is wrong with him?". But just ride with me on this one.

Forgive me if this is already a universally accepted truth. I'd go into detail about how or why this dawned on me . . .but I think it juuuust might reveal some unfortunate character flaws that I'm not ready to cop to yet.


I don't wanna just dive right into this, because seriously . . .I'm about to absolutely blow your friggin' mind.

Have a seat. Get some water.


I don't know if you've noticed this . . .
But the Captain Planet theme song and "Step By Step" from New Kids On The Block and the EXACT SAME SONG!!! How did this happen?! Where was media outrage? Why weren't kids protesting in the streets? I'm stunned by this. If it's physically possibly to have a retroactive stroke . . .I just had one. My inner child is now in a coma.

What's It Gonna Be?!

Holy hell, that's funny.

Mikey Rocks (Cool Kids) ft. Hollywood Holt & Dude Royal - This Shit Is Easy

DISCLAIMER: Once again, my laptop has decided that it doesn't want to play embeded audio at the moment, so don't blame me if this is super whack...I haven't heard it yet.

In theory, it has to be at least decent, right?

Have some.
(A-HA!! The zShare jammie is workin' . . .I'm feelin' it. Enjoy.)

L.A.U.S.D. ft. Blu & Jack Davey - iFeel

Hipster sex!!!
(I kid, I kid . . .sorta)

For real though . . .call up that girl you like with the door-knocker earrings and neon tights, chill the wine coolers (she likes strawberry-kiwi) and feel her up on the couch with this in the background.

Have some.

Chrisette Michelle - Epiphany

Oh snap. I've been hearing this on the radio, but I had no idea that it was Chrisette Michelle.

And while we're here, I'd like to officially nominate CM for the All-Adorable Team.
I want her to come to my house, sing me a few songs and fry up some fish and play dominoes or something.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MySpace Showcase: Big Moves

More gems from the ol' inbox.

I've run off at the blog more than enough about how I need a certain type of jam in the warm weather and how I'm scared that there won't be anything good for me to listen to this summer.

I am a little less worried now.

Here are a few fun facts:
If you play Big Moves, it instantly becomes 26% warmer outside and lawn furniture supporting bikinified wiminz will sprout in your back yard. There are side effects, as you may unwittingly find yourself in a Bud Light Lime commercial.

Is it worth the risk?
I say yes . . .but I am a daredevil.

Handsome Furs - I'm Confused

Handsome Furs "I'm Confused" from Sarah Marcus on Vimeo.

Well . . .
Certainly didn't see that coming.

Kid CuDi - SuperBoo

Song is all kinds of dry, but really . . .who gives a shit?

Nazanin . . .my goodness.
LARGE fries, girl!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Run DMC - Peter Piper

Because the streak of "not much worth posting" continues for yet another day....and I gotta jam somethin'.

Old Folks Jam Out

Some (really) old heads review Young Jeezy and Animal Collective.
It's stuff like this that make me love life on occasion.

Half-asleep dude with the sweater-vest is my absolute #1 ace homeboy though.
I imagine his name is Abe and he enjoys fine brandy.

"My Foray Into Hip-Hop"

Watch this video first, then I'll tell you who it is.

Ready . . .

. . .

. . .

John Mayer. HA!

Sa-Ra - Glorious

Because I'm feelin' hyper-modern, yet classically funky this mornin'.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

It's growing on me . . .but I'm still not there yet.
I can't bring myself to check it out yet (still too nervous), but It's Blitz is streaming in its entirety on YYY's MySpace page.

The Rakes - 1989

The Rakes - 1989

God bless the English.

Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch

Hey! Looks who's back.
Other than the occasional Ford commercial, Silversun Pickups haven't crossed my mind in a long while. They completely vanished after their debut album.

I'm diggin' this new jam, though (no electro bits!!).
Their follow-up album, Swoon, will be released on 4/14.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ludacris x The Roots

Gotta love a little live horn err'y now and then.

I have to admit though, The Roots as the new Max Weinberg 7 does make me a little uneasy. Something feels wrong about it. Eh, I'm probably just being a selfish fan . . .or maybe it's because Jimmy Fallon makes me want to "crap out a book on how to puke" - (C) Officer Jay

"Obsessed" Trailer

::author looks to the horizon and sees the approaching shit storm::

Now . . .you know what I'm thinking . . .but I'm not saying it.
I will say that this should be required viewing for a certain socioeconomic group in today's new America.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Doesn't seem to be much going on to talk (share 3-4 sentences about) today...
so I'm gonna go a little "left", as the corny commercial DJs call anything that isn't Top 40.

Let's take a brief journey through my favorite era in music (with all due respect to New Jack Swing): 80's post-disco electro-funk R&B . . .which I personally like to call Coke & B for obvious reasons.

Let's go back to a time when the suits were turquoise, Black women actually used mousse and the keyboards were held like guitars. I was but a young lad of single-digit age, but even then I knew that live instruments weren't totally necessary and the key to life was a heavy bass line and at least 4 "heeeeeey heeeeeey" ad-libs in a song.

With that magical time in mind, I present to you the Mount Rushmore (Extended Mix) of 80's Coke & B . . ."extended" because my list is actually 5 deep. These are the 5 artists that best personify the greatest "sound" that popular music has ever produced. Crack open a Bartels & James . . .and enjoy!

The System - You Are In My System

Colonel Abrams - Trapped

Alexander O'Neal - What's Missing

Loose Ends - Hangin' On A String

. . .and an Honorable Mention goes to Cameo's "She's Strange" because I can't embed the friggin' video!

Redman & Method Man - A-Yo

New stuff from the Blackout Brothers.

Have some.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hyperdunks Coming to Nike iD!

Great news, sneaker heads!

The Hyperdunk (the ONLY proper basketball joints I've even considered spending my money on in the last decade) will FINALLY be available to customize on NikeiD.com starting on the 17th.

The damage: $150
That's nothing when I consider the absolute buck-wildery that will be happening on my feet in the near future. For now, you can get your ideas together and play around on the preview page.

Sebastien Tellier - Roche

No idea what he's saying, but the the video is fresh and it sounds like the sort of thing that would be playing as a dude in white leather shoes walks into the back of a club and orders Ouzo for himself and his tall, skinny lady friend.

Good times.

Slaughterhouse - Fight Club

You know by now, almost anytime you see something from one of these dudes, there's a Slaughterhouse song right behind it. Today is no different.

Have some.

Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics

This is gonna be so extra dope!
For his next mixtape, Joell Ortiz will be jackin' beats from some super classics.

Not sure when it drops, but until then, check out the sampler.

I've Already Started Drinking

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flo Rida v. MC Hammer

I'm listening to an old Scott Mills/BBC podcast and he pointed out how similar these two songs are.
I know the phrase "I nearly pissed myself" is quite common . . .but seriously . . .I nearly pissed myself.

I already had a fervent dislike for Mr. Rida, but this gift of an observation from Mills just puts it way over the top. I will be laughing at this for days.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B (the hook):

Oh my shit, that's some funny stuff.

Chromeo on Yo Gabba Gabba

I'm sure that on at least 2 separate occasions, I've yammered on about the magnificence that is Yo Gabba Gabba . . .so I won't bother this time.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yeah! New York

Because old jams help me get over the nervous breakdown I'm approaching as It's Blitz nears its release date. I can't explain how badly my Spring/Summer need for that album to be dope.

Kid CuDi - Sky May Fall

So how do you follow up a post about robbing hipster rappers?
With a new Kid CuDi jam, of course!

This is the jam that we first heard on the Transformers commercial last week. Now you can rock the whole thing.

I have to ask this question again, though: Do we like CuDi, or do we just really like his taste in beats? I'm still not sure. Oh well. Either way, I'm jammin'.

How To Rob An Industry Hipster


Ehhh . . .should I bother posting this?
5min from now will be the last time we hear from this fellow, but the song is kinda funny.
Why not?

To rationalize it to myself, I'll give this a "Comedy" tag rather than "Jams".
Yes...that'll do it.