Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Lessondary (Von Pea, Donwill, Spec Boogie, Che Grand & Elucid) - Faded

This is from Von Pea's So Motivational mixtape from a while back.

This is great.  The song is great.  The simplicity of the video is great.
Anything that even remotely involves any member of Tanya Morgan is always great.

I know this shit can get confusing, so I'll explain the above:  Von Pea & Donwill are members of the group Tanya Morgan, and they also run with the larger collective knows as The Lessondary, which includes Che Grand, Spec Boogie and Elucid, who you see up there.  Yeah.

Money Making Jam Boys (Black Thought, Truck North & Dice Raw) - Judgement Day

"Judgment Day" Money Making Jam Boys Music Video from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

Impatiently waiting for this mixtape to drop.  I want 40 tracks. 
Feels like years since the idea of these dudes dropping something together first came up.

21 Minutes of Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Find more artists like Hollywood Records at Myspace Music

First time I will be going to a movie just to hear the music in the background.  I don't know shit about some Tron.  The only Tron I ever knew used to sell bootleg DVDs and knockoff cologne oils at the barbershop.

Rapsody - Imagination

RAPSODY - IMAGINATION from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

I say the following without the slightest hint of sarcasm:
1Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is the greatest thing in the history of recorded visual imagery.
2.  I've been waiting roughly 20 years to hear this song sampled well.

And for the sake of rap nerd clarity, 9th didn't do this beat, it was Oh No.  9th is in the video because Rapsody is a new artist on his new label.

Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk (Bones & Vocal Version)

Super dope.  Stripped down, all-piano version.
Even moodier than the original.

You Can't Be Serious . . .

I really don't feel like doing a 10,000,000 word rant on the state of Hip-Hop in 2010, but this cover is genuinely depressing.

Woolfy - Looking Glass

Woolfy - Looking Glass from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Slightly NSFW-ish

I don't know how or where DFA finds all these quality people to sign to their label.  I'm almost certain that James Murphy has some kind of farm in upstate NY.  DFA Records is the Corvette ZR-1 of record labels.  It might not have the gaudy numbers, prestige, and overall magic performance of some of its foreign counterparts, but dollar-for-dollar, it doesn't get much better.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Voli - Stress

   Voli-Stress-www.hiphoplife.nl by MrJDK

Another one from the Jersey emcee.
Seriously...somebody get that mixtape/album/whatever you got in my inbox!

Tobacco - Motorlicker

Ohhh yeah, Tobacco.  I remeber them too.
I heard a few songa and planned to keep up with them . . .that was in April and this is the first time I've mentioned them since.  Whoops.

The GO! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O.

I remember them.
They used to make songs...about stuff.

Talib Kweli - Palookas


Off some random mixtape someplace.

Strong Arm Steady - Makings of You

   Strong Arm Steady ft. Curtis Mayfield - Makings of You (Prod. by Pete Rock) by alexberber187

According to SAS, they had this beat from Pete Rock a while ago, and it was meant for their upcoming Arms & Hammers album, but then some dude from Chicago came and bought the beat for a much higher price and put this random Brooklyn kid on it.  Who knew?

1982: The EP

Bonus jams?  Bonus jams.
Not sure why this is free now, but this 9-song EP was originally a bonus for pre-orders of the album.  You want these.  Trust me.  Have some.

Back In Action!

Goooooooooood (almost) afternooooooooooon, Interneeeeeeeeeeeeeets!!!
Hope everyone had a good holiday and all that jazz.  I know Kanye West Album Release Week Thanksgiving is a special time for all of us.  Now, it's time to get back to the completely unnecessary business of devoting my daytime hours to filling our heads with entirely too much new music!  Whooo!

I assume there were 57 worthwhile things I've missed since the last time I was in front of a computer on Wed. morning...so expect a ton of shit today at a pretty fast pace.  Keep up, chumps!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the Faux-topia...

'Twas the night 'fore Tenksgibbin', and all through the house...
A blogger was bored...something something...mouse.
So he banged out a post, with things that don't matter
and sent them as demands in an e-mail to Sepp Blatter.


So since everyone is flipping their shit about playoffs, and Cups and Shields and tables and whatnot, I figured I'd join in the party, because a) I'm SUPER bored, and b) all the cool kids are doin' it.

When you woke up this morning you said to yourself, "Bob...", you says, "I wonder what that Faux fellow thinks about the MLS playoff system".  Well here you go:

In the Faux-topia (my moderately realistic dream land / happy space in moments of terror)...
MLS is a 20 team, single-table league.  History remembers the Supporters' Shield winner as each year's Champion.  Where are the Playoffs?  Oh, they still exist...but as the League Cup.  See, I have no problem with the fact that the playoffs exist, I just hate how important they are.

Anyway...the Playoffs become the League Cup.  All 20 teams.  Straight knockout.  Played at the end of the regular season.  Seeding would be based on that year's final standings.  Top 4 get a 1st Round bye.  Everyone go nuts.

What do I think about The Don's proposed 10-team plan?  I'm torn.
On one hand, more games = more drama = more fun.
On the other, adding more mediocre teams to the Championship event of a parity-based league only serves to increase the chance of a bum squad like Colorado winning the title...again.  The issue with the playoffs is that it hasn't historically given an account of who was the best team in a given year, and I don't see how adding mid-table folks makes it any better.  And how does he make this work without dumping Conferences?

I think I'll save the full blown rant until the whole plan is revealed.

1982 ft. Cassidy & Xzibit - Goin' Back

Album of the Year nominee.
2 posts with dope Xzibit verses in the same week?  Good to have him back to his old self.
Statik Selektah & Termanology Are 1982 [Explicit]

People Under The Stairs - Beer

Man, this is really stupid . . .yet fantastic.
You know, there are a million and one rap songs and references about all kinds of booze, but VERY little love for beer*.  Ever notice that?!  I mean, it ain't like no one is drinking that shit.

Arrogant Bastard, Red Stripe, and Corsendonk, FTMFW!

* in less than 40oz. serving sizes

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Skyzoo & !llmind ft. Lloyd Banks & Maino - Speakers On Blast (Remix)

   Skyzoo & !llmind "Speakers On Blast" Rmx feat. Lloyd Banks & Maino by duckdown
I'm still getting used to living in a world where I shouldn't instantly dismiss anything that Lloyd Banks is involved with.  2010 is a strange place.

Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Elly Jackson (La Roux) - That's My Bitch

Sound quality sounds unfinished . . .they need to get back in the studio and finish this ASAP.  I'm seeing in some places that Q-Tip did that beat.  I love it.  It sounds like a futuristic version of something from the original House Party soundtrack.  Hopefully, this gets wrapped up for Watch the Throne (Thrown?).

UPDATE:  The Copywrite Cops are out HEAVY for this track, so it's gonna be gone soon.  Take this as a sign that it will be on the album.
"Yyyyyeah, I'm gonna need y'all to get off my nuts."

Just a quick thought...but there seems to be alot of blame being tossed at my man Donny G. and the MLS for that admittedly uninteresting Cup Final.
But where's all the anger and negative press directed at LA, New York, RSL and Columbus for not getting the job done and knocking off these weaker teams so none of us had to watch that shit in the first place?  Just sayin'.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Theophilus London ft. Devonte Hynes & Solange - Flying Overseas

I'm convinced that hanging out with Solange is the real reason why Jay-Z has shifted to the other side of Brooklyn in recent years.

Swizz Beatz ft. Busta Rhymes - Bad One

   Swizz Beatz Ft. Busta Rhymes - Bad One by ImFlashy

Don't we already know this beat from something?
Driving me nuts.  Can't remember.  Ah well.

UPDATE:  Now I remember.  It was the Robin Thicke jam.
I like that joint.  Why didn't they just combine these two things and call it a remix?

Jean Grae - Bridge

New Jean Grae!!!
RJD2 on them beats.
From the upcoming Blacksmith all-label mixtape.

Necessary Flashback"Love Thirst"
Love me some Jean Grae.

Homeboy Sandman - Strange Planet

Random Fact:  I'm 99.7% sure that Homeboy Sandman was sitting a few rows in front of me for the Nets vs. Bobcats game a few weeks ago.

CyHi Da Prince - A Million "Freestyle"

Killed the old Jay-Z/Primo joint

Voli: Glass Doors

I don't know dude, but I will be paying attention from here on out.
Got some dope stuff.  Looks like he does his own beats.  Jersey boy, too.

UPDATE: Very nice.  Found a sampler of his upcoming (?) mixtape, Glass Doors.  
 If this tape is done, can somebody hit my inbox with linkage?!

MLS Cup 2010? I'm Hatin'.

Not to sound bitter*...
But I'm pretty sure that MLS Cup doesn't count if the Colorado Rapids (or Dallas for that matter) win the whole shit.  Then you wanna tell me that the game-winning goal actually came off the foot of Mac Kandji, and I'm supposed to believe that?!  No, sir.  Didn't happen.  There was no MLS Cup Final.

Beyond just winning a championship, I'd personally like to thank my Red Bulls for murdering my chance to swagger my way through the Toronto party scene like I was on the last leg of a sold-out world tour.  A legend was to be born this weekend, but nooooooooooooooooooo!  Dammit.

* I am EXTREMELY bitter

Get Busy Committee ft. Xzibit, Paul Wall & Murs - Dancin' On Your Grave

Feelin' this.
GBC are emcees Apathy and Ryu (also of Styles of Beyond) and producer Scoop DeVille.
Paul Wall is still alive, and I didn't know X still had bars like that left in him.  Good shit.

Y'all know I love rude shit like this.

Cassius - Les Enfants

Off The Rawkers EP.

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


You already know what the focus of my musical day is.  BUT, I'm gonna push it aside until I get a chance to sit with it in full later tonight.  Funny thing though...like I said before, when it comes to Kanye albums, I actually still go buy the physical CD.  It's been so long since I've done that, that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to load that shit in my car.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Funkmaster Flex x Pete Rock: Hot 97 Street Jams (1994)

Pete Rock mixing live on Flex's Saturday night show in '94.
Love it when shit like this pops up.

I was 11 or 12 in 6th or 7th grade when this happened.  I wonder if I heard it live.  Did I record it?  Is it sitting on a dusty Maxell cassette* someplace?  These mix shows were EVERYTHING to me at that time.  You can tell alot about the state of NY Hip-Hop in '94 with this.  Decent amount of West Coast shit in there.  Guess this was that brief spot between the Golden Era and Biggie dropping Ready to Die and bringing everything back East.

* My specific weapon of choice

Jay-Z - 99 Problems (The Prodigy Remix)

   Jay-Z - 99 Problems :: The Prodigy Remix by theprodigy

Why this is happening in 2010 is a mystery written in invisible ink on the the whispers of a dream in the subconscious of Amelia Earhart's ghost.

Diggy Simmons - Shook Ones

Diggy Simmons- {Shook Ones Freestyle} from philthegod. on Vimeo.

You can read a Quizno's 2-for-5 menu over that beat and sound like the illest shit ever...
but respect Diggy!!

Alot like the "Made You Look" joint that got all this started.

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy": The Samples

   My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Samples) by Hypetrak

Mega nerd shit.  LOVE it!
Fake Shore Drive went and sniffed out all the samples from Kanye's new album and made a mixtape of sorts out of it...then someone at Hypetrak who clearly has even more free time than I do*, put it all together on SoundCloud.  Everybody wins.

* must be nice to have a blog that generates income.

Klaxons - Twin Flames (NSFW)

Klaxons — Twin Flames (NSFW) from Mark Twain on Vimeo.

That was nuts.
But it actually makes sense with the song.

I remember Klaxons.  I used to love Klaxons.  Them and their defiant stance against adding a "The" to their name. Then Klaxons returned...and filmed an orgy at this dude's house.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rah Digga - Classic

Speaking of albums I know you're already smart enough to own . . .
Love me some Digga!
Classic (Bonus Track Version) [Explicit]

Avoiding the Cycle with Agudelo...

I freely admit that a part of me is unhappy that Juan Agudelo scored last night.
To take it a step further, I was hoping that Bob Bradley wouldn't call him up in the first place.

Why?  Because I remember Freddy Adu.  Because I was front-and-center in Giants Stadium for the Jozy Altidore hype parade.  The main float in that parade has since crashed somewhere in Western Europe and sits in a smoldering heap after bouncing its way to Spain.  I will literally be sick to my stomach if Juan Agudelo fulfills the "Death comes in 3's" potential for the best teens the USA seems to have produced.

Not Juan, dammit.
He needs to stay home.  MLS isn't what it was when Freddy and Jozy were here, and this DAMN sure ain't Jozy's Red Bulls.  Unlike those two, Agudelo has the chance to play on a championship-level, fairly relevant NY team, in a world-class arena.  Above even that is the opportunity to partner with and learn the tricks of the trade from Thierry Henry on a daily basis.

God forbid MLS do NY any favors, but in the back of my mind, I really want to believe that the amazing potential of Juan Agudelo is a contributing factor to the new Homegrown Player and U-24 rules that were announced this week.  I think The Don knows it's time to stop losing our kids to FC Gesundheit in the Norwegian 3rd division because of cash, or to the bigger clubs under the mistaken perception of opportunity.

For once, can we just see how this plays out?  I'll even be semi-realistic and only beg for 2-3 full seasons in Harrison for the kid.  At 20-21, if he's everything we hope he is...fine, take him.  I could stomach it then.  But Juan Agudelo not only represents future hopes at the striker position for the US Nats, he's the present for Red Bull.  He represents the beautiful progress in the MLS academy system.  He's the local boy with a real chance to be a homegrown hero for his club.  For once, can't we let it happen?

I know it won't.  Next January, we'll be reading the Ives headline "Juan Agudelo to Atletico Madrid" or some shit.  We'll wonder why he isn't getting minutes,  we'll wonder why he isn't scoring for the US anymore.  All because his most important developmental years will be spent on a bench.

Then we'll line up the next 17yr old and do the same thing to him . . .

Twin Sister - All Around We Go

What's a Twin Sister?  Who knows?
But damn if that wasn't entertaining.  What do I know?  I'm a friggin' 5yr old.  Throw some pretty colors and shapes moving around in a video, and I'm sold.

Song sounds like someone was riding the Chillwave, finally realized, "holy shit, this has gotten boring" and threw a little funk up in it.  I approve (it matters), Twin Sister.  Consider yourselves "Liked".

While we're at it, let's get another jam up here:
  Twin Sister/The Other Side Of Your Face by ditte

Von Pea ft. Uzoy - There U Were

I assume you've been paying attention and you've been rockin' this rekkid for weeks now, right?  Of course you have.  You have good sense.

Thee Tom Hardy: The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape - Secret of Thee Green Magic

Finally!  We got a release date that actually stuck.
Very much looking forward to this.  A few 9th Wonder beats.  Guest spots from 9th, Khrysis, Donnis, Yelawolf, Skyzoo & More.  Get up on it.

CyHi Da Prince - Living Wonderful

Cyhi Da Prynce - Living Wonderful from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

I usually hate "aspirational" rap songs, but for some reason I efphs with this one.
Off that Royal Flush mixtape.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thee Tom Hardy - Always In Command


I know, I know...every third song ever recorded is my jam, but I honestly and truly fucking LOVE this song!  I've been killing this for a solid month, and finally, the damn mixtape it comes from is dropping tomorrow...3 weeks late.

Chromeo ft. La Roux - Hot Mess (12" Mix)

   Chromeo - Hot Mess (feat. La Roux) by Sodwee

Sure, why not?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soul Khan: Soul Like Khan

You like the Hippety Hops?  Yeah, you do.
Therefore, you should get up on Soul Khan's new album.
He's one of those dudes you can jam in the car and feel vastly superior to your cornball friends when they're like "WTF is this shit", and you're all "Man, you ain't on Soul Khan?  You sleep, yo".  And your boy will be like "Whatever.  He ain't fuckin' wit that new Rick Ross, though", and you'll kick him out of the car.  It'll only be about 2 blocks away from his house, but it's not about the distance.  It's about the symbolic gesture.

So yeah.  Go get Soul Khan.
(and watch him kill this dude in a battle)

Spoon - Nobody Gets Me But You

This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you something about the album.
However . . .there are 3 big ass chicken empenadas doing all kinds of things in my stomach right now, and I don't feel like looking it up.  So, yeah.

Talib Kweli - Cold Rain

First sample from Kweli's upcoming Gutter Rainbows, set for Jan. 25.


This will come as a shock to no one, but I am easily the least techno-savvy blogger in North America.  Hands down.  No question.

There hasn't been much to post about music today, so I randomly went into my Blogger site statistics so see what was up. I barely understand that shit.  Very interesting stuff, some of which I knew.  For example, most of y'all arrive here via the homie SF at The Offside Rules.  No surprises there.

But here's what I didn't know . . .FF&SS is fuckin' ROCKIN on the streets of Denmark right now!!!
The best part is...I have absolutely no idea why!  No joke, Denmark is my #1 audience for November.  They make up 45% of November's page views.  WHAT?!

Danes, help me out.  What on earth have I been talking about that you guys are reading?  This is fascinating.  As I type this, there are 19 Danes looking at the site.  This is a magical source of bizarre comedy for me, and I thank you all.

Wait . . .did you all see a Dane Richards post and get excited by accident?!
If so...I will lose my mind and drop dead in this office of laughter.  DEAD.

FUN FACT:  As a man partly of US Virgin Islands extraction, I am 1/8th Danish on my mother's side.  I'm almost certain that with the new FIFA rules, I can qualify for you All-Blogger National Team.

Embrace me, Denmark!!  I am you!  You are me!  We is us!

Encountering The Don

No idea how I forgot to mention this to y'all.  Probably because I was in the depths of sports depression and the last thing I wanted to think about for a week was that damn night.  But anyway...I "met" Don Garber as I was walking out of Red Bull Arena after my beloved squad took a wet shit in the midfield circle against San Jose.  Nothing monumental, but smusing to me, anyway . . .

Walking down the street in front of the stadium with my girl, I see a fresh black 6-Series convertible at the valet stand*.  I look up, and waiting for the keys, clearly in a rush is The Don himself.  Being me, there was only one proper thing to do:  Yell out "The Dooooooooooon" from 10ft away and hit him with the salutatory b-boy stance.  Mama Garber gave me the "well, I never" face.  Don's reply was a a head shake and a "hahaha...New Jersey" and he hopped in the car and took off like he was expecting a riot.

Good times, good times.

* Yes, that's how people roll at RBA...Giants Stadium, it is NOT.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9" - Living Proof

   Eminem & Royce Da 59-Living Proof by TheHHHDotNet
Bad meets Evil once again!
This sounds exactly the way you'd expect.
No word (yet) on where this came from or where its going.

Hip-Hop is on a roll today.

The Roots ft. Phonte & Dice Raw - Now or Never (Fan Video)

The Roots, Now or Never from Roadwings on Vimeo.

A few months back, Huffington Post author Andrew Shapter penned a piece on his belief that The Roots' latest, How I Got Over, might be the best album of 2010.  In an attempt to get some attention from the folks that hand out Grammys, Shapter created this video.
How I Got Over

Linkin Park (Fort Minor?) - I Have Not Begun

Mike fuckin' Shinoda!
Apparently, this is some demo track from 2009.  Some LP fansite puts out mixtapes (or something) with unreleased material.

GO SOLO!!!!!!!

Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z & The Dream - Shiny Suit Theory

Jay Electronica featuring Jay-Z, The-Dream & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Shiny Suit Theory by Hypetrak

Well that didn't take long.
Very new experience to actually get a new Jay Electronica jam before you expect it.
Maybe having a boss will pay off for all of us.

The two of them actually fit very well on a track together.

J. Cole: Friday Night Lights

New mixtape.  New material.
Dropped late Friday, but you know I don't do this shit on the weekends.
Have some.

Jay Electronica to Roc Nation

   Jay Electronica -The Announcement by TempoClash

Of course, the biggest news of the weekend was the semi-surprising and potentially monumental announcement that the underground's favorite, Jay Electronica has signed a deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation Label.

If there's one thing fans of independent music love, its an Art vs. Commerce debate, and this signing should keep EVERYONE in Hip-Hop, from the back-packers to the ballers and everyone in between arguing for the rest of the year.  To me, there's only one aspect of this that merits discussion:  freedom.  Now that he's on a major label, with a major budget, big marketing dollars and the biggest artist co-sign that he could hope for, will Jay Electronica have the freedom to record whatever he's feeling at the moment, or will there be pressure to create hit records?  We've seen Jay-Z leaning towards the more experimental in recent projects.  Is this signing the reflection of those changes?  Is Roc Nation willing to sacrifice sales if it means gaining the reputation of being a home for true artists?  We'll see.

And of course, a new song has come from this union.  Stay tuned for "Shiny Suit Theory" with both Jay's Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Dream.

Kanye West ft. Talib Kweli & Consequence - Chain Heavy

Yeah, yeah, I know what I said before...but this is only an iTunes bonus track.  Not on the actual rekkid itself...so yeah.
   Kanye West - Chain Heavy (feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence) by Loobu
Q-Tip on them beats.
Kanye sounding kinda College Dropout on this one.
And as far as Consequence goes, I'm still waiting for an explanation of this shit.
Before I start the week o' jams, I just wanted to put these two lists in writing, so I can prove to myself that they look as ridiculous as they sound:

Champions League bound:
LA GAlexi
FC Dallas Burn
The Colorado Arsenal of Denver Fightin' Kroenkes
Seattle Glowsticks

SuperLiga bound:
MetroStars Red Bull New York
Columbus Who?
100% Real Sodium Lake
The Clash featuring Mick Jones

Wow.  That's teams 1,5,6 &7 going to the big show, and 2,3,4 &8 in the Mickey Mouse Cup?
Now . . ."I'm no journalist", so I won't do the obvious "Playoffs need to change" rant, but damn.  And to keep it funky, until about a month ago, I still thought SuperLiga was an arbitrary invitational tournament.  Did you know there's an actual qualification method for that shit?!  For real!  Better yet, did you know that the Canadian Federation is actually part of SuperLiga, too?  So if Toronto FC were ever good*, they would participate.  Well, for the first time ever, I'm actually going to watch and have legitimate interest in North America's often silly attempt at a UEFA Cup (or whatever it is they call that thing now).

* I know, I know, I know.  If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts . . .

Friday, November 12, 2010

TiRon - 1NE

Which everyone loves, and I for whatever reason, still haven't gotten.

Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm (Unoficial Video)

Sleigh Bells "Riot Rhythm" from Bo Mirosseni on Vimeo.

Yes, that is the kid that got shot in the face in "Born Free".
Fantastic.  This song deserves a video as ridiculous as this one.
No clue what the hell the song is about.  For all I know, it IS the battle chess anthem.

Alex Clare - Up All Night

Had this rekkid a few weeks ago.
Wasn't sure if I like it.
I still don't know...but here's the video.

Chromeo - Hot Mess

Can we get Chromeo to produce a posthumous Robert Palmer remix album?
No?  Nobody even wants that, you say?  Ok then.  Fine.

J. Cole ft. Drake - In the Morning

   J. Cole - In The Morning ft Drake by hiphopblog.co.uk

Need a jam to get your page hit totals up?!  Thanks, Cole!
New Friday Night Lights mixtape dropping later today.  Stay tuned.

Cassius - Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes


I'm pretty sure this isn't new...but I don't care.
It will be my favorite song ever for at least the next hour and a half.
Neeeeeeeed the .mp3!
Anyone know what this is?
(He asked, knowing he would get no response)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

REWIND: Joanna Newsom - The Book of Right-On

For two hyper-critical reasons:
1) This might to be my favorite song of 2010.
2) "I killed my dinner with Karate.  Kick 'em in the face, taste the body" is by far the most fantastic opening line to a song in the history of recorded sound.

Am I missing out?  Should I be jammin' Joanna Newsom?

Pogomix? Yeah, Sure. Pogomix.

[None of the following ever hapened]

I was sitting on a park bench, staring off into the distance with a rather contemplative look on my face.  A young stundent approached my cautiously and said, "Master...what is the source of all pure joy in this life realm?".  I replied, "Son, there is but one worthwhile endeavor in this world:  flipping really fuckin' random samples and making dope ass beats outta them shits".  The student bowed.  I returned the gesture.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cee-Lo - Bright Lights Bigger City

Today's slowness killed me in the face.
Then I went and haunted the offices of Spin Magazine for irony's sake.
(then doubled it by typing the above sentence) *
In the office cafeteria, I met a Mongolian witch-doctor.
We promptly exchanged the secrets of reincarnation for the recipe for apple brown betty
(Doesn't matter who had which)
The dessert was half-baked and so was this post.

I need a beverage.
Good day.

* Then got post-modern by making that parenthetical remark.

Eminem Verse on Somebody's Jam

   Lloyd Banks Ft. Akon & Eminem - Celebrity by RWDMAGAZINE2

As you can imagine, the story here is Em's verse.

So this isn't properly mixed, Marshall jumps in kinda randomly.  This song is listed as being on Banks' album, but there's no mention on Eminem being involved, so who know's what's up with this.

The point:  Eminem is a monster.  Skip to 3:00 to get past the BS.

J. Cole - Purple Rain

   J. Cole - Purple Rain (Prod By J. Cole) by The People's Poseur

Did you know that he had a mixtape coming out on Friday?
Me either.

This kid must have an absurd amount of unused verses laying around his house.  Good lord.  48 mixtapes, 0 albums.  C'MON, SON!!!  History is made on ALBUMS, not mixtapes.  I wonder what the hold-up is.  Seems pretty clear that once he drop a proper album, he could easily take the #1 spot among the young cats (that are worthy of the title Emcee).  Wasting time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cage - Captain Bumout

Been waiting forever for this video.

Cage fans really hate this album, huh?
Very weird artist/fan relationship.  If Cage isn't visibly depressed, medicated and 20lbs underweight, his cult followers get pissed.  I don't get it.  Snarky Cage is better than barely coherent suicidal Cage.

Diggy - Rising to the Top

   Diggy-Rising To The Top (Freestyle) by ImFlashy

When you see the title, you hope for that beat.
It's album time, Diggy!

The Uncle Murda appearance might be the most out-of-place random shit I've heard in a month.

Shit Robot - Take 'Em Up

It's a DFA funfest!
Shit Robot's new vid-jo featuring Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem/The Juan McLean.
As is law for DFA rekkids, it has many handclaps.
I like handclaps.

Munk - Violent Love (The Twelves Remix)

   Munk--Violent Love The Twelves Remix by spex
I still don't know what a Munk is, but here's the remix.

Ghostface Killah - Together Baby

   Ghostface Killah - Together Baby (Dirty) by jkid2311

First joint from the upcoming The Apollo Kids album.  Dec. 14.
I've come to the stark (get it?) realization that I was the only person who liked that Ghostdini album.  Ah well.  Y'all slept.

Kanye West, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prince, Big Sean, J. Cole - Looking For Trouble

   Kanye West - Looking For Trouble (Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, Big Sean & J. Cole) by TheOGConnection
So The Prince is back to Da Prince again?
That ain't Rosewood, homie!
Anyway...I'm not a big fan of this one.
It sounds like a Rick Ross record.  I don't think anything could sound good on this beat.
But what do I know, it seems the GOOD Friday jams that are the biggest tend to be the ones I like least.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Talib Kweli ft. Consequence - 1st Time (New Verse)

It seems there was some sort of mistake, and the version we got the other day where 'Quence was only on the hook wasn't the real deal.  The wrongs have been righted...righted?...sure, why not?  Have some.  This will appear on both artists' upcoming mixtapes.

LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow

Very Friday.

The jammenest jam on that album.
That girl is some kind of famous, right?
She's on the televisions?  Movie pictures?

The "Weight" Continues . . .

Didn't have a single drink, but I woke up with a mean fuckin' hangover this morning.

I freely admit, that from the moment Rafa Marquez put pen to paper, I jumped on the "Championship or Bust" bandwagon, and even helped steer that motherfucker a few times.  That roster, that coach, that stadium, those other 14 years . . .how could we not take the Cup this season?

With the entire American soccer audience watching.  In a packed Red Bull Arena.  On a cold, rainy night that promised more drama than a Tyler Perry flick . . .the bandwagon crashed.  Right into the Passaic River.  Killing 25,000.  There's no poetic way to say it, it sucked.  Hard.  It wasn't just a rare occasion when NY fans had to watch a truly promising season die.  It was also the unexpected and sudden farewell to Mike Petke and Juan Pablo Angel.  They weren't supposed to go out like this.

But oddly enough, now that the shock of last night's game has passed, now that I've accepted that the game actually did happen...I find myself thinking more about what was, rather than what could have been.  This season has been amazing and unlike any other.  From the time I stepped into a half-finished Red Bull Arena last October to pick out my spot for season tickets, until the final whistle blew last night, it was a hell of a ride.

This was the year that the Tri-State's professional soccer team mattered.  It was the year we stopped paying rent to live in that shitbox in the swamp.  It was the year Manhattan finally realized that we existed.  It was the year "same ol' Metro" became "the new Red Bulls".  It was the year of the "is this really ours" moment when we first walked into Red Bull Arena for the Santos game.  It was the year that ESC made a home at El Pastor.  It was the year that we introduced ourselves to Philly at the Draft.  It was the year when opposing teams didn't pencil a W on their sheets when they saw NY on the schedule.  It was the year of the PATH.  It was the year of Juan Pablo Angel's game-winner against Houston.  It was the year of superstars.  It was the year that "who the fuck is Joel Lindpere" became "he better be the captain in 2011".  It was the year of the Baby Bulls' Open Cup Run.  It was the year I finally made it to RFK.  It was the year when rookies became starters, then became stars.  It was the year we waved goodbye to Stammler...to Woly...to Cleetus...to Petke...to Juan Pablo.  It was the year of the first road trip to Philadelphia.  It was the year we finally got a Saturday game at Toronto.  It was the year we sent Juventus fans home in disgust.  It was the year of Hans Backe press conferences, "in a way".  It was the year of the march over the bridge.  It was the year of Bouna Time.  It was the year we watch all of our rivals fail miserably.  It was the year we celebrated clinching the East.  It was the year that we rightfully had expectations of greatness, and more memories than I could ever recall to list here.

...above all else, it was the year of this.

So we didn't get it done.  It hurts.  For now.
Familiar faces are gone.  New heroes are emerging.  The saga continues.
Luckily, in time, I'm almost certain I'll be able to look back on the 2010 season with a smile.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sean Boog - Gettin' Mine

The emcee half of The Away Team is dropping his solo joint, Light Beers Ahead of You (ha!) on Dec. 18.  Sean Boog has rapped over some absolutely ridiculous beats in his career.  Say whatever you like, but that man knows how to choose his friends wisely.

Have some.

Thee Tom Hardy ft. Skyzoo - A Different League

Just got the jam about 2 days ago, and now the fresh imagery.
Stop playin', son.

Focus ft. Von Pea, Donwill & Chaundon - Homage to Ali Shaheed

Self-explanatory, and rightfully dope.
Have some.

Kanye F.Y.I.

As I usually do for mega-albums that I care WAY too much about...
I'm gonna stop listening to any new Kanye "leaks" from now until the album release.  Which means I won't be posting any here, either*.  Why?  Because I am a turbo nerd who cares about things like production values and album sequencing**.  Not to mention the general "I haven't heard this yet" surprise factor.

* G.O.O.D. Friday jams that aren't on the album don't count.
** Believe it or not, I actually go to a record store and BUY Kanye CD's because I hate the iTunes sound in my car (they never have the right amount of bass), and kanye tends to have 48 version of songs pre-release, so I never trust any other "source" to have the final mix.

Kid Cudi x Cage x St. Vincent x The Roots - Maniac (Live on The Jamie Flobbinz Nighty-Night Jamboree)

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - More video blogs and vloggers.

Kid CuDi is now officially the only artist alive that I will go out of my way to be the typical dickhead music blogger for, and openly bash at any given opportunity.

CuDi is stunningly whack, and ruins his own songs.

Imagine if Cage or any other talented, "dark" emcee could get the production assists that this fool gets!  This song could have been incredible!  Instead, it's half-cooked, predictable and feels unfinished.  I hope I can get my hands on an all-instrumental copy of this cry-baby's album.

But the idea of Cage on national television performing with The Roots, with Annie from St. Vincent* on backup is just too random and unexpectedly dope to pass up.

* "Maniac" samples this.