Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rik Cordero Is Listening

Well...timing is everything.
Right after posting yet another video from an "underground" artist that was directed by Rik Cordero, I found this.

In my opinion (not that you asked). Rik Cordero is both wonderful and horrible at the same time . . .in a Lil' Wayne sort of way. His videos are dull, literal and usually not very memorable. On the other hand, he's a true fan of REAL hip-hop and works with the artists that deserve some shine, but don't get the crazy marketing budgets of radio/"ringtone" rappers, and he does it for cheap.

All told, I'd say Cordero's positive influence far outweighs the negative. Without him, we may not have a visual component to work from artists like The Roots, Skills, Consequence, Q-Tip, etc.

Idle Warship - Black Snake Moan

Idle Warship are Talib Kweli (who has more group affiliations that the average wrestler), Res and Graf Nobel.

Nas - Something Foul

From the new Tapemaster's Inc. mixtape, This Is Hip-Hop Vol. 2.
Mr. Jones is still nice.

Skillz - For Real

Skillz - "For Real" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

I bet you'll NEVER guess who directed this one!

FACT: You needed a way to get your 2-step on and simultaneously steal somebody's girl.
Problem solved.

Jadakiss ft. Lil' Wayne - Death Wish

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

M.I.A. & AR Rahman - O Saya

Vid does all the detail tellin' for me.

Once again, my laptop (free shiiiit from work, whuddup?) has decided that it hates any and all forms of media, so I haven't heard this song yet. But what I do know is that I must begin a quest to find a woman OK with the notion of wearing aqua green lipstick. Immediately.

Common - Gladiator

So has my pre-release obsession switched from 808s to Universal Mind Control?

The Return of Head Automatica

The children gather and cheer . . .Head Automatica's return is upon us.
You have no idea how much time I spent figuring out what clip was best to display the greatness of H.A. . . .first impressions are important, you know. Their first album, Decadence is classic material.

Anyway . . .the point of this post is to share some info. Head Automatica is currently wrapping up their third album, and to get the "comeback" train rollin', they will be playing 3 shows in January:

Jan 8 2009 - Music​ Hall of Willi​amsbu​rg Brook​lyn,​ New York

Jan 9 2009 - North​ Star Bar Phila​delph​ia,​ Penns​ylvan​ia
Jan 10 2009 - Great​ Scott​ Bosto​n,​ Massa​chuse​tts

I HIGHLY recommend seeing Head Auto live. The band is dope, Daryl Palumbo flips his shit at least 4 times during the set, the PBR and Schafer will flow like the Nile . . .and the women in attendace are going to be heart-stoppingly gorgeous (assiming you're down with the Suicide Girl steez . . .and if you aren't . . .what the hell is wrong with you?!)

UPDATE: The Wombats - Is This Christmas

Is This Christmas

We have a video.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Holy shit...this is the strangest thing ever.

Remember John Forte?! He was the raspy-voiced dude that used to rock with the Fugees from time to time. Ring a bell (skip to 1:14)?
Where has he been all this time, you ask? Well, in 2001, Mr. Forte was busted at Newark Airport for picking up a briefcase containing $1.4M worth of liquid cocaine. He was sentenced to 14 years for conspiracy to distribute. Since his sentencing there have been arguments that John Forte never got a fair trail and that his sentence was too heavy for a first time offender on a non-violent crime.

One of Forte's best friends is fellow musician, Ben Taylor...son of Carly Simon. Taylor and his mother have been campaigning for Forte's freedom for years, and somehow caught the ear of President Bush.

Old People Jam Out


Welcome to my latest panic attack, brought on by a gaggle of old dusties in a choir attacking relatively contemporary jams.
I can't take it. My skull is on fire (re-edit: Whoooooooa!! MY SKULL is on fiiiiiiyaaaaaah!). The sky is raining purple babies and a unicorn just stole my umbrella.

Common ft. Kanye West - Punch Drunk Love

All up on this.

Illa J - We Here

Cognac n' Blazer music.

Illa J (the younger brother of J-Dilla) has really "got da innanet goin' nuts" this fall. Not too sure about him myself, but the man's got fantastic taste in beats (stunning, I know), so his jams are definitely worth a listen.

Wiley ft. Daniel Merriweather - Cash In My Pocket

Apparently, this Wiley fellow is a big time producer in the UK, but for this jam he was talked into doing the spittin' himself by the track's producer, Mark Ronson.

...and you remember Daniel Merriweather, right?

The New Sins - Feelings Have Chanced

The New Sins - Feelings Have Changed from Jo Apps on Vimeo.

This is "the pup's nuts"!

The New Sins are the result of New Young Pony Club ("The Get Go" is still my jam) taking a little break. In the mean time, one of them fancy ladies ($10 if you can tell me her name) got her friends together and said, "let's jam". Yup. "Let's jam." That's exactly how it happened.

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep from helsinkids on Vimeo.

"Dressed up like bubble gum, I'm stuck to your shoe. Let's run."

How long have I known about Aussie oddballs, Architecture in Helsinki? Roughly 8 minutes now. I mess with this jam though, and the video is so bugged out that I'm sure to watch it 3 more times immediately after posting this.

::instantaneous internet time warp::

So...I'm back from an exploratory trip to their Myspace page...good stuff. All their songs (and videos) are just as off the wall and creative as "That Beep". Imagine Matt & Kim + Broken Social Scene + Arcade Fire + M.I.A. . . .yeah.

Radiohead - Weird Fishes

Radiohead Weird Fishes by Tobias Stretch from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.

In Rainbows . . .the gift that keeps on givin'.
What you see is the winner of Radiohead's fan submission contest.
Weird fishes, indeed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Luda & T-Pain Meet the Blizzard Man

Blizzie B!!!
This isn't the first time Luda worked with Blizzard Man, you know.

Young Jeezy ft. Pharrell - Rumor Has It

I'm no Jeezy fan, but who am I to ignore anything involving one half of the greatest production duo of all time?
This was originally recorded for Jeezy's recently released album, but it didn't make the cut for whatever reason.

Download HERE.

Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass

I mentioned this song to you way back in July. Now we have an official video.

FINALLY: 808's and Heartbreak

Well...release day is finally here, and after bombarding you with every tiny bit of info available for this album, I guess I should tell you what I think about the finished product, right?

First things first, if you were reluctant to check out 808's and Heartbreak because you weren't too sure about some of the leaked stuff you've heard, rest assured that the final mix of most songs is very different from what we've been listening to for the last few weeks.

As far as the music itself...
Kanye's newest work is something that we don't get alot of in the post-iTunes world. It's an actual album. A collection of music with a singular concept, central theme and continuous sound. Each track sounds better as part of a whole than as a stand-alone expression.

manages to be very dark and personal without crossing over into being annoying. Let there be no doubt, this album lives up to its title. There's no break from the "sad bastard" music here. Without going into a separate rant, this album's content is especially impressive to me because it reaches into emotions that Black males artists are usually afraid to, or not allowed to touch on in mainstream music.

Initially, as bits and pieces of the album were coming across the internet, I was disappointed with lyrics that didn't feel "big" enough for the music. After hearing the whole project, it's clear that Kanye knew what he was doing. He wanted the sounds to be as much a part of the album as his own "Say You Will" and "Bad News" for example, where the instrumentals continue for long after Kanye has left the mic behind, or "Street Lights" which is essentially the same 4 lines repeated over and over, yet its one of the best songs I've heard this year.

All told, I think 808's and Heartbreak is a great piece of work. How would I compare it to Kanye's other albums? I wouldn't. This is a completely different person. This is the album of someone we already knew was a little "different" . . .and then he lost his mother and had an engagement called off in the same year . . .and it shows.

Play Cloths

You may have heard Pusha T reference "Play Cloths" in a few verses, or seen that logo on him or Malice and wondered what it was. It's the Clipse very own clothing line, and it has finally launched. You can check out their Winter '08 collection there. Definitely a few bits that I would rock. Not too sure about the pricing on their stuff yet. It might not be too bad, though. Their primary logo tee is only $40. Something that their friends over at BBC/Ice Cream or Bape would gladly snag $100+ for.

[Whatever happened to Fabolous' Young Money line?? Did that come out and I missed it. I swear, I've never seen it in a store or on a person.]

Street Fighter 4

With the exception of the Smash Bros. series (the main reason my college GPA was so low), I haven't bought and enjoyed anything resembling a fighting game since PS One days. Looks like that will be changing soon.

The Real: Gym Class Superheroes

Gym Class Superheroes from jeff on Vimeo.

[I love me some Amanda Diva]

I (like most of you, apparently) was incredibly disappointed with the latest Gym Class Heroes album. I don't even know what it's called, to be honest. From the looks of this vid, it seems that a) Travis is aware that we don't like it b) he doesn't give a shit and c) he at least has the ability to make fun of himself for it. Good stuff.

P.S....not sure if I mentioned this before, but if you're a fan of Mr. McCoy and know damn well that he's capable of MUCH better music that friggin' "Cookie Jar", you should be aware of his side project, Bernie Allen (along with producer/DJ SIE1). They "released" a very good album/mixtape a while back called Who Is. If you can find it for yourself, I applaud you and crown you King of the Internets. You can buy tracks from their myspace page, though. I highly recommend 'em.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Takka Takka - In The Air Tonight

If you were to ask me (and you wouldn't) if I thought it was possible to cover Phil Collins' mega-jam in a manner worth listening to, I'd say "No. It's not possible. No one should even try. Please pass the mustard." In my mind, this conversation would take place in a deli.

I would be wrong. The key, apparently, is to completely flip the song and make it some whole 'nother shit...and that's just what Takka Takka has done.

Jay Retard - See/Saw

Jay Retard never really caught my ear. Probably because the fanbase it a little . . .bothersome. But this? This, I like.

The Wombats - Is This Christmas

I really dig The Wombats. Their last album was great, but unfortunately for them, it was released a few months too late for them to ride the wave of British Invasion 3.0. A shame, really. They stuck their heads out at the exact moment when the whole planet suddenly decided that they were done with the post-Strokes era of guitar heavy "garage" rock. Oh well...some of us are still fighting the good fight. Carry on, gentlemen.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey . . .come closer to the screen . . .I have a secret.

::makes sure no one is looking::

Did you know that you could receive "electronic mail" on your interwebs?
Yeah, that's totally true.

Not only can people send these telegrams to your computer's FREE!
Crazy, right?!

Well, I wanted to hop on this new trend before the SoHo kids played it out like they did back with that whole Pogs craze. The added bonus is that I got myself one of these fancy . . .umm . . .let's call it "E-Mail" (catchy, yeah?) addresses and dedicated it to all the goings on of this blog.

So...if you're one of them hip cats or kittens that like the e-mails, feel free to send me some...


Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo.

(Via at JTTS)

Digital turntable inventor Scott Hobbs is a mad genius. If he lands a manufacturing/marketing deal for this bad boy, then we'll know for certain that the cyborgs will have something to jam on when they celebrate their victory in the Robot Revolution of 2012.

Luda & DJ Premiere

The Ludacris "I REALLY AM AN EMCEE, DAMMIT" march continues.
Check the behind-the scenes stuff from the creation of "MVP" with the Mt. Rushmore-worthy DJ Premiere.

Q-Tip - Renaisance Rap

Q-Tip - "Renaissance Rap" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Directed by Rik Cordero, of course.

Enough With The Bullshit . . .

Music folks, allow me to switch gears for a minute . . .this is for the soccer crowd:

This Sunday afternoon my beloved New York RedBulls will be playing in the MLS Cup Final for the first time in team history, and apparently the soccerati in this country are up in arms and sick over the idea of a team with a mediocre regular season record being considered Champions. All week I've had to listen to and read spewed bile about MLS needing to change to a single-table format and eliminate the playoffs. To call it frustrating would be an understatement.

To make it clear, my opinion has ALWAYS been that the Supporters' Shield winners should be recognized as that year's Champions, with the MLS Cup being our version of the Carling Cup and US Open Cup, our FA Cup.

MLS can't go single table without promotion/relegation. The end of the regular season would have been unwatchably dull and unimportant because no one would have had anything to play for after Columbus locked the Shield up. Instead, we had great games to watch, with 6 teams fighting for 2 playoff spots, and the better teams jostling for seeding. Until the USL & MLS merge (never) and/or we have 30 teams (maybe for grandchildren), MLS CANNOT GO SINGLE TABLE.

The problem is not the current league structure. The problem is the fans. The fans continue to go along with the league mandate and give all the glory to the MLS Cup winner. If the fans gave the accolades to the Shield winner, this wouldn't be a discussion. People bitch about this non-stop...but where was all the "Congratulations Columbus Crew" talk when they took the Supporters' Shield? NOWHERE. It's bullshit. People cry about the possibility of NY being Champions, yet fail to recognize that the trophy they're begging for already exists, but they just fail to acknowledge it properly. You don't like the idea of a 10-11-9 team being Champions? Well blame yourselves because since 1996, you've all failed to celebrate the regular season's best team in a way they deserve.

I stood in Nevada Smith's last Saturday night and witnessed first-hand the greatest scene of fan passion this league has EVER produced. I saw grown men shed tears, strangers embrace and people sing and dance in the middle of a Manhattan street because they were experiencing something that they never thought possible. It's an absolute fucking shame that the rest of the country is trying their hardest to poison that feeling.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Nike 6.0 BMX Banksgiving Jam in Lakewood, NJ from Will Stroud on Vimeo.

Jersey love. BMX doperation. RJD2 soundtrack. What else could you need?
Nothing, that's what. Stop being so damn greedy, jeez.

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

Yup...I'm offiially ready for this album to happen.

Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Chromeo RMX)

If Paul Simon and Sting merged vocal chords . . .

The Alchemist ft. Snoop, Pusha T (Clipse) & Jadakiss - Lose Your Life

The Roots on Yo Gabba Gabba

This is great.
Yo Gabba Gabba is the only reason I can think of to consider bringing a child into this world. Where was this show when I was a kid?? Thanks to YGG, we have hope for our future, despite the overwhelming whackness of kids presently in the 12-21 age range. There is, at this moment, an army of toddlers with really fresh gear, fly moves and great taste in music, and valuable life skills thanks to this show.

Shout out to Brobee, son!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sky High

This has NOTHING to do with 808's or vocoders, I promise.
Instead, it's a big ol' box full of some extra fresh, speaker-blowin' remixes of some Yeezy jams.

Surprise, surprise...Diplo's RMX of "Flashing Lights" (#11) is my favorite (it's not from this collection, but am I the only one who didn't know this remix was his?) There's just a stream for now, but you can rock out the whole joint. Download supposedly coming later.

I'm tellin' you now...put this on at a party, and all the booty meat in the room is gonna move. Real loose like, too. Even that one girl you were looking at, but your boy was like "She ain't got no ass, though". Put this on, and that thing will instantly grow 26%. No lie.

Black Ivory - You And I

For anyone who was wondering what Q-Tip sampled for "Gettin' Up".
What? I was the only one?

Eh . . .whatevs. This is the jam anyway. And how dope is that album cover?
[Shout to my Pops for the info]

Kanye West - Say You Will

This gets official "That's my jam!" status!
It's got a dope Miami Vice soundtrack Phil Collins meets Sade kinda thing goin' on.
Finally, we're a week away from the album release and my bloodlust for all things 808's & Heartbreak will be satiated.

SNL: Single Ladies

Holy hell, that's funny.

The Real: Evolution 101

Evolution 101 with Mr. West from jeff on Vimeo.

Mr. Oizo: Lamb's Anger

Ed Banger's Mr. Oizo is BACK . . .and this time, Flat Eric gets it!
New Album, Lamb's Anger, released today.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Myspace Showcase: The Smiles and Frowns

Remember that day last week when you said to yourself, "Self...we need some more experimental folk music in our lives." Luckily for you, that problem has been solved in the form of The Smiles and Frowns, the latest artists to get the good ol' "ACCEPT" button click.

I like their sound...their songs sound like the stuff you might hear during the final credits of a Wes Anderson flick . . .or a really weird horror movie.


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Cypher, B!!!!


What do we have here?
Kanye West, Nas, Mos Def, Will.I.Am, De La Soul, Consequence, Big Sean, KId Cudi, Mr. Hudson, Tony Williams and Damon Albarn . . .all together at the G.O.O.D. Music showcase somewhere in the UK last night.

Ludacris ft. Jay-Z & Nas - I Do It For Hip-Hop

I've been wanting to post this forever, but there was never a decent version that included Nas and Jay's verses. That changed today. Get you some.

Jimmy Eat World

I love this idea:
Jimmy Eat World have announced a quick 10-city tour for next year, but there's a catch. On this go-around, they will only be playing songs from their 1999 album, Clarity, as a 10th anniversary celebration.

The demo version of "Sweetness" (don't you dare tell me it's from their self-titled album in '01, I'll fight you) is easily on my list of "Top 10 Songs That Changed The Way I Listen to Music", and it's the absolute crown jewel of my mp3 empire (nope, and it ain't the one you can get on iTunes these days). It would be dope to cross a live performance of that one off my list.

P.S. If a J-E-W show isn't emo enough for you, dig this . . .The Get Up Kids are back together.

Cut Copy - Far Away (hercules & Love Affair RMX)

On the 24th, Cut Copy will issue the "UK only" (bwahahaha!) digital single for "Far Away", including this post-inspiring remix, 2 others for "Far Away", one for "Hearts On Fire", one for "So Haunted" and a new jam, "Sands of Time"

Kanye ft. R. Kelly - Love Lockdown (RMX)

Aaaaaaand the Crazy Remix Train keeps on rollin'!
Lunatic shit always comes out on a Friday. I love it.

At this stop, Kanye picks up Mr. Piss On A Bitch, and just like on the unfortunate "Flashing Lights" remix, Perv-a-tron 3000 completely derails the whole shebang (hahaha YES! I worked "shebang" into a post!) with lyrics that make no sense and have nothing to do with the original.

T-Pain ft. Justin Timberlake - Cen't Believe It (RMX)

Alright . . .what if I told you the official remix to the T-Pain jam was out?
Don't really care, right? Might check it out?

What if I told you Timberlake was involved?
There's no way can resist clicking the link, right? Either out of genuine interest, or morbid curiosity. Either way, I am 100% certain they you will be clicking THIS link within the next 8 seconds.

We Have Band - Oh

Meet English 3-some, We Have Band. The latest entrants into the electo/rock/funk game (clock's ticking on this, right?). According to the folks at the 'Gum, WHB don't have so much as a proper EP out, just a collection of singles.

I dig 'em. It's what I like to call "2AM music". The soundtrack from that part of the night when you're driving from your first night spot over to "the closer". Good stuff.

Download "You've Had Band (Demo)" HERE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Black Milk - Give the Drummer Sum

New album, Tronic, in "stores" now.
Buy it now. Thank me later.

He Loves A Fat Girl

REAL footage from Queens, NY public access TV show, Goddesses.
My life is better because I have seen this video.

Oh, holy hell...there's more. Evidently, the dude dancing to the jam with 'ol girl is a stripper/rapper named Ecstasy (I'm gonna take a wild guess and say he actually spells that with an X or two), and he had his own performance that night of his jam, "Plus Size Is Happening":

Aaaaaaaaand, just because I don't think your head has exploded yet, let's watch their interview together with the show's host:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kanye West - Street Lights

Kanye West- Street Lights from Jerae Collier on Vimeo.

What's that, you say? It's been 3hrs since I made a Kanye-related post?! I'm slippin'!
This dude is dead set on making the internet collapse on itself...and it ain't like I can resist sharing all this stuff. What's a blogger to do??

The good news? I LOVE this song. Hope is restored! We have an official winner!
New record: 2W-2L-4D for 808's & Heartbreak

Ill Bill - My Uncle

Heavy shit.
If you really feel like taking a nose dive down the rabbit hole, check out the video of Ill Bill playing the song for his Uncle Howie in the studio. Surreal.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez: Old Money

The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez is flying solo with a new album, Old Money. "A 10-track collection of concise rock compositions, which range from progressive to psychedelic to downright funky." Available in digital form now.

More Yeezy News

FYI (from the mouth of Mr. West on his press phoner): Release date is now 11/24. Thankfully, and like I thought, that edit of "Robocop" that made us all cringe IS NOT on the album. It will be "completely different" and wasn't one of his self-leaks. Ditto with "Paranoid" (a.k.a. "Anyway"). I actually kinda liked that one, though.

Shoppin' With Joe Budden

Joe Budden is a funny dude.

Rented jewels? Nope. New Benz that the label is paying for to boost the image? Nope.
Instead, we get Budden haggling over the price of a leather jacket and some thermals. I'd use the phrase "keepin' it real", but then I'd be obligated to throw myself into traffic.

I hope professional cornball, Jim Jones gets all sensitive like he did after "Swagger Like Us" (still whack) because of some of Joe's (harmless) comments about Harlem/DipSet "fashion". PLEASE, Jimmy! I'm begging you! Record a diss record aimed at Joe Budden. The response would be the best thing to hit the radio in years.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

88 Keys - True Feelings

Get to know 88 Keys.
New album, The Death of Adam was released today.

Kanye West ft. Lil' Wayne - Tell Everybody That You Know

I'll call this round a draw.
New 808's scorecard: 1W-4D-2L

If that vid gets 86'd some time soon, try this.
No? How about this?

Deerhoof - Basketball Get Your Groove Back

I really don't know why, but I enjoyed the hell out of this.

"Go, go...champions! Be, be...champions!"
Says it all, don't it?

Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy - Amazing

Current record for 808's & Heartbreak: 1W-2L-3D.
C'mon, 'Ye!! 6pts in 6 matches isn't enough to get you into the Champions League.
Check it out.

Jadakiss - Who Run This

Jadakiss - "Who Run This" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Damn, when was the last time you saw a proper Jadakiss video??

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chester French - She Loves Everybody

Readers that made their way over here from my old Myspace blog know that I've been waiting for Star Trak signees, Chester French to actually release some music for quite some time now. Well, it's happened...sort of. CF's first official release will be the wicked old (they want to Harvard) single, "She Loves Everybody" in EP format. "The Jimmy Choos" is also featured. We all know these jams, but "the kids" don't yet.

For those of us who had early RSVP status to the Chester French party, the new EP will feature a Neptunes remix of "She Loves..." as well as El-P remix of "The Jimmy Choos".

UPDATE: Looks like Chester French will also be the pre-game entertainment for the MLS Cup Final on the 23. Hopefully, my beloved New York Red Bulls will also be prominently featured.

MGMT ft. Jim Jones - Electric Feel (RMX)

[Warning: Author get his StereoSnob on]

I've never been more reluctant to share a song with you as I am with this one. To state it plainly, I think Jim Jones is THE FUCKING WORST. I can't stand his music, his persona, and I hold him solely responsible for the horrible way my fellow Black men have been dressing for the last two years (there's a special place in Hell for you, Christian Audigier)

So, you can imagine my horror when I read the headline "MGMT ft. Jim Jones". I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, vomit, or somehow combine the 3 (like that one time in Caesar's Palace...but I digress). On one hand, I was sure that Jones would drop the single whackest verse my delicate elitist ears would ever have to suffer through . . .on the other hand, I was terrified by the prospect of this clown pulling off a miracle and spittin' hot fiyah. It's Monday afternoon. I'm not ready for such a debacle this early in the week.

Luckily, and for the sake of my sanity, not only is Jim Jones at his AAAABBBB lamest, but homie isn't even on beat for his 2 (REALLY?! 28 bars?!) verses.

Proceed at your own risk.

Grindin': An Oral History of Skate Shoes

Interesting bit of wordage over at, spanning the history of skater kicks from the '70's until today. As told by some of the influential people in the business/culture.

"Miracle" League Soccer

(Pardon the Espanol)

Richards & Cepero = LEGENDS!

The sad/funny part is that yesterday was the biggest win in club history.
That was amazing. For once we play the same lineup twice in a row, and it pays off. THAT was the Dane Richards we’ve been waiting to see. Potential realized. Cepero has to be the smallest keeper in the history of the sport, he’s a rookie, only had the job for 4 matches, but he’s been outstanding.

We were supposed to be dead. Our "big" mid-season signings have gone rotten. Our starting keeper and best defender are on a drug suspension. We only got one win on the road all season, and had to beat the 2-time defending champs (Houston Dynamo) in their own house where they were 10-1-4 this season and undefeated in the playoffs all-time. . .and pulled it off.

Games like this don’t happen for my team. Yeah, we’re almost always in the playoffs, but this is only the 2nd time we’ve made it out of the first round. Now, for the first time EVER we have a real shot at the Cup Final.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Super Obama World

I love the internet!!!
Play the game HERE. 2 levels up now, more to come later.

Cool Kids - Delivery Man (9th Wonder RMX)

Interesting and unexpected mix of artist and producer on this one.
Not bad. VERY different than the original.

UPDATE: Jay-Z - History

UPDATE: Whole jam stylee

I don't give a damn what the internets are saying, I still say this isn't an Obama jam.

Not the full song (yet).
Everyone is assuming that this is an Obama jam . . .I'm not so sure.
Or at least not so sure that it's the sole subject matter.

Kanye West - Heartless

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.

Mr. West has posted a higher quality version for the folks of the internets to enjoy.

Gnarls Barkley - Mystery Man

Directed by Walter Robot. check him out, he's got some other really cool shit.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kardinal Offishall ft. Keri Hilson - Numba 1

Numba 1 (Tide Is High) feat. Keri Hilson

Wasn't Rihanna originally on this?

Anyway . . .Kardi is definitely picking the most radio-ready jams to release as singles, but I'm so glad that he's finally getting some attention (more than 7yrs after his commercial debut), that I can forgive him.

Bawllz On Yo' Lunch!!!

I'm officially declaring this Bawllz On Yo' Lunch Week.

Is there a co-worker/classmate/loved one/random stranger that's pissing you off, and you just aren't sure how to react? Well I'm here to help.

Lunch time is approaching, and that aggravating bastard is soon to sit down for a meal. Follow them stealth ninja style until then and wait. Make sure you're prepared! You're gonna need loose-fitting pants, a boom box and a cassette single of Rampage's "Take It to the Streets" (see vid above).

Just as that sum'bitch pulls out his turkey on rye (because that's what assholes eat. Fact!), crank your jam up, style on him/her to the beat in your own special way for a few seconds, drop them pants, then WHAM...slap your nuts right on the top of their sandwich. Don't forget to rub his bag of Sun Chips on them shits too.

"Oooooh, I just put mah bawllz on yo' lunch!!! Whatcha gonna do???"

I promise, it's a fool-proof solution to any undesireable social issues that you may be having at this time. Boss won't let you leave early? Bawllz on his lunch. Girlfriend bitchin' because you hang out with your boys too much? Bawllz on her lunch. Professor made you do your research project over again? Ballz . . .on . . .his . . .lunch!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ludacris ft. T-Pain - One More Drink

Yeah, I'm down with this.
Audio quality isn't great, so if you aren't familiar with the song, check it out HERE.

Gnarls Barkley - Mystery Man

New stuff from GB.
It's a strange world we live in...with all the internets and carrying on. Now we have video trailers for B-sides. 2008 is a crazy place.

Hear the whole jammie jam HERE.

[Side-note: I'm gonna change that link as soon as I can. Unfortunately, Stereogum has an "exclusive" (as if there is such a thing any more) at this time. Why change it? Because despite the fact that Stereogum consistently brings the goods with new stuff/news/etc...there isn't a bigger bunch of pompous, negative, hypocritical bloggers on the webz. Sterogum is made up of the kids you went to college with that studied Liberal Arts, never combed their hair and would claim to hate every song that was ever recorded, even while they were in line buying concert tickets for the artist. Sheesh. It's OK to have fun with the music, kids. Live a little.]

Tokyo Police Club - New New Song

Bonus track from Elephant Shell that was previously unreleased in the US.
Get you some from Stereogum.

Because I Feel Like Celebratin' . . .

As a public service, I'd like to present the jam that should be used as the theme song for the Obama Presidency. I love me some Stevie Wonder and all, but "Sign, Sealed, Delivered. I'm Yours" just doesn't have the right kick to it. I understand, though . . .you have to play the middle to get in office. No shame in that. But you've won now. It's time to tell all your detractors to kiss your ass.

With that in mind, I present:
Professor Murder - "Champion"

"CHAMPION . . .ease up . . .SPLASH! Those fuckers, fuckers, they love us, love us!"
"Happening . . .Is this really happening?!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Are Scientists + Kings of Leon

Much like the first time I tried Choconilla Rice Krispies, I am cautious...yet very much intrigued.

Hey, locals . . .
We Are Scientists and Kings of Leon (not sure who's "supporting" who) are playing The Electric Factory in Philly next Saturday night (the 15th). Sounds like a mighty fine show to me. I can imagine they draw very different crowds (with the exception of KoL newbies like me). Should be entertaining on and off stage.

Also, W-A-S are flying solo in Asbury Park (at Wonder Bar??) on the 21st, and Irving Plaza in the City on the 22nd.

What say you, good people?

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

New video for my favorite song from the album that has (by FAR) been the biggest surprise of 2008.

UPDATE: Kanye West - Anything

Get on this quick, I'm sure the link will be down shortly. just wanted to pass this along while I had the chance. Haven't even listened to it myself yet . . .


The damn radio DJ's pointless sound effects get in the way from time to time, but here you go.
My opinion: Eh. Say what you want (and we all have) about the style of this new album, but what's most upsetting is Kanye's lyrics this time around. Really simple and dull. Everything I've heard (with the exception of "Love Lockdown") from 808's & Heartbreak has felt . . .disposable. OK to listen too a few times, but I can see this being one of those albums I listen to for about 2 weeks and then completely forget about it. I hope I'm wrong.

Leaders of the New Cool

Alrightie . . .
So, Complex Mag's last issue centered around the unfortunately named "hipster rap" movement and it's stars, trends, yadda yadda yadda.

Clearly, you read this blog, which makes us friends, which means you're already cool like 6 Octobers, so you don't need any tips on any of that.

Here's what you do need...the Mick Boogie (insanely prolific in '08, ain't he?) mixtape to go along with the Complex piece. Got some jams on it:
1) Mick Boogie “Intro”
2) The Knux “Fire”
3) 88 Keys “Bout To Bus”
4) Treats Speaks…
5) B.o.B “I’ll Be In The Sky”
6) Mickey Factz feat. Curtis Santiago “Automatic”
7) U-N-I “Hollywood Hiatus (Cool It Now)”
8) Charles Hamilton “It’s”
9) Fashawn “Buyer’s Guide”
10) The Knux “Bang Bang”
11) Treats Speaks…
12) Fresh Daily & Homeboy Sandman “Swerve”
13) Daytona & 6th Sense “Too Complex”
14) Marky “Higher”
15) Cool Kids “Delivery Man”
16) Chip Tha Ripper feat. Naledge, Mickey Factz & Mic Terror “Next Up”
17) B.o.B “Generation Lost”
18) Tanya Morgan “Stay Cool”
19) Charles Hamilton “Hell Boys”
20) Treats Speaks…
21) Izza Kizza “Parking Lot Pimpin”
22) Big Sean “Tomorrow”
23) D-Black & Big Pooh “Top Of The World”
24) Pacific Divison “Wake Up”
25) Donnis “Dope Girl”
26) Supreeme “Roni”
27) The Knux “Cappuccino (Remix)”
28) Nola Darling feat. Fresh Daily “Coco Rico”

Do you downloadery HERE.

BREAKING NEWS: Mos Def Elected President!

If Mos Def Were President by GOOD Magazine

For real . . .

Yo, son. For real. Vote . . .or I'll hunt you down and stomp you out.
You ever get beat up by a blogger in a purple shirt?? HUH?!

I didn't think so.
So let's not take it to that level.

So go vote, because "I do reserve the right to fuck you up." (c) - Tron

Monday, November 3, 2008

LupEND Details

So we all know that LupEND is supposed to be Mr. Fiasco's final album.
Looks like we might be getting more than we bargained for.

Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes - Gettin' Up (DJ Scratch RMX)

Back to the future and whatnot.

Slaughterhouse - Onslaught

Yyyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaah, SON!!!
Mad bars in ya neck!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new supergroup in hip-hop!
Slaughterhouse: Joe Budden (Jersey City), Joell Ortiz (Brooklyn), Royce Da 5'9" (Detroit) and Crooked-I (LA).

If this isn't a rap nerd's (ahem) dream, then I don't know what is. If you're paying attention to what I'm telling you around here, then you know that these emcees appear together on a track from Budden's new mixtape, called "Slaughterhouse". Working together, these monsters developed a friendly sense of competition and realized that they were by far some of the best and most unheralded in "the game". A few late night Patron sessions later, and the idea was sparked that the 4-headed beast should come together for an album. While that idea is still in the works, they have given us their second song together, and first as a solid unit.

BTW, Joe Budden seems to record at least 20hrs of each day, so you can check out video of how all this kicked off on his YouTube channel, Joe Budden TV.

Download it HERE.

Since this is a competition, I gotta give it to Joell Ortiz (4th verse) on this one. If these dudes can get their schedules together, and line up the right producers...their album has instant classic potential. They already "got da innanet goin' nuts" (c)-Paul Wall

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bob Needs Your Help

Hello, dear readers . . .

This is a bit random, but I need to ask you all a little favor. If anyone you know claims to be a big Bob Marley fan...ask them what their favorite album is. If their answer is Legend, I implore you to end that friendship immediately and delete their number from your cell phone.

While you're at it . . .if that same person has a poster, t-shirt, or any other bit of "memorabilia" that in any way links Bob Marley to marijuana, I need you to pick up that fixed gear bike of theirs, and beat them with it.

Thank you.