Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whack Ass Comos Eat Stale Leftovers

Rumor has it the Cosmos will be playing against Santos @ the Meadowlands in June.
Yes.  The "new" team in the Big Apple is coming to play in someone else's building...on the Metros/RedBulls old stomping play the same team that was already here to celebrate the opening of Red Bull Arena.

Are you for real with this shit?
New York Cosmos, a.k.a. Sloppy Seconds FC.
Word on the street is that those unappreciative whiners from Brooklyn and gonna run buses from Manhattan to the game.  Forgive my memory, buuuut I'm pretty sure that there are only a dozen of you fools.  I think a cab would do it.  And I could have SWORN your whole beef was about "NY" teams playing in Jersey...yet this game at the Meadowlands is going to be your "supporters" coming out party?  Wow.  And didn't you ladies already pledge your allegiances to FC New York?!

So here's the Borough Boys timeline as best I can recall:
  - Denounce Red Bulls because they're just a marketing exercise and play in Jersey
 - Claim to be supporters of NYC soccer, and pledge to FCNY, but once that dumpster fire gets lit, you hop off because it's clear they'll never be 1st division...and it turns out there's nowhere for them to play in NYC proper (who knew?!?)
 - Jump on the Cosmo's nuts (Cosmonuts?) even though anyone with any common sense can see that this is just a mechanism for Umbro to move merch to the huuuuuuuge NYC elitist asshole / soccer hipster* market.  So in effect, you've decided to hitch your small, sad, shaky wagon to soccer's Harlem Globetrotter circus act and actually claim to SUPPORT them...rather than hop on a fucking train and walk 3 blocks to Red Bull Arena.  Aaaaaaaamazin'.

*  "Soccer hipsters" [(c) - FF&SS, Inc] is the new "Euro snob".


Anonymous said...

God, what a terrible writer you are.

Anonymous said...

And I like I might be the first person to comment or react to anything you've self-pubished here.
At what point have you realized no one reads this? Or is that news to you?
Keep up the boring, eye-sore of a blog you got going!

jim c said...

yeah guy

who the hell even plays for the cosmos anyway?

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...
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Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

^^^My own comment deleted above.

A smarter man would understand that the sole purpose of "writing" this (I blabber, I don't write. That's for people with media credentials.) was to get a Cosmos "supporter" angry, because it's quite easy. Thank you for proving the point.

2nd...if you ever want to REALLY discuss why I do this or who I do it for, feel free to leave a non-anonymous comment, and I'd love to tell you.


- Your favorite blogger.

Alex said...

by commenting it shows that you read the blog asshole.

keep up the good work man, I love FF&SS!!

Leo Glickman said...

Funny, the Borough Boys always bring more buses and more people to soccer events that don't involve Red Bull. And they've been doing it without a team to organize around.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Not sure what point you're making. Why would anyone expect the BB at a Red Bull event? Why would the Red Bull SG's be at other teams' events?