Friday, March 25, 2011

Kamei - Sugarland (LBCK mellowdisco rmx)

   Kamei - Sugarland (LBCK Mellowdisco Remix) by LBCK

Gettin' all kinds of Friday up in yo' mowf!!
This makes me want to drink.  But so does breathing, so whatever.
I don't even know the origi version, so gimmie a second to find it . . .
   Kamei - sugarland by mozzarellarecordings

Ohh.  Well then.  This is just as dope!
Wait...just found more remixes:
   KAMEI - SUGARLAND by mozzarellarecordings

Well I still don't know who/what a Kamei is, but consider yourselves followed on SoundCloud.

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