Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness

Good timing.  Now I can repress the negative feelings I have for the 2nd song they released yesterday.  Lets just focus on this one.  Good times.

Casablancas really is great at being terrible, isn't he?

Random Thought: Why don't rock icons come out with shitty clothing labels like rappers do?  Couldn't he sell a ton of funny looking clothes at Urban Outfitters?  This is why I should be someone's agent/manager.  If fact, let's make this happen?  Any small bands out there want me to steer the ship of their careers?  Is that what you do with a ship?  Steer it?  I'm not up on my nautical terms.  Whatever you do to make a shit go where you want it to go...I will do that to your band.  In a means that is financially advantage to myself, and (possibly) you as well.

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