Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Still Hate You, David Beckham one-sided, comic book-like blood fued with Stupid Spice is WELL documented at this I'll save you all that (this time).

[Side note: Being in a Joker v. Batman hate fest when the other person involved is totally unaware is alot more gratifying than you might think. Sure, it probably implies that I'm alot more "off" than I care to admit, but I highly recommend you all get yourselves an arch-enemy...just don't ever tell that person. Good times!]

Patrick Hurby over at ESPN just posted a really good piece. I'm sure he thought it was funny, but he ends up being spot on: The only real way to salvage all this Beckham fuckery is for Golden Balls to flip and become a villain. Like a pro-wrestling, over the top, complete and deliberite asshole.

Hurby, you are a friggin' GENIUS! I hope someone in Fuck Face's camp reads this thing.

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