Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Ass Weekend Recap (pt.1)

Ok...back and finally awake again after a long ass weekend in the land of Tar Heels ans Wright Brothers. Let's see if I missed anything worthwhile.

Let's see...

Royce has an EP dropping later today. He let a jam with the rest of Slaughterhouse loose yesterday.

We got this Alchemist track with Travis and Wayne a few days ago, but it was an unfinished version that wasn't supposed to be out yet, so Alchemist has "freed the beast" and let loose with the full product (the 2nd Travis verse). I really hope this catches on. Kid is nice.

Joell Ortiz ft. The Kickdrums - How To Change

...and if you don't have The Kickdrums album yet, get on it.

Oh, this one is good. You remember Loon, right? Ever wonder what happened to him? Well here you go:

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