Friday, July 31, 2009

Miike Snow - Animal

I'm dumb. I saw stuff about this video popping up a few days ago, but I ignored it because I thought I had seen/posted it already. Seeing as I am now an old man, I was confusing this video for the "Burial" video that debuted a couple of weeks ago. Whoops.

On another note...this is an utterly fantastic song and all that...but how whack was the music this summer that "Animal" is far and away the most memorable thing I'll take away from this season. Kinda sad, ain't it. Here's looking at you, Autumn.

...and in about 2 months, I'll recover from SF dropping the bomb that the boys of Miike Snow actually wrote Britney's "Toxic". I had an aneurysm immediately after reading that.

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