Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Not Done Yet!!

Weeeeeee want the Cup!!
Gotta have dat Cup!!
Ohhhhhh...weeeeee want the Cup!!!

At this point...FUCK IT...give me Marquez too, that filthy son of a bitch!  It's a celebration!  Glory is imminent!  New Jersey York will be CHAMPIONS!!

Thierry Henry and Juan Pablo Angel are coming to DRY HUMP your favorite team's back line on national television!!  No flowers.  No candy.  Alllllll humping!!!

This signing is SO much sweeter now that we're out of that shitbox in the swamp.  Not to mention that the team is already good enough to possibly be in first place by the end of the weekend!

Glooooooooooory Glory Metro fooooooooooooootball!!!

I love the French!!!

All day it Jerry Lewis films and Daft Punk jams!!
I will only eat foods that have them accent marks over the E at the end!!

Who the fuck is David Beckham?!
In fact, go heal that motherfucker up or wheelchair his ass back to LA!  I want the Galaxy in the Cup Final!  EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!  NY v. LA in the Final:  The way the league intended it to be at least a half dozen times by now!

Manifest Destiny!!

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