Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh, How the Scummy Have Fallen

Screachin' Beagles or whatever the fuck you're called . . .
Front-runnin' sum'bitches can't even come up to say hello tomorrow??

After a decade of giving us shit about never seeing the top of the table and living in that shithole in the swamp . . .you can't handle a little role reversal?

Now, here you are, sitting with 11pts in 14 games.  A stadium that seems to crumble a bit more with every conceded goal.  A franchise that no city wants to adopt.  Half your "hardcore" fans are wearing Philly blue these days.  DC doesn't want you.  Baltimore doesn't want you.  St. Louis doesn't want you.  You better get to San Diego before Chivas does!

And suddenly...the fans are gone.  "The best supporters in MLS" are nowhere to be found.  From what I hear, the "baddest" supporters groups in the league are having trouble getting enough people to come up to Jersey tomorrow to make a single bus worthwhile.  Shit . . .I was in RFK for our game in your house.  You weren't.  The mighty Eagles and Barra: shouted down in their own house by less than 100 in the upper deck.

I remember when you guys used to matter.  But a little rain has fallen in your garden, and you don't want to come out and play any more.  Sad, really.  Oh well . . .maybe Philly and the SoBs are already the 2nd best on the East Coast.  Probably true.  But DC, it's pathetic that you gave up your spot with out a fight.

See ya tomorrow.
Come say hi.

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