Thursday, October 14, 2010

On the Angel thing . . .

Let me make this clear to start:  I Love Juan Pablo Angel.  He has been an absolute god-send for the traditionally terrible team I pledge my loyalties to.

Forgive me if I'm missing something, but how is this NOT the absolute perfect time for Juan Pablo Angel to leave New York?  What am I missing...other that blind sentimentality and the "same ol' Metro" misery of some of my fellow supporters?

Let's cut the romance for a second...

He's 10 days away from being 35.
He hasn't scored a non-penalty goal in well over 900 minutes of play.
He has a degenerative back condition.
He's never been a box office draw.
The pairing with Thierry Henry has been a tactical flop.

Our new front office (the local branch and the Austrians) have made it crystal clear that they have the connections, the finances, the ability and the willingness to make RBNY the shining star of this league, and quite possibly CONCACAF as a whole.  This is the organization that brought us the best building in North America, Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez and a worst-to-first record all in the same year.

Somehow...the fans are STILL unsure if letting JPA go is the right move??  In what way is a fading, 35yr old, hobbled, ineffective striker a fitting piece in a future championship winning strategy?  How are we unsure that Red Bull is capable of acquiring a player that can VASTLY improve on Angel's present-day production and marketing appeal?

Everything I read from fans/media type (same thing) about the greatness of Angel is written in the past tense.  Plain and simple, he is NOT the man we watched 3-4 years ago, and expecting him to be at this point isn't just delusional, it's outright insane.  The timing for him, the team, and us to move on is absolutely perfect.  His contract is done this winter, so any catastrophe of a messy negotiations process can be avoided.  He's still healthy enough to contribute somewhat-strongly to the best team he's been on since joining NY, and go out with a championship.

What BETTER time could there be for this to end?
Instead of falling back into our old traps of assuming that anything NY management decides is wrong, why can't we see the facts and the situation for what it really is?

Its a shame.  Instead of getting the hero's farewell that it deserves, the Juan Pablo Angel era is going to end in fan turmoil, biased media hyperbole, and the "same ol' " misguided doubt that has surrounded the damn team for 14 years.


Anonymous said...

i agree 100%. The last thing i want to see is JPA turn into Jaime Moreno next year. Thank you for your service JPA but its time to move on

Anonymous said...

Ok so if the Red Bulls have any balls and honor Id make a huge good bye event for the final home game. He deserves it!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! You're right on the money.

Anonymous said...

I would concur that your post is balanced and insightful. I do believe that JPA is the consummate MLS professional, unlike Alexi Lalas, who put him on the spot at the end of the USA v COL friendly. I thought Alexi lacked some tact in the direct questioning of JPA. Anyway, back on point . . . While I believe JPA's heart and soul are in the Red Bulls, and he has done many things well for us and the league, he is in the winter of his professional playing career. He has not produced relative to what he is being paid, even with so much star powere around him, now. No offense, but he should be allowed to finish his MLS career on the pitch, not on the bench.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

I appreciate the feedback, folks.

@ Anon #2 . . .In theory, it would be great if RBNY could give Angel a formal thank you/goodbye like Petke and Woly, but it doesn't look like he is retiring. He's just leaving NY. If I were them, I wouldn't honor a player on his way to another city either. The way to do this is the same as they did with Mathis. Wait for him to formally retire, then ask him to come back.
Really, I think all the "uproar" around here over this comes from the fact that NY fans are now in the VERY unfamiliar position of clearly being the best team in the East (at least), and finally having ownership rich and bold enough to justifiably label someone as great as JPA as "excess".