Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kanye F.Y.I.

As I usually do for mega-albums that I care WAY too much about...
I'm gonna stop listening to any new Kanye "leaks" from now until the album release.  Which means I won't be posting any here, either*.  Why?  Because I am a turbo nerd who cares about things like production values and album sequencing**.  Not to mention the general "I haven't heard this yet" surprise factor.

* G.O.O.D. Friday jams that aren't on the album don't count.
** Believe it or not, I actually go to a record store and BUY Kanye CD's because I hate the iTunes sound in my car (they never have the right amount of bass), and kanye tends to have 48 version of songs pre-release, so I never trust any other "source" to have the final mix.

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