Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kid Cudi x Cage x St. Vincent x The Roots - Maniac (Live on The Jamie Flobbinz Nighty-Night Jamboree)

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Kid CuDi is now officially the only artist alive that I will go out of my way to be the typical dickhead music blogger for, and openly bash at any given opportunity.

CuDi is stunningly whack, and ruins his own songs.

Imagine if Cage or any other talented, "dark" emcee could get the production assists that this fool gets!  This song could have been incredible!  Instead, it's half-cooked, predictable and feels unfinished.  I hope I can get my hands on an all-instrumental copy of this cry-baby's album.

But the idea of Cage on national television performing with The Roots, with Annie from St. Vincent* on backup is just too random and unexpectedly dope to pass up.

* "Maniac" samples this.

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