Monday, January 24, 2011

Cosmos...A Word, If You Please

You already know that your "existence" aggravates me extnsively, but let's rap for a minute, shall we?

LEGIT QUESTION:  At the risk of starting a (highly amusing) shouting match...What are you day-dreaming, ghost-humping Cosmos "supporters" gonna do if this whole thing ends with them calling the Meadowlands home in 2013?

For real.  I honestly want to know.  And don't tell me it's not probable possible.  I'm genuinely curious as to what happens when if the "Cosmos" "return" an never play a game in the 5 Boroughs*.

* As if the REAL Cosmos glory days happened in NYC anyway.


Brian said...

Are there even any possible sites in NYC? Queens?

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

The Necrophiliacs obsessed with the Cosmos will go on and on about how the Wilpons (or anyone)will have an easy time building a stadium next to Citi Field (Mets) in Queens.

Meanwhile...the orig. MetroStars, Jets and Giants all failed to get a new stadium done in NYC, and the Nets new spot in BK is finally going up after a decade of litigation and kicking families out of their yeah. Real easy stuff.

Home they like the Meadowlands.