Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kanye West x Jay-Z - H.A.M.

   Kanye West x Jay-Z-HAM by cultofhypsters

::Blank Stare::

Here's my guess: There's a heavy layer of irony slathered on top of this shit.
They don't want us to take this at face value do they?
I mean...it couldn't really be what it seems, right?

::Just finished 3rd listen::

OK...considering who Kanye is, and who Jay has become in the last few years, I'm gonna run with the "ironic" angle.  On the surface, this is one of the worst songs either artist has ever recorded.  By a longshot.  BUT, both of these men (rightfully) consider themselves to be the leaders of the genre, so stepping their own shit down to Wocka-Flockian levels has to have some sort of double meaning.  A sort of "You dummies can't see us when we're up here, so we'll play down on your level and make a better song in your style than you could ever make for yourself".  Right?

Is that the case, or am I protecting myself as fan and absorbing the blow from what's nothing more than just a bad song?  I choose the former.

OR better yet...is the the moment that both Kanye AND Jay-Z have reached Advanced status?!

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