Thursday, January 13, 2011

RBNY: Casting For a Great Sitcom

I just wanna take a second to say that my "Holy shit, I can't wait for the 2011 season" meter has exploded.  I'm all set.  Today's Draft was the clincher.  New York was already (on paper) the overwhelming favorite for the East this year, and didn't really need to make any huge changes from the 2010 squad, just just look at the cast of characters joining the family this season:

 - A Englishman with a flair for face-punching who could easily be Jason Statham's stunt double.
 - A Norwegian mid with a world-class crazy face who jams out as a club DJ on the side.
 - The homegrown striker that Philly was desperate to sign.
 - Wayne Rooney's little brother.

C'mon!!  That's almost too much potential entertainment for one team.
I am going to love 2011.

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Brian said...

Sounds better than:

- Traded away Tristan Bowen
- Edson Buddle signs with a Bundesliga 2 club
- Ronaldinho signs with Flamengo.
- Haven't signed JPA to a deal yet.
- Drafted 2 players in the SuperDraft that I've never heard of, more importantly neither of them are forwards.
- Address forward situation by getting Adam Cristman and Chad Barrett.
- And of course more Beckham training/loan/trasfer drama.