Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Blaze is More Complex Than You Think

   IGOTANEWMIXER by Just Blaze

Aww, snap!  Ever wonder what Just Blaze does when he gets bored?  He throws down nerd-tasticly dope dance mixes destined to kill his street cred.  Good stuff!  Alot of people don't realize just how far-reaching his tastes are.  "Props" to the SoundCloud King, 88 Keys, for posting this.

I just bought the pioneer djm-2000. I had no speakers for this mix.. (it was 5am) only headphones. couldnt wait to try it out tho. being that i had no speakers and couldnt monitor well, there are obviously mistakes and screw ups. but it was all in fun i was just learning the mixer, this thing has a zillion and one features and i was using them all at once! =D. i actually ended up having some moments! dont judge me. just having some fun with a new toy. I will upload a real follow up now that im a little comfortable with this thing. i definitely got in a little zone at like 1 hour 27 minutes. enjoy and dont laugh AT me please.. laugh with me =) - Just Blaze
 Perfect start to a Friday.

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