Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MARCH 12 - "Discovery" 10yr Anniversarry SHOWDOWN: Daft Punk v. Ed Banger

I dropped a hint a few weeks ago, now it's time to get ready...

March 12, 2011 marks the 10-year anniversary of one of mankind's greatest achievements:  Daft Punk's Discovery album.  To celebrate what is quite possibly the greatest electronic album ever recorded, and perhaps the best album of its' decade (I said it!), it's time for a cage match.

The Showdown:  Daft Punk v. Ed Banger
The untouchable masterpiece heads up with today's best.

On March 12, in Brooklyn (where else?), 3 select DJs will take on Discovery mixes and Daft Punk sets.  Anything they've recorded, remixed, been remixed by...all that shit, and crash it head-on with France's best jams of the last few years from the Ed Banger crew.

It is physically impossible for this to be less than perfect.  So get up in it!   Buy me expensive liquors!  Tell women you're from Paris!  Wear a helmet!  But if I catch you fist-pumping, I will break your fuckin' arm!  YEAH!!!

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