Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THIS SUNDAY: Soccer Stop South Ward Challenge

Very nice write-up in the Daily Harrison:

The First Soccer Stop Ward Challenge, a charitable event organized by New York Red Bulls supporters to the benefit of youth soccer in Harrison, will be held this upcoming weekend at "The Courts".The New York Red Bulls supporter's clubs: Empire Supporter's, Garden State Supporters and Viking Army as well as the Red Bulls front office team "with a few superstar players" will face each other in a 7 vs 7 soccer tournament to dispute the Spanish Pavillion Supporters Cup.
 For more info, check out the Facebook event page.

There is one monumentally impotant piece of information that the Daily Harrison neglected to mention:  Not only will the winning team be up for the beautiful Spanish Pavillion Cup, but the tournament's most outstanding player will have the immense honor of having ME present to them The 2011 Kevin Brown Trophy for Most Valuable Player!!!  That's right...I bought the naming rights.

Check out the the trophy and read my press release after the jump...


FF&SS, Inc. Dedicates Memorial Trophy to (Living) Founder

Rahway/Harrison, NJ – February 11, 2011 – The sports and entertainment world has long been the home of some of society’s greatest men. The egotists. The megalomaniacs. The power-hungry giants. Those willing to crush any force, particularly the supernatural, which may oppose them.

Once such man is KEVIN BROWN. Truly, a legend in his own time. Inspired by modern heroes like George Steinbrenner, Samuel L. Jackson, Jerry Jones, Vince McMahon and Kanye West, Mr. Brown has shown his willingness and supreme ability to place himself above all others in the name of glory.

As such, Faux Fur & Soccer Shirts, Inc. (of which Mr. Brown is founder, CEO, and single employee) has decided to make an amazingly generous donation to the annual South Ward Soccer Challenge and present The Kevin Brown Trophy for the 2011 Soccer Stop South Ward Soccer Challenge’s Most Valuable Player. Mr. Brown’s only regret is that he is unable to utilize his otherworldly athleticism to win the award and present it to himself.

The Kevin Brown Trophy was forged of gold unearthed from the lost tomb of Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. Despite requests from the Smithsonian Institute, Mr. Brown felt such a prize was only worthy of the finest in Tri-State Area playground soccer, and a glimmering nameplate on which he could gain immortality.

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