Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness (Full)...and a ramble

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness (Gratis) by SateliteMedia
That sound you hear is all of Lower Manhattan coming to a sudden stop.
The Strokes are back, ladies and gentlemen!  Leather jackets and aviators for everyone!

The snippet has been out for a while, but I fuckin' hate snippets.  Now we have the whole thing, and you know sounds exactly like The Strokes.  Depending on what you wanted out of their new work, that's either great or horrible.  For me, it's fantastic.  I'm already stuck in a time warp, yearning for the "good old days" of less than a decade ago, so this is wonderful.  Had this come out in 2008/9, I would have hated it, but now, I need it.  Thank you, The Strokes!

Here's to a total lack of progression (that actually comes off as progressive in today's scene)!

UPDATE:  Dammit, this song makes me happy.  Not just for the return of The Strokes in and of itself, but for the potential that their next album has to shift music back to where I want it.  I'm really , really, really, really sick and tired of the gloomy, go nowhere lo-fi shit.  I can't take it anymore.  As dope as Chillwave and all that was when it first hit, it moved everything in a dull, lifeless direction.  It's been forever since I listed to an "indie" "rock" "album" that immediately made me want to get up and go to a shitty bar and drop $20 in the jukebox.  I MISS THAT FEELING!  I miss New York City.  I miss guitars.  I miss canned beer.  I miss hearing first recordings from bands that sound like they've only had instruments for 3 weeks.  I miss the Loop Lounge.  I miss Court Tavern.  Even when their music wasn't that great towards the end, The Strokes embodied all of that.  They meant more symbolically than literally.  359 days ago, when buzz was beginning that The Strokes were set to return, I wondered aloud if that was actually a good thing, considering how we as fans react to what we love once its been gone for a while and finally returns.  My thoughts then were that we'd all be better off just holding on to the music we had...but now that new stuff is here, I can safely say Fuck That Noise...THE STROKES ARE BACK, and dammit, I pray that they can change things this time they way they did before.

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