Thursday, June 25, 2009

Esau Mwamwaya ft. Theophilus London & Ezra Koeing - Warm Heart Of Africa (Remix)

Is that not the most gangly list of folks' names you've ever seen on one song??

Oh, I can jam the hell out of this.
Mr. London just posted this up on his blog. Am I sleepin'? Was the original already hot in "da skreets" and I just didn't know about it? Ah well.

BTW, Ezra Koeing is the dude from Vampire Weekend. What makes me happiest about this jam is the fact that I can't listen to VW without thinking about Paul Simon, and then WHAM, here's their front man on a jam with and about Africans. The music gods have a sense of humor...and I like it.

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