Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our New House: RedBull Arena

Isn't it beautiful??
This is the view from my 2010 season tix in Section 101.

It's not often that something exceeds my expectations, and Red Bull Arena truly has.  I've read over and over about how close the fans will be to the field...but damn.  The front row of my (and the rest of ESC's) section is only 21 FEET away from the goal

The tour itself was a great experience.  Driving through downtown Newark to get to the stadium felt SO much more proper then making my way through the friggin' swamp.  Driving past Spanish and Portuguese restaurants, hearing the bachata blaring from the cars stereos, seeing the kid in the Barcelona shirt walk into the barber all felt . . .RIGHT.  "This is where we're supposed to be" echoed in my mind over and over on the drive in.  Then I made a left onto Jackson, went over the bridge . . .and there it was.  I almost rolled backwards down the hill and stalled my car (I drive a stick) because I couldn't pay attention to anything else.

Inside, we were greeted by the Red Bull sales staff, who all (the dudes, anyway) seemed to have a legitimate vibe of being fans.  The knew who ESC was, they knew what 101 meant/means/will mean to us...the works.  I was impressed.  Before we headed into the "seating bowl", we got an overview of the whole process (in video form) from long-time fan favorite, Mike Petke.  We all had a chuckle at the idea of Petke, of all people, telling us how to keep safe.

I won't bore you with the specs and design of the stadium...there are better people than me who have already told you about all that...but I do want to share this bit:  After the tour, I got into my car, turned on the radio, and Foo Fighters' "My Hero" started within a few seconds.  If that isn't a great omen for next year, then I don't know anything.

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