Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Thoughts #9: "Is This It?" No...But It Probably Should Be

Honest Question:  At this point, aren't we all better off if The Strokes didn't release another album?
There's no way anyone is going to like it, right?

For the record, I am very much a fan of The Strokes.  Their music will forever be the musical essence of the New York City I knew during the most socially active part of my life.  That said...I know how music fans, particularly the kind of people who listen to The Strokes, tend to operate.  I can only see three possible reactions to the album they are supposedly releasing in September:
1)  (If they keep the same vibe as before)  "This sounds like 5yrs ago.  It's shit".
2)  (If they try something new with their sound)  "WTF, this doesn't even sound like The Strokes.  It's shit."
3)  (If they land somewhere in between)  "OMG, I just realized that they've always sucked.  It was ALL shit."

Considering this...shouldn't they just call it a day?
Let the memories and their iconic status rest in the beautiful place its made for itself.
I don't know.  I think they're on the path to some major legacy damage.

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