Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bawllz On Yo' Lunch!!!

I'm officially declaring this Bawllz On Yo' Lunch Week.

Is there a co-worker/classmate/loved one/random stranger that's pissing you off, and you just aren't sure how to react? Well I'm here to help.

Lunch time is approaching, and that aggravating bastard is soon to sit down for a meal. Follow them stealth ninja style until then and wait. Make sure you're prepared! You're gonna need loose-fitting pants, a boom box and a cassette single of Rampage's "Take It to the Streets" (see vid above).

Just as that sum'bitch pulls out his turkey on rye (because that's what assholes eat. Fact!), crank your jam up, style on him/her to the beat in your own special way for a few seconds, drop them pants, then WHAM...slap your nuts right on the top of their sandwich. Don't forget to rub his bag of Sun Chips on them shits too.

"Oooooh, I just put mah bawllz on yo' lunch!!! Whatcha gonna do???"

I promise, it's a fool-proof solution to any undesireable social issues that you may be having at this time. Boss won't let you leave early? Bawllz on his lunch. Girlfriend bitchin' because you hang out with your boys too much? Bawllz on her lunch. Professor made you do your research project over again? Ballz . . .on . . .his . . .lunch!

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