Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Return of Head Automatica

The children gather and cheer . . .Head Automatica's return is upon us.
You have no idea how much time I spent figuring out what clip was best to display the greatness of H.A. . . .first impressions are important, you know. Their first album, Decadence is classic material.

Anyway . . .the point of this post is to share some info. Head Automatica is currently wrapping up their third album, and to get the "comeback" train rollin', they will be playing 3 shows in January:

Jan 8 2009 - Music​ Hall of Willi​amsbu​rg Brook​lyn,​ New York

Jan 9 2009 - North​ Star Bar Phila​delph​ia,​ Penns​ylvan​ia
Jan 10 2009 - Great​ Scott​ Bosto​n,​ Massa​chuse​tts

I HIGHLY recommend seeing Head Auto live. The band is dope, Daryl Palumbo flips his shit at least 4 times during the set, the PBR and Schafer will flow like the Nile . . .and the women in attendace are going to be heart-stoppingly gorgeous (assiming you're down with the Suicide Girl steez . . .and if you aren't . . .what the hell is wrong with you?!)

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