Friday, November 14, 2008

Jimmy Eat World

I love this idea:
Jimmy Eat World have announced a quick 10-city tour for next year, but there's a catch. On this go-around, they will only be playing songs from their 1999 album, Clarity, as a 10th anniversary celebration.

The demo version of "Sweetness" (don't you dare tell me it's from their self-titled album in '01, I'll fight you) is easily on my list of "Top 10 Songs That Changed The Way I Listen to Music", and it's the absolute crown jewel of my mp3 empire (nope, and it ain't the one you can get on iTunes these days). It would be dope to cross a live performance of that one off my list.

P.S. If a J-E-W show isn't emo enough for you, dig this . . .The Get Up Kids are back together.

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