Monday, November 10, 2008

"Miracle" League Soccer

(Pardon the Espanol)

Richards & Cepero = LEGENDS!

The sad/funny part is that yesterday was the biggest win in club history.
That was amazing. For once we play the same lineup twice in a row, and it pays off. THAT was the Dane Richards we’ve been waiting to see. Potential realized. Cepero has to be the smallest keeper in the history of the sport, he’s a rookie, only had the job for 4 matches, but he’s been outstanding.

We were supposed to be dead. Our "big" mid-season signings have gone rotten. Our starting keeper and best defender are on a drug suspension. We only got one win on the road all season, and had to beat the 2-time defending champs (Houston Dynamo) in their own house where they were 10-1-4 this season and undefeated in the playoffs all-time. . .and pulled it off.

Games like this don’t happen for my team. Yeah, we’re almost always in the playoffs, but this is only the 2nd time we’ve made it out of the first round. Now, for the first time EVER we have a real shot at the Cup Final.

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