Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rik Cordero Is Listening

Well...timing is everything.
Right after posting yet another video from an "underground" artist that was directed by Rik Cordero, I found this.

In my opinion (not that you asked). Rik Cordero is both wonderful and horrible at the same time . . .in a Lil' Wayne sort of way. His videos are dull, literal and usually not very memorable. On the other hand, he's a true fan of REAL hip-hop and works with the artists that deserve some shine, but don't get the crazy marketing budgets of radio/"ringtone" rappers, and he does it for cheap.

All told, I'd say Cordero's positive influence far outweighs the negative. Without him, we may not have a visual component to work from artists like The Roots, Skills, Consequence, Q-Tip, etc.

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