Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Gorillz Return

Guess they dropped the whole "no one knows who they really are" bit, huh?

Whatevs. I love me some Gorillaz, so I was damn excited to see this over at "the 'Gum". Damon Albarn, a.k.a. 2D, was the guest DJ on Zane Lowe's show on the BBC the other night, and brought some demo tracks from the Gorillaz upcoming project with him.

Diggin' it.

"Electric Shock"
Takes an hour to get rollin', but it's a'ight.

If this is just a semi-blank slate for something still to be completed, I can see it working.

P.S. Americans, do yourselves a favor and get familiar with the BBC. Music you haven't heard, TV you haven't seen, and something you CAN'T find in this country . . ."fair and balanced" news coverage (::holding back Gaza rant::).

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