Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here's Yor Famous ESC!

It's time.

If you're a soccer fan in the NJ/NY area, it's time to do your honor-bound duty and support your local club. I know you love sitting and spending your Saturday and Sunday morning watching FSC, Setanta and Gol. I don't blame you. I do it too. But let me assure you, that none of that means a thing when compared to the pride and passion of of standing and singing for the team that represents the patch of soil you call home.

The best way to do so, is to stand shoulder-to-shoulded with America's most intense band of hardcore MLS fans, the Empire Supporters' Club.

The first wave of sign-ups will be on Staurday, the 24th at Nevada Smith's, where ESC will be gathering to cheer on the US National Team in their friendly against Sweden.

"I think everybody here can agree, that a party ain't great without the ESC"
- The Rapture

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