Monday, January 5, 2009

Japanese Cartoon??

This is a little confusing.
One of 2 things is true, either the interwebs are truly confused about this one, or (more likely) Lupe Fiasco has the internet buzz game down to a science.

No one seems to know the whole story yet, but here's what's up so far:
There's a pretty fresh "new band" by the name of Japanese Cartoon that's been popping up in the last few days. Sort of a Blur vs. old Radiohead kind of thing.

The strange part is that the "lead singer" is clearly Lupe Fiasco with a bad English accent . . .but in this incarnation, he goes by the name of Percival Fats. Yeah. Wrap your head around that.

Of course, both Lupe and the band have denied that he is Percival Fats, but they do acknowledge that he is Japanese Cartoon's producer.

I absolutely love this kind of stuff. Mr., sir, are a genius!

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