Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amerie - Why R U

(Despite the nay sayers, once again, Okayplayer made my day because I had no idea what this song was called)

It's simple mathematics:
Amerie + flipped old school break = Hell Yes!

I still don't understand why Amerie isn't bigger than she is. Her albums are fantastic, she has impeccable taste in production, and since we insist that our pop/R&B singers have to look a certain way...what else does she need to do?! Amerie's music over the years has been infinitely more entertaining and re-listen-to-able (you like that?) then every big name female Pop & B singer out there. Yes, that includes You Know Who (the lady who jacked Amerie's steez for her best album anyway).

I'm very happy to read that she's on Def Jam now and will be giving us a new album in August...BUT I'm afraid that it means yet another predictable album with The Dream and Ne-Yo's (talented, but over used) fingerprints all over it. Fingers crossed.

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