Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank God For Instrumentals

Every now and then (10 times a week) a jam comes out and you think to yourself one of the following:
1) These are the dumbest/most pointless/ridiculous lyrics I've ever heard.
2) I hate [fill in artist] so much, but damn, that beat is hot.
3) I'm gonna get drunk and tell myself that I can spit on this beat.

Drake's (or whoever actually gets the artist credit) "Every Girl" is a severe case of #1. I'm pretty sure the lyrics to that shit gave my car herpes when I played it. I think 2Dope Boyz called it "the Anti-Christ of safe sex songs". Perfect.

But that BEAT...dope!
Gotta have it.

So today, I'd like to crack open a Red Stripe (and drink it myself, because I don't share) and salute whatever group of dudes post the ever-so-valuable instrumentals of lyrically whack jams on YouTube

Thank you, sir(s).

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