Thursday, May 14, 2009

Joe Budden v. Method Man: My 2 Cents

YES please!!

I won't bother with all the links to the videos and interviews and whatnot that lead to this.
1) I'm sure you've seen/heard/read it all in the last day or so
2) I'm lazy

But as a self-admitted Hip-Hop dork, I just wanna say how friggin' excited I am about the possibilities of this battle. You can keep your 50 Cent and Rick Ross Shuck-a-palooza (or Jive Fest '09 if you prefer). Give me 2 bona fide, proven EMCEES head-to-head any day!

"Battle" is the key word in this. For the love of Shan, can we keep the word "beef" out of this?! I don't wanna hear shit about somebody's homie's neighbor getting slapped on World Star Hip-Hop or some other bullshit. Skills, skills, and only skills are all I'm interested in.

My prediction:
Method Man takes it.
I know what you're thinking already, "What?! The Jersey boy/Budden fanboy is going against Budden?!". Allow me to explain: I see this battle unfolding alot like the Jay-Z vs. Nas epic. Jay is clearly a better RAPPER than Nas (as skills translate to the sport of battle rap), but Nas won the battle. Why? Because Jay-Z was open to alot more punchlines than Nas. Nas had a smaller gun, but alot more bullets.
I see the same thing here. In my opinion, Joe Budden is the better RAPPER of the two (especially in 2009), but Meth has alot more ammo to bring to the fight. Everything from Budden's mental health, his suicidal past, his issues with Def Jam, the comparisons to Jay-Z, Tahiry, etc, etc...ALL that and more is gonna be fair game. Really, what is there for Budden to say about Meth? Go ahead . . .try for yourself. If you had to battle Method Man, what points to you attack. I'll wait...
... got nothin', right?
And that's why I think Method Man takes this one. Yes, Joe Budden's verses will be better crafted, have better vocab/metaphors/delivery/flow/whatever...but Meth has a HUGE anvantage when it comes to punchlines. This isn't boxing. You can't jab your way through a fight and win on points after 12 rounds. A battle demands knockouts, and Meth has the brass knux.

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