Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Watchin'

Good day, fellows (and fellettes).
I'm a little slow today, so I haven't made my trip through the inter-tubes yet...
But it's the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, during what has been an incredibly slow month for good music (80's Baby Tuesday being the exception), so I'm not holding my breath for much to talk about today.

Instead, I'd like to kick off the weekend with what I think are two of the more underrated jams on this dacade for the respective artists.

Dr. Dre - The Watcher

Granted, we know Dre didn't write this, but apparently, he gets a concession. If I remember correctly, it was a certain young man from Brooklyn that laid the pen down for this one (which would explain pt.2). BUT...give Dre his due. The beat is a monster, and considering he's no one's definition of an emcee, he did quite well with some of the crazy vowel sounds in those verses.

Which leads us to...

Jay-Z ft. Rakim & Dr. Dre - The Watcher 2

With the exception of his best song ever (not even up for debate) "People Talkin'", which NO ONE ever seems to remember, I think this is Jay's most underrated and under-appreciated verse. Rewind it, nerd it out, and REALLY listen to that shit. Granted, this wasn't 1988...but when you can spit something that makes me forget that Rakim was on the same've put in work.

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