Friday, June 26, 2009

Post #1000

I started this blog on 7/29/08, and somehow, I managed to waste enough of my employer's time and bandwidth to bring this thing to 1000 posts.

This thing is sort of like a crazy old man shouting in the empty room of a crowded house. It's just me here. No other contributors or fellow posters. Just me running my mouth a few times a day. I have no idea who's reading, and to a certain extent, I don't don't even know how many.

But I don't care. I'm having fun.

Anyway . . .all week, I was trying to think up something fresh to do to commemorate my 1000th post. Couldn't come up with anything. Then I sat in my car this afternoon during my lunch break and listened to the Tri-State area pour their hearts out over the loss of Michael Jackson. It was a little rough to hear. The "Rock With You" and "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" songs bring a cautious smile to my face today . . .but when something like "You Are Not Alone" starts . . .man . . .

It's a little hard to grasp. I said this to friends last night, Michael Jackson death is so hard to wrap my head around because it confirms that he was REAL. "Larger than life" is something you hear all the time, but it honestly doesn't do Mike's career any justice. Michael Jackson wasn't a person, he was an entity...a concept...a creation. How does that die? What do you mean "there's no more Michael Jackson"? How are fans supposed to process that?

And that's another thing . . .
You know, we get it. Michael Jackson was FAR from a perfect figure. No one's ignorant to that. But for all the people who are bringing it all up today...what good is it doing? The man's dead. I just hope that all the fans at least get this weekend to celebrate, share memories and enjoy some music with friends and family before they have to be bombarded with all the inevitable freak show stories and programming.

Let me wrap this up...
It's pretty obvious that the best way to mark Post 1000 for me is to honor the most significant individual to bless the music scene in my lifetime. I'm going to shut it down here for the rest of today and the weekend in his honor, because really...who gives a shit what new flash-in-the-pan dude has a new song out today anyway.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson

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