Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Miss (the old) Kelis

Everyone seems to forget the pre-"Milkshake" part of her career, but Star Trak/Neptunes-era Kelis was some incredible, next-level stuff. To this day, I'm still disappointed that partnership split up (for whatever reason. I blame YOU, Nas!!). Imagine what could have been. Some of those crazy beats that went to women like Gwen Stefani or Madonna in the last few years could have been alot better. Imagine the music she could have made with Kenna!!

I hold on to a crazy theory that Kelis was the glue and muse that made the Neptunes function best as a duo. Don't think there was a musical risk she wasn't willing to take. Now Chad is nowhere to be seen an Pharrell is off by himself making beats that sound like everyone else in the business.

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