Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RedBull New York: If We Don't Laugh, We Cry

FACT: My team sucks.
FACT: My team has the most miserable fanbase in professional sports

However, sometimes that misery can turn into absolute comedy gold.
MetroFanatic message board poster, behindthegoal got the scoop this morning on our beloved club's newest signing:

Red Bull New York Signs Brazilian Striker Ronald Inho
06/24/2009 09:55 AM
Red Bull New York Media Relations

The New York Red Bulls have announced they have come to terms with 47 year old Brazilian striker Ronald Inho.

Inho, although often is mistaken for the more famous world renown player, Ronaldhino, says there is no comparison when it comes to soccer skills: “I suck”, said the 47 year old Brazilian with a smile, "but when I was approached by Mr Agoos and offered the contract, it was simply too much for me to refuse. When Mr. Agoos realized his mistake he tried to back out of the deal and I said 'no way Jose' ".

Agoos did mention that he had high hopes for the Brazilian striker: “We really thought we were getting a great deal, until we realized we had a small error in our scouting. We’re now hoping that Ronald Inho will embrace his new marketing role within the club". Agoos wouldn’t divulge the details of the new top secret marketing campaign but he hinted that it would involve face painting, horns, and a lot of slow motion walking and posing.

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