Monday, June 29, 2009

On All These MJ "Tribute" Jams . . .

Yeah . . .still buggin' over it . . .

Just to give you a heads up...
I plan on treating all these Michael Jackson tributes the same way I've been treating the countless J-Dilla tributes of the last few years...with a very cold and skeptical shoulder.

There's gonna be an absolute tidal wave of MC Rooty Poot nobodies putting together opportunistic "tributes" to Mike in the next few weeks. I'm hoping that bloggers, music sites and fans dismiss the lot of 'em.

It's one thing for a DJ to spin some Mike for about an hour and share it with everyone...but some random dude coming out with a mixtape that's supposed to be a "tribute", but feature's his own name in bigger letters than Mike's . . .naaaaaah, son. That gets no love here.

UPDATE: Looks like the dudes over at 2DopeBoyz share the same sentiments. I hope it spreads from there. And that DJ Premier mix they posted is extra dope. It goes alot deeper than most of the stuff you probably got a chance to hear this weekend.

UPDATE #2: Before I forget (again), I should remind you that Rhymefest did an MJ dedication mixtape a while back (while he was ALIIIIVE). If you don't have it already, check out Man In The Mirror.

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